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One injured in midnight shooting in Sea Cows Bay

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

One male was injured in a shooting incident in Sea Cow’s Bay shortly after midnight on Friday, July 5.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) confirmed the incident during a brief statement this morning.

According to the RVIPF, they received a report of loud explosions in the Sea Cow’s Bay area just after midnight.

Upon responding, police found one person with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. The injured individual was transported to Dr. D Orlando Smith Hospital for treatment and is currently in stable condition.

The identity of the gunshot victim has not been disclosed.

Police stated that investigations are ongoing and updates will be provided as necessary.


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  1. Richardson says:

    Is to early for this nonsense is almost carnival time

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  2. A Richardson says:

    I heard it from inside my room I jumped out my bed and locked my doors and hid under the bed

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    • @ Annette Richardson says:

      Stop lie you always like to be in thing you got some nephews that ain’t easy

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    • @annete says:

      You always the 1st in comments

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    • Lawyer says:

      In regulars to the comments only that name is an import trying to tarnish good people’s name and reputation.. I’ve ready acquired your IP address.. It’s only a matter of time .

      • Anonymous says:

        I have nothing to do with this comment but to think you can get a IP address from a website you don’t own is wild.

  3. X says:

    Them police involved in these shooting

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  4. Dirty panty says:


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  5. Real Macoy says:

    Those youngsters believe in get rich or die trying.

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  6. One love says:

    Them try Rob the yardie boys and them don’t play.

  7. BOOBY TRAP says:

    When I lock my house anyone try to enter , their body will ne BAR B QUed , there is a ( WARNING )sign that entering my property uninvited you will be
    doing so at your own
    risk , but don’t take my word for it , but then again they might not get further than my two pit bulls , who were trained to viciously remove anyone’s private parts and any piece of clothing that is in the way , but that’s no problem it will be thrown the gabbage and the ( balz& wood ) will be ( bar – B- Qued ) for them • if they are creative enough to get pass my 2 pitz and feel they safe , they will be in for a rude awakening when they come through any window which is left open with some hot wires waiting for them on the inside

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  8. Mongoose says:

    West and the police and working together and soon a dirty going to get drop in there wrong doing n* need to come from jail for him turn the Head of the snake must go this a lip year, cleaning up time for dirt cop and west

  9. Majestic Life Watch says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

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  10. Tis says:

    Young Black males with ties to the upper Caribbean Islands

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  11. Matthew 7:6 says:

    How degrading to your existence that you are forced to incur expenses,asssault your mind body and spirit with stress,because of the existence of useless but living protoplasm referred to as your “bro” and all this for another chain. What could have his momma done to have such a curse in her womb as a contribution to Earth. Hopefully it will be led by Lucifer to your door and be welcomed in a fashion befitting it’s demonic existence.
    Not too long ago BVI was zero crime but unforgivingly, threw their Pearls to the pigs and now must pay for their sinful ingratitude towards their Blessings . Matthew 7:6

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  12. Lucky says:

    Waiting for nylon to get out u getting it any place

  13. Really? says:

    Can some of you be that gullible to believe the REAL A.Richardson will use their real name? For a small island, people love drama.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    they. say whatever tem lying evil want to say, but it s agovernment branch ofthe C++ that took Bob That is not only wrong, but illegal.

  15. Ztic says:

    N* get ready we going to kill u like the Gambino mob in front of police we going jail for your life

  16. @hunter says:

    Well then we can definitely expect to see more if they killed the dog. That is a family member to many. For someone who shot and didnt kill they should be living in fear or gone back to their yard Jamacia if thats where they come from.

    & that is why persons should have more than one dog for security they are pack animals and should be kept them loose inside a fence if you are serious about security.

    Let the enemy throw poison or come in stupid and get bite after shotting one or two. Most of those guns have like 21 – 18 bullets. realistically 5 dogs should be able to take on one gun man & maintain their mind to aggression especially if trained not to fear the loud noise of a gun.

    At the point of poison you already know someone is coming or snooping around. See that is how it was long long ago before modern times. Now everyone wants 1 dog.

    We need to wise up and secure ourselves in whatever way is legal because they are not caring about our security for real.

    This man could have been killed and up to now not one person arrested.

    • @@hunter says:

      It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, if someone if determined to get you, then a hundred dogs won’t stop them. He would have to own his own island, with every amenity present, shopping stores, etc. That bubble life will send anyone mad, and truthfully, he will always be in constant fear.
      Since you have all the answers to his problems, ask him what he did? Who did he offend? why him? Go…ASK HIM!

  17. hm says:

    Better yet put the dogs in the house & actually stand a chance with your frying pan. The situation with Barrows wouldnt have happened to be shot in his house by coincidence as a gun man ran through chasing someone else. That wouldnt have happened if they had even 1 capable dog inside, certainly not with 2+.

    Too many murders and not enough action from police or politicians on how we can be safer. We are on our own. And they send more UK police, more feds.

    yet we can not own a taser or pepper spray by law.

    Thank you what good did the UK police or feds do to stop this shooting or put fear in the gun man? NOTHING!!!

    We are the people are protectors by birth yet not allowed to protect ourselves, stipulated by persons who have armed security. To think Jamaicans have easy assess to guns in the VI is disgusting.

    At what point do we say thats enough when someone close to us gets hurt we ball for change. But do it before hand.

    People will run to illegal gun if this continues rather than a legal one registered to them. pull up the break on this crime spree or more and more innocent people will get hurt.

    Have we already forgotten about the burglaries accompanied by attempted rape? HMM we are slow or retarded. Like we see the stove on fire, turn off the gass and gone back to sleep.

  18. hmm says:

    Place is really going to the dogs. As much havok as he may have caused having gangsters issue threats online for Ny is the new normal.

    We see the police are top notch and A+ on their report. They are so top notch the criminals leave a trail and police cant pick it up.

    Before they go after the criminals I really think they just waiting for a pay check and return home to their country. Or waiting to victimize someone like willock who wont fight back.

    We need local officers who are serious about ridding the country of guns & gangs and if they cant do that then give us the ability to go about our lives secure. These gun men are rampant because they have an advantage. Let them sit down with that but fat chance our politicians are scared to change the laws.

    Yet again which of them is on the payroll?

  19. Enforcement is Key says:

    Sounds very romantic like, “Midnight Shooting”. BVI living the romantic life with shootings commonplace. Our leaders and public at large need to get their heads out of the sand and do more to combat violence.

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  20. The RapeY says:

    Interesting always the lists of what we need. We need therapy. Opening your doors wide to those elements of the cultural practice of murder, and by only one demographic, however continuing the open door policy to the known demographic is terminal certainty sickoo .

    Close the entry to the elements of repeated ongoing destruction..,simple

    Open door to INVESTMENT and investors
    Close door to the Infestation…Drain the Swamp!!!

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  21. Madea says:

    2 shootings over the weekend. We already are narco state but will get worse if BVI gets independence. How many murders we have unsolved now?

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