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One in custody after major drug incident in West End!

This helicopter in service of law enforcement was photographed while in pursuit of a vessel believed to be carrying drugs in BVI waters on Sunday, April 11. (Photo provided)

At least one person is in custody following a major drug incident at Fort Recovery on the western end of Tortola on Sunday.

The BVI’s joint task force with the assistance of the US Coast Guard reportedly seized about 11 bales of a substance believed to be cocaine.

BVI News understands the suspected drugs has an estimated street value of $27 million.

Details are still sketchy but our news centre also understands that the suspect currently in custody was one of three individuals who were on a maritime vessel transporting the substance in question.

Law enforcers were able to intercept the vessel with the assistance of a USVI helicopter during a high-speed chase. Two of the assailants escaped.

Based on photos and video footage sent to our news centre, it appears the two at-large assailants were able to evade law enforcers after steering the vessel on to land.

BVI News will provide further information on this developing story as it becomes available.

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  1. Truth says:

    Them – – – police officers done steal half the drugs anyways

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  2. Woww says:

    Our legend b*b would’ve been so disappointed to hear this. Learn how to play the game youngsters

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  3. No navy ship please says:

    Ask who they are close to. Just ask and you will be surprised or Not

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  4. Fast money says:

    For you to abandon a speed boat like that you a multi millionaire

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  5. Guest says:

    I wonder if other simple-minded news site will continue posting stories about events in the UK as their thinly veiled attempt to downplay the escalating drug and corruption issues of the BVI.

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    • Yellow Top says:

      Yes we will.

    • @Guest says:

      The UK is one of the most corrupt places in the entire world which is nothing new. Most of the drugs passing through the Caribbean are destined for the US/Europe so if we want it stopped then they should stop riding the white horse.

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  6. Wow says:

    Bunch of idiot
    Glad they catch them
    We don’t need that anymore,

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  7. Our Legend? says:

    You sound so stupid!! Things going to get much tougher. Good luck, young buck!

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  8. @ Woww says:

    You encouraging youngsters to get murdered in the drug game

  9. Follow the money says:

    Who owns the boat? Aren’t all boats required to be licensed and registered? Has the boat’s owner been arrested?

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  10. No Luck says:

    The greed is gonna kill some of them. Like come on take a lil break things so hot. The island is 23 square miles who they tryna impress. And @legend dude can’t help from where he is. We lost him the last time this happened. Praying for everybody involved.

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  11. Busy Sunday says:

    Lots of international marine activity in the channel on Sunday afternoon. I’m glad the various law enforcement agencies were able to apprehend the drugs and one of the smugglers.

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  12. Idiots says:

    Who runs drugs in the middle of the day!? Idiots

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  13. Click says:

    Where were the police when the boat came ashore, if the teams were working together they should have been following the directions from the chopper, just makes you go umm.

    • Deh Watcha says:

      The chopper should have been hovering over the immediate surrounding areas where the boat was grounded providing info to incoming police.

  14. Drugs,Drugs says:

    Go look a 9-5, nah them want big life. Well it comes with a price. Dope kills

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  15. But wait says:

    I thought my politician had say that most BVI people get their money from hard work but this seems to be happening more frequently and very common now. And I thought my other politician had say the bloggers were giving the BVI a bad name but based on what I saw yesterday I think they would have gotten a worse name by the tourist on those yachts witnessing that spectacle in broad day light. if ferries were coming in with tourists that would have been a nice welcome for their first days. Continue to stick your head in the sand and talk crap politicians.

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    • @But wait says:

      Are you saying that most of the people who have wealth in the BVI are catching boats and crossing the water to move drugs? Stop talking foolishness. We have people in our community who do this but it is not representative of the people of this country. Stop supporting people to define the BVI how they want to. We have problems and we should root them out but don’t let the illegal ways of a few define the many.

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  16. What!!!! says:

    Two escaped again? How come just about every drug bust here some stopped manage to “escape”

  17. Watch ya says:

    We managed founds that coming offshore 🎶

  18. Shovels says:

    The RVIPF had a whole helicopter at their disposal and they still let two escape smh…

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  19. Nope! says:

    Last man escaped he got pick up. Time longer than twine.

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