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Online travel magazine ranks BVI as best vacation destination in the C’bean

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has been ranked as the number-one best vacation destination in the Caribbean.

Online travel magazine ‘US News’ ranked the BVI ahead 16 other Caribbean destinations, edging out St Lucia who ranked second and the neighbouring US Virgin Islands in third.

The online magazine computed these rankings based on their user-votes and expert insights along with other contributing factors which included accessibility to beaches, tourist attractions and comfortable accommodations.

It also described the BVI as a paradise which attracts wealthy travellers who love sailing and seclusion. US News further dissected the main and sister islands, listing some of the benefits tourists can look forward to when travelling to the territory.

For Tortola, the online magazine described the main island as having mountainous cliffs and chalk-white beaches characterized by changing tides and calm, easterly winds.

Jost Van Dyke was labelled as having the region’s best New Year’s Eve parties, offering delicious Caribbean food and drink and providing water sport activities such as diving and fishing.

The popular attraction, The Baths — which can be described as the pride and joy of Virgin Gorda — was said to be one of the most ‘picturesque shores’ in the BVI. Anegada, in the meantime, was described as the place to be for supreme seclusion, for its slow pace, flat terrain and sparkling sand.

The BVI also ranked high in some of the magazine’s other regional categories including third best family vacation destination and one of the best places to visit in February. The territory also ranked fourth for best Caribbean honeymoons and best Caribbean beaches.

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  1. Awesome says:

    Well all that is true! It is a spectacular place.

    But…….If we could just get some much better customer service, have locals be nice to the visitors, fix our power, internet and landfill problems along with getting rid of more Irma debris… would become the best place not just in the Caribbean but the world.

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  2. Sorry to say says:

    Is someone paying these magazines to say these craps. I’m not saying it’s not beautiful but it could be better. So many things to do. Am I the only one seeing how the place is looking. This is my opinion. More can be done and need to do urgently.

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    • I thought the same says:

      No wonder TB requested so much money from Gov’t, they pay off these publishers to say this. Show me the numbers, which expert insight? Yet we don’t have the people flocking our shores every year? Where are they going then, if the BVI is all that is side?

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    • Nonsense says:

      The problem is most of us even though we are locals, we hardly leave Tortola and experience the beauty and awesome experience of the outer islands. If these reviews were based on Tortola alone I’m sure they would be far different, but our outer islands experiences can match those of any other destination globally and that is a fact! From Cooper Island, Norman Island, Peter Island, JVD, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, the amenities and experiences are at a high level.

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    • ddb says:

      I smell jealousy, hypocrisy etc.

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    • GWEN says:

      To sorry to say: You will never see the beauty of where you are, until you have to live in a third world country. Be more appreciative of what you have.

  3. lol says:

    who wrote that book, the VIP?????

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  4. Dman says:

    Key phrase there is “sailing and seclusion” not “noise and pollution”.

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  5. TurtleDove says:

    Why are we salivating for 5 star hotel then? Maybe we should rethink this. Instead of locals building these mansions, they should think about building small 500 sq ft houses for daily renting at a reasonable price. Let them rent a care and eat out to help the economy.

  6. @nonsense says:

    Stop being hypocritical, we need better, the bvi can look better and be better stop putting things under the carpet. Where are all the visitors in the country? It’s not showing, the only people we are seeing is people looking jobs. I agree the bvi is crime free and there are other good things but I’m sure it can be better. Some places you walk you can’t breathe because of the scent and the pollution. Lovely place but it need a lot of improvement.

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  7. No nonsense says:

    Impossible with your neighbour raising goats and fighting rosters and No government offices doing any thing about it(planning, agriculture, environmental happy..) On the other hand tourist board talking RB&B, must be in a tree!! BVI, WEAINT READY YET

    • Yep says:

      Also being surrounded by inconsiderate neighbors with all their chained up dogs barking 24/7 ! The place gone to the dogs.

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  8. And says:

    we will never get ready if we only see negative, and do not engage in changing that which we deemed negative.

  9. Ausar says:

    Imagine, such great news about our country and instead of reading about how blessed we are, we are bombarded with negativity about WHO could be writing and giving such ratings…

    The BVI is comprised of many islands, and unless one is generally involved in a staycation, one tend to be often consumed with the every day cares of life, and ofttimes, miss out on the beauty of these islands.

    I know personally of persons from the USVI who does boating to islands other than Tortola for weekly staycations, meals, and even as far as the exotically owned islands, for day trips.

    So yes, it is those persons, among others, that are writing and rating continually, of the beauty of these islands.

    And we should thank them!

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  10. Local says:

    The BVI is a beautiful place. Take some time to explore and see these islands through the eyes of tourists. I guarantee that you will never take this place for granted ever again.

  11. AMH says:

    Read the entire article.
    In the very third sentence, it suggests visiting FROM the USVI. “One of the best ways to see these scenic islands is by yacht or on a boat tour from the nearby U.S. Virgin Islands,”. It says one of the BEST HOTELS is Long Bay Beach Club at West End. Long Bay Beach Club no longer EXISTS! They show pictures of Long Bay labeled at Smuggler’s Cove.
    A lot of false, incorrect, misleading. It is a shame what journalism has come to in many ways.

  12. GWEN says:

    I live in the USA and I tell people about the beautiful Virgin Islands all the time. Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Jost van Dyke, St. Thomas, St. John St. Croix, The Baths, etc. I tell them about the friendliness and hospitality of the Islands. Is this a lie or the truth about your islands? I tell them that people meet you on the streets and look you in the eye and say hello to you, even if they don’t know your name. ( In the USA people don’t even look at you and pass you on the street as if you don’t exist) you should be proud of your country and promote it.

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