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Only ‘days’ left to make official voters list

As the next general elections draw nearer, the local electorate is being told they only have days to make the official 2018 Voters List.

Supervisor of elections Juliette Penn said prospective voters have until September 3 to become included on the list.

“Continuous voter registration is ongoing and all persons who are eligible and have attained the age of 18 years or will attain the age of 18 years on or before September 3 are encouraged to register to vote,” the Office of the Supervisor of Elections said.

“Documents to be presented when registering are a birth certificate, Virgin Islands passport or a Belonger’s card. A naturalisation certificate can also be used, provided it is dated before June 15, 2007,” the office added.

Only persons with Belonger status who reside in the BVI or in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands are eligible to vote.

Belongers who resided abroad but have relocated to the aforementioned jurisdictions must apply for a transfer by September 3 to become eligible to vote, Office of the Supervisor of Elections said.

Meanwhile, three political organisations have so far confirmed they will be producing candidates for the next general elections.

They are the Orlando Smith-led National Democratic Party, the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party, and the newly formed, Julian Fraser-led Progressives United.

The upcoming elections are constitutionally due in the summer 2019 but there have been suggestions the BVI might go to the polls sooner.

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  1. VOI VOI VOI says:

    why deny the people their rights?

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  2. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The BVI urgently needs a “date certain” for holding general election, eg, first Tuesday in June of the 4th year in power for any governmnt. In addition to leveling the playing field for those seeking elected office, it will improve the management of Elections. As a side note,change the name from Office of Supervisor of Elections to Election Office; the current name imply it is about a person and it is about an agency.

    Any way jumping off my soap box and getting back to the date certain for election, the UK, US and other countries have date certain for election so why can’t the BVI? As a compromise, if a date certain is too radical and a heavy lift, government should provide at least a 90 day notice for a general election.

    Moreover, why such a short notice for registering ending voter registration? Does this mean that an election date is nigh? A date certain for election would remove all this speculation and the election list could be updated up to 2 weeks before an election. Further, with technology, preparing the election’s list should be simplified, should it not? Nonetheless, predict that election will be set for summer of 2019, for the NDP will milk the time to the end, hoping for a miraculous turn around.

    The NDP is in a lame duck status, country is stuck at top dead center, is in urgent need of recovery…..etc so lets vote and now. Dislike snap election but given the current situation, let’s roll. Let the people vote and now. #Lets roll.

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