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One in 3 suffers anxiety, other mental illness after COVID

A major study has revealed that one in three people infected with COVID-19 are left with mental health problems or neurological symptoms that persist for a long time.

The groundbreaking study was published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry and is the largest of its kind involving the electronic health records of more than 236,000 COVID patients, mostly in the US.

The study shows that 34 percent of coronavirus survivors had neurological or psychological conditions within six months of infection.

The most common diagnosis was anxiety, found in 17 percent of those treated for COVID-19, followed by mood disorders found in 14 percent of patients, CNN reports.

Scientists said the results show how the healthcare systems ought to continue helping COVID-19 survivors.

“Our results indicate that brain diseases and psychiatric disorders are more common after COVID-19 than after flu or other respiratory infections, even when patients are matched for other risk factors,” said Maxime Taquet, a co-author of the new report.

And researchers also agree that there need to be further studies that show what happens to COVID patients after six months.

The study also showed that neurological effects were more severe in hospitalized patients, but are still common in those who were only treated in an outpatient setting.

Similar to the findings of this new study, research in February followed 381 patients treated for COVID-19 at a hospital in Rome, Italy and found that 30 percent of them experienced post-traumatic stress disorder after recovery.

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  1. Want2Kno says:

    England wanted BVI to get a $300 Million loan after Irma, but giving us a free vaccine….What’s the reasoning?

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    • Psychiatric Disinformation says:

      Want2Kno you have a good point, like the UK really care about the people… wake up sheep!

      Ramping up the fear, now BVI News join the main stream media and government misinformation.

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    • Wow says:

      I even forgot about that loan situation. What a great point. But the fools are ready and willing to line up to take a jab of the FREE vial of garbage water. It’s a no from me.

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    • Concerned says:

      What are you talking about our Government turned down the loan guarantee because they didn’t like the conditions and oversight required.

  2. Dr Magoo says:

    ‘It is no measure of heath to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’ – Jiddu Krishnamurti

  3. Hhmmm says:

    They STILL learning about “new” ill effects of covid after a year plus? Strupes. Now the side effects of the vaccine coming out they trying to fear monger again. Trying to keep the pressure on for people to take the vaccine.

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  4. Survivor says:

    That is not surprising based on how many of us perceive the virus and the way we treat people who are diagnosed. The stigma and fear could drive someone crazy.
    I recall when I was called and told that I had tested positive – I couldn’t sleep the night.
    I had to tell myself that I wasn’t going to let this thing throw me into depression and with that I refocused and started to do whatever was necessary to beat it.
    Thank God I didn’t have any symptoms and came through ok. Greatest impact on me was the anxiety – not knowing how things would work out.

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  5. several were gunned down during the last year says:

    I am more afraid of gun shots than covid19 in the BVI

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  6. Lol says:

    More bs

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  7. hello says:

    but wait…. 1 in 3 is a tuntapile. that’s a big risk. I think your numbers are screwed!!!

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