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One man charged following Sunday’s robbery-homicide

One person has been charged in connection to Sunday’s robbery incident that resulted in 67-year-old Catherine Pickering being shot and killed outside her home in Paraquita Bay.

Charged with robbery is 24-year-old Shermar Richardson of a Gene Hill address.

Police Commissioner Mark Collins announced news of the charge in a recent public statement and credited the arrest to “the dedicated work of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF)”.

“We were able to bring four persons into custody. One of the four has today been charged. My detectives continue to move meticulously through the inquiry process to ensure no stone is left unturned. I have full confidence in the officers currently in charge. There is no doubt in my mind that they are more than competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy,” the newly-appointed top cop said while appealing to persons with information to come forward.

“I know there are concerns with reporting information to police. This is not only locally but it is an issue internationally. However, I can assure you that whatever information you pass on will be dealt with confidentially. I can also assure you that if any of my officers breach the standard of confidentiality they will be dealt with according to the code of conduct,” he added.

Persons can contact the Major Crime Team at 284-368-5682 or Inspector Vernon Larocque directly at 284-368-9809. Persons can also call the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 284-368-9339.

In the meantime, Commissioner Collins said he personally visited Mrs Pickering’s daughter yesterday and gave his reassurance of the RVIPF’s commitment to finding the perpetrators.

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  1. BVILuv says:

    Post his picture!

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  2. Inside Job says:

    It’s ALWAYS your own! Good work RVIPF, get whoever else involved and throw the entire f**king book at them. SICK SICK SICK INDIVIDUALS!

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    • Thank you says:

      Yes, please post the perpetrators picture. My suspicions was on point. He must pay for the foolish choice and pain he has caused for the family of the law abiding citizen that was gunned down at her home for no reason. My heart also aches for the little girl and the man in West End who was victims of a drive by. We also have to put heat on the authorities and the street to flush out the killers because from what I gather, people know who they are and the green light is about to get turned on and pointed in their direction.

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  3. jah says:


    but not murder

    Ah the wheels of just us turning…

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  4. Guy Hill says:

    Good job

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  5. Oh my says:

    Oh my I cant believe this that woman was like a mother to him oh my

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  6. Hm says:

    Dem man don’t need to be locked up dem man need to dead hang to death so dem could feel da pain da poor lady went through ✍️

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  7. Inside job says:

    Really, did the dude think that his employer would not recognize him in a hoodie and mask? Breach of trust as well as murder charges.

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    • @ inside job says:

      Who said he was there…you ever thought he could have been elsewhere and gave the robbers a heads up of when the manager got home

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  8. Rubber Duck says:

    Only charged with robbery?

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  9. Red shoes says:

    Good job he allegedly rob and killing before he find a job even if is a cleaning job

    • @ Red Shoes says:

      Was he employed at the Gas Station at the time of the robbery of the money made for the day when the manager got home?

      He may not have committed the robbery but could he have told the robbers timing of when to show up?

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  10. Len says:

    That is an ungrateful b*sted. These young men who want to be in think keep too much negative company. Make an example out of him. If he did not fire the shots, he knows who did.

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  11. Well sah says:

    They can’t hold him too long without a charge and they definitely have to find a way to protect him. You could smell and see the – – – on that son of a b***h…

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  12. Dinky Donuts says:

    This is why you don’t let people influence you in Ill activities. You thought the most they would have lose is a day profit. Now you about to lose your youth on the hill for facilitating evil. Rest in peace to that poor lady.

  13. H M says:

    Put his picture up on the screen for all to see

  14. Right Sed Fred says:

    @Joshua may have a point

  15. Mad Max says:

    All those complaining about the police or Gov are the same ones whose family and friends network could solve every crime in this place if they brought forward the information they possess.

    Like politics, there is a smoke screen of complicity amongst talk show hosts, politicians and others with a voice.

  16. Hmmm says:

    Thank god is a tolan cause you ppl quick to blame down island ppl

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  17. BVI says:


  18. Captain Flint says:

    Robbery? What about the murder of an 67 year old woman?

  19. Anonymous says:

    When is the Government and the Police going to get a hold on gun crime? Its not safe here.

  20. Captain Flint says:

    When is the Government and the Police going to get a hold on gun crime? Its not safe here.

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