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One new COVID-19 case confirmed | BVI’s total climbs to 7

The British Virgin Islands has recorded yet another positive case for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), bringing the total confirmed cases in the territory to seven.

Minister for Health Carvin Malone made the announcement during an impromptu national media broadcast on Tuesday, May 5.

He said 21 samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad for testing and one returned positive for COVID-19.

Minister Malone did not reveal the gender or age of the territory’s latest confirmed case but said the patient has exhibited only mild symptoms and will be kept in isolation.

“Case Number-seven is linked to a previously detected case. It was quarantined and had tested negative on the first protocol of testing. It is common that in early stages of the infection the virus that causes COVID-19 could go undetected,” Malone stated.

“In this regard, the person that was kept under quarantine for the full duration of the incubation period and was retested in accordance with established protocols,” he added.

These latest samples bring the total number of persons tested the BVI to 132, with 125 returning negative.

Of the seven positives, three have recovered, three are currently active and one has died.

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  1. Pro active says:

    This is good. The Government sacrificed $$ the economy to save our lives.

    I wonder though when he/she tested negative the first time was he/she allowed to be free or was the person under quarantine the whole time?

    Lets hope that this will be the last internal spreading.

    The fact that Government retested is also ccommendable.

    Go leaders!

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    • Reading is fundamental says:

      Please read the article and stop commenting for commenting sake.

      “In this regard, the person that was kept under quarantine for the full duration of the incubation period and was retested in accordance with established protocols,” he added.

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    • Ims wize says:

      Read again

  2. Eagle eye says:

    Why doesn’t the VIP hold a call in talk show let us expose their wicked ways.

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  3. YO says:

    Its called a FALSE negative. The tests are not that accurate to begin with.

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  4. Concerned says:

    Just now we will be opening our boarders. I am appealing to the Government to take full control of the procedures in place for this. Make sure our I dot and ts cross. May sure there is a place for quarantine and no one, I mean absolutely no one who needs to be quarantined is exempt.

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  5. Quiet Warrior says:

    Several weeks ago Dr. Carissa Etienne, regional PAHO rep, announced that the number of Covid-19 cases in the region would increase. Wonder how the numbers are tracking? The BVI borders have been locked down for weeks, residents lock down for weeks……etc yet positive tests are still showing up. Could it be that more people may have been infected, are infected, may be infected but don’t know it……..etc?

    May be the BVI need to ramp up testing to get a better gauge, a better measure, a better handle of whom are infected or have been infected. More testing is needed in addition to all the other mitigation measures, ie, social distancing, relaxed curfew actions…….etc that have employed. Thus far the BVI have only conducted 132 tests,which equates to approx 0.43%. Let’s stay safe. This disease is going to be around a little while longer and we must adjust to a new normal.

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    • All Relative says:

      All of these Positive cases are related. From the first THREE quarantined, we had one breach. A housekeeper entering a quarantined home, taking it to her husband and a neighbor. That’s 4 of the 7. One more in close contact. The virus had not incubated long enough for a positive result. Nothing wrong with the tests, and the person was isolated for the entire time. Stop spreading panic and fear with partial truths.

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      • Quiet Warrior says:

        @All Relative, if the low rate of testing is fine and the few positive cases are all interrelated and concentrated and a storm is being raised in a tea cup so why don’t the BVI just fling open the internal doors and let people get on with and back to their lives? Why has South Korea and other advanced countries save for US conducted so much testing? Why are experts suggesting that a major mitigating tool in managing the virus is more testing and is calling for more testing?

        The BVI has tested a mere 125 people, which equated to 0.43 of an approx population 30,231. The suggested minimum testing rate is 1% of population. The BVI needs more data to effectively manage this pandemic; more testing will provide the information needed.

        Moreover, just in case we forget there are standard workable treatment protocols, cure or vaccines. And globally there are approx 3, 688,635 confirmed cases and 258,085 deaths.

        • Mike says:

          You may want to do a little research, before you badmouth the US’s response. South Korea has tested 1.27% of their population, and the US has tested almost double that with 2.44% of their population tested.

  6. HMM says:

    what about the at home deaths? how many did we have in the last 50 something days? How many people do we usually find dead at home every 50 days??

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  7. need to know says:

    We have been under lock down for the past time. Question, what is the duration of the disease?
    The incubation period, because it looks like the disease is mutating. What sort of disease that is going around that is able to survive longer and survive outside on surfaces?

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  8. gelda says:

    am concern about a set of people i saw liming every afternoon next to one stop mall ..are they cleaning that area living close by or what …someone please let the concern citizens know….

  9. Sammy says:

    I thought this thing was over when will fahie and his gang tell the public that the Philippines lady died from asthma and not no damn covid 19. And stop driving fear and separation upon the people. Wickedness always dwell and I quote always dwell in the high places period…
    Also that talk show would be ???

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  10. Faulty testing says:

    The testing regime in the African nation of Tanzania has been called into question by its president, after tests there found the presence of coronavirus in a pawpaw and a goat.

    In a speech broadcast to the nation, President John Magufuli described imported testing kits as a “dirty game” and said that some laboratories lacked credibility.

    “The equipment or people may be compromised and sometimes it can be sabotaged,” Magufuli said in a Swahili speech reported by AFP.

    “That means there is possibility for technical errors or these imported reagents have issues. Probably, the technicians are also bought to mislead.”

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    • That's Reliable says:

      Oh, by all means let’s take our news and medical advice from Tanzanian news sources.

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      • John says:

        A papaya tested positive for COVID19 think about that.

      • Yes reliable says:

        At least they have the balls to call foul.

        Soon you will have to download a app on your phone and get the vaccine. Both punishable by fines and jail.

        They tell you the virus has mutated.

        It mutated months ago, it is the same virus but the articles only now came out.

        Nothing new just carefully timed news articles to keep the level of fear high enough for you to give up what the freedom, privacy, wealth and sense you previously had.

        Fear. Group Insanity. Loss of critical thinking. Lack of observation. Division. Recession. Tyranny.

  11. Ms wize says:

    Now hear you. Even in the midst of crisis you mind dutty. Take a look in the mirror

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