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OneMart’s unvaccinated staff sent into quarantine

OneMart Superstore is owned by Opposition legislator, Mark Vanterpool.

The management of OneMart Supermarket in Purcell Estate has asked all its unvaccinated employees to quarantine at home until further notice.

This decision was taken “in the interest of the safety of all staff and customers” because two members of the supermarket’s staff have been diagnosed with COVID 19.

OneMart made the announcement yesterday while also noting that most of its employees are vaccinated.

“We are pleased that 75 percent of our 140 workers are fully vaccinated and will continue to serve our customers,” OneMart stated.

“We encourage all other staff to get vaccinated ASAP for their own safety. We appreciate that persons have medical and other reasons for not vaccinating,” the supermarket’s management further said.

“We continue to follow all COVID 19 requirements as recommended by the Government. However, we lend our voice to encouraging all in the BVI to get vaccinated ASAP if you can.”

News that two of the supermarket’s employees tested positive posted follows a bulletin from the Ministry of Health that its Public Health Unit is actively looking for persons who may have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive case.

It invited persons who attended certain Tortola clubs on June 18 and 20 to contact the Department at 284-468-4936 to provide their names for contact tracing and testing.

The ministry said: “Persons who have attended these locations at the specified times are asked to self-isolate. Testing for these individuals will be administered on day 10, post-exposure. The locations and times are:

1. June 20 – Club Aqua between the hours of 8 pm to 10 pm
2. June 20 – Club Crystals 10 pm to 12 pm
3. June 20 – Deuces 11 pm to closing
4. June 18 – Island Sizzle”

It is not immediately clear whether the cases at OneMart are connected to the reported COVID club exposures.


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  1. Snoppy says:

    Best they check for STDs instead of COVID

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  2. Vaccines work says:

    Question to all those vaccine skeptics out there. Are you all happy or sad to hear this? Do you realize the extra strain this is putting on One Mart that they lost 25% of their workforce now as a precaution! And while I certainly remain hopeful that this will give some of you an additional incentive to get your jab, some will simply be too stubborn and blame whatever they can think of to not get vaccinated until it’s too late.

    My one piece of advice to all of you…Dunning-Kruger effect…Look it up..that’s probably describing you right there.

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  3. I don’t get it says:

    I don’t understand the logic behind this. Vaccinated people can contract and spread Covid. The protection they have is getting less sick if they do. So I don’t understand what sending unvaccinated staff home will accomplish, unless it’s being done in their interest, to protect them from getting sick or too sick.

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    • Less likely says:

      Because you are less likely to contain covid if you are fully vaccinated and if you do get infected you have a lower viral load than unvaccinated people.

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    • Ben says:

      The most effective way of protection as has been event/proven is for persons to wear their mask and to sanitize accordingly.

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  4. ? says:

    What about unvaccinated customers, should they ‘quarantine’ from Onemart as well?

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  5. starting today says:

    The entire Public needs to boycott *** Store until the workers are allowed to return to work as they see fit, vaccine should not be forced upon anyone who chooses not to have it administered. mental slavery.

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    • really says:

      They are not being forced and the employer should not be forced either. You need to look at this seriously. COVID kills.

  6. Anon1 says:

    Word has it that the infected workers are actually vaccinated. I notice that we never get that important statistic. If they were unvaccinated, I’m pretty sure the article would have mentioned that as part of the vaccination push. 50% of the hospitalized infected with the Delta variant in Israel are vaccinated. That’s pretty even odds for getting sick but if you are unvaccinated you don’t have the spike proteins (that we now know to be lab-generated bioweapons) being churned out by your system and depositing themselves in your organs (according to the first published autopsy of a vaccinated person out of Germany). Also a Japanese study examined where the vax-generated spike proteins travel in the body. They are meant to stay at the injection site but that is not what is happening. For AstraZeneca, they tended to migrate to the sciatica nerve and the bone marrow, where blood is made. I’ll skip it, thanks.

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  7. Dee says:

    I don’t get this bs. Clearly we had no case of spread or infected in the community. The only sensible logic is someone came in,if it is covid. You can’t catch a cold no more or have a regular flu. The vaccinated are being allowed to roam freely and our government knows that they can spread and carry the virus still but choose to give the a free pass. And the unvaccinated are thoroughly checked before issued a get out of quarantine card, so clearly, they less likely to spread anything with three tests. I know. I came in, unvaccinated. So tell me, who spreading this?
    You might not get severely sick, so they say, yet fully vaccinated are dying and ending up in the hospital. You cannot adequately put forward an argument to persons to get vaccinated if you’re only addressing one end in a debate. I have not yet seen or heard any of our doctors or health minister evenly balance this scale. So to me, unless you are going to address pros and cons, persons will always be reluctant and distrust your motives. Present both sides and maybe, Minister, your results might convince those up in the air. I for one will not be taking no experimental jab in my body. And also, ask those bosses if they would take liability in the event I get sick or severe reaction from the vaccine, will they sign off to cover my medical bills or take care of my kids. I bet not. As I say balance the scale

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  8. Word on the street says:

    The vaccine messing up the women reproductive system, all kind a weird stuff going on down there. They are not mentioning that in the media but them telling people vaccine safe to meet their quota.

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  9. Vaccinated says:

    All staff dealing with the public should be vaccinated – its basic health and safety for all employees. Unvaccinated staff should check their sick pay provisions – their employers may not pay them after a certain period. What’s the point of asking tourists to come vaccinated if the people who are going to be in contact with them aren’t?

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  10. Tourists are going to bring the VIRUS. says:

    vaccinated people do not get symptoms you will not even know that they are sick.

  11. A says:

    I ain’t see one mart close yet to sterilize after so called case, pure lies

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