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Only one round trip ferry per day when seaports reopen to int’l traffic

Vessel docked at the ferry terminal in Road Town.

The BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) has announced that there will be only one round trip ferry service per day when the Road Town Jetty reopens to international traffic on April 15.

A press release from the BVIPA said this single round trip will only be for this initial period after the April 15 reopening. 

However, the BVIPA told our news centre in a follow-up WhatsApp conversation that the end date for this initial period is unknown.

“This initial period has no fixed length time but will be evaluated by the ferry operators and the BVIPA based on the demand,” the Authority told BVI News.

Our news centre also sought to determine why the Road Town Jetty has decided to allow only one round trip per day.

The port official who spoke to our news centre did not give an answer up to publication time.

But our sources otherwise indicate that this decision stems from the territory’s finite COVID testing resources; adding that multiple trips per day would overwhelm the BVI’s COVID testing capabilities.

The announcement of the single round trip per day comes amid questions from business stakeholders who are anxious to know the number of visitors they should expect per day when the seaports reopen.

New ferry passenger schedule

In the meantime, the public is being notified that the new international ferry passenger schedule and the seaport option will go live on the BVI Gateway online portal on April 8.

Passengers arriving and departing the British Virgin Islands must reserve a ticket with the scheduled ferry operator through their booking portal. 

The new international ferry passenger schedule is as follows:

All ferries will depart Road Town, Tortola for Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas, USVI at 10 am and will depart Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas for Road Town, Tortola at 4 pm.

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  1. fish says:

    And we continue to make a complete mess of this situation . We finished now,

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    • Nope says:

      There is no way the entrance portal and Covid testing will be able to be handled. The gateway portal cannot handle the few airline passengers. People aren’t being notified that they can enter the BVI in time for their flights. If this can’t be handled, how are additional ferry passengers going to be handled. In tool of this the results of Covid testing will take days in lieu of 24-36 hours. Last, people leaving won’t be able to get their test results in time to enter the US. This is a total cluster f**k just waiting to happen. Stay home and don’t travel or be in for a nightmare.

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      • BIG E says:

        Just to enter the BVI it is still crazy the Ferry wont have much passengers traveling it is the same as coming threw the Airport the BVI gov think that every one coming to the BVI is infected that why they don’t know how to open up all u needs is a neg test 4 days before travel and when arrive temp check 96 to 97 u should be ok but they are still trying to give you a next test when u arrive and have to go quarantine for 4 days They needs to stay closed wont be coming home anytime soon.

  2. island man says:

    lol. wa a joke

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  3. Reality Show says:

    I knew it! Delay, delay, delay, and all the while Boss Hog’s game plan was so obvious, it is unreal! ‘Open up the Ports’ was never ever going to be anything more than one a day. Nice simple little f-you to the people again.

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  4. awa says:

    This is really crazy, How are people going to catch their flights? I can remember going down on the 7 AM boat to catch a flight and if the immigration line was long you worry about catching your flight. Trying to catch a ferry for 4 PM is hard. I don’t know who comes up with these things but they need to think things over, What is the reason for not running the regular ferry schedule? it seems like everything the government does makes it hard for the tourist

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    • Mufeng says:

      Will be putting up by business for sale. I’m done with this place.

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    • @awa says:

      You just wait the next day for the ferry dummy. Always some complain with you people . Smh

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      • Uh says:

        Another day if you can get the ticket. The ferry will be sold out. Who’s going to take the chance of getting stuck in USVI because the plane was late?

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      • @@awa says:

        You are the dummy, dummy. If u miss the 4 pm ferry from St thomas, you have to wait until 4 pm the next day. That is a load of s..t.

    • Process says:

      The current idea of having one ferry to and from everyday is pretty silly, especially if that 50 persons limit is also true. However, currently you have to book your ferry tickets online which would let you the company know who is coming that day and they can book their flights accordingly to be at the dock for 4PM on their respective date of travel to the BVI. People can’t just randomly show up and hop on the ferry like before.

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  5. Capt Ron says:

    So not really open then, are we BVI? One ferry. A day. Wow. With 8-10 months of time to plan, work with other countries that are open and doing well managing cases and tourists. We get one freaking ferry a day. Forwards never, backwards ever!

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    And it’s $100 per person each way.

    And no that’s not a joke but it does make us all April fools.

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  7. April Fool says:

    … Oh BTW, just for a joke, ask how much the ferry co$t! Port fees are going up, trade licenses are going up, rent going up, food prices going up, gas going up. Everything is going up…in smoke

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  8. Sunday ? says:

    no sunday is on the ferry list

  9. March says:

    On this government…this whole aim of this agenda s**t is only killing the small man and the rich getting richer buying out all up for grabs …only these food businesses making money and more than before in a time like this with there price sky high putting block in front us from going cost u less and so forth..but these same one over here like – – -killing the 8and buying up s**t…u all go rise violence u all never imagined then in return destroy u all own country and business u watch ..greed brings only destruction

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  10. PT9 says:

    @Mufeng Good by I hope it’s better where ever it is you are going.

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  11. poor we says:

    we are so limited on every level. Why?

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  12. The Truth says:

    Expect things to be the same as before Covid, guys *sarcasm*

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  13. 2cents says:

    This shows how little demand there will be. The entry requirements will dissuade most from coming so the ferries will not be full.

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  14. @ PASTOR says:


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  15. I think says:


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  16. smh says:

    At $200 round trip per person… better to fly in. Will we ever get back to anything normal?

  17. April Fool says:

    This is a joke, right??

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  18. Concerned says:

    A 10am schedule leaving the BVI does not make sense for travelling passengers. Most flights leave STT between noon and 3pm. The ferry should leave at 8am giving passengers enough time to clear customs and get to the airport to check in for their flights. Please will someone revisit this schedule.

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  19. AHA says:

    We have to realize the PLANDEMIC is working really good any where we turn is a set back but God give us live he will be with us every step of the way

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  20. REALLY!!!!! says:

    1ST Thing the price to travel on the ferry is ridiculous. Yes we are in a crisis but the COST OF LIVING DOES NOT MATCH WHAT WE ARE MAKING HER IN THE BVI. and there is no kind of assistance for the people.
    In order for this to work you have to fix the portal issue. COVID should have a department for its self that someone is always there to answer the calls and assist with anything dealing with COVID.

  21. Can't make this up says:

    Meanwhile, cases are emerging within the Territory. Just a few miles away, US Virgins are thriving (and managing cases), proving that acknowledging and managing the risk (an iterative process for sure) is better than taking a zero risk mentality (complete isolation) at the cost of everything else, and still having cases.

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  22. The only way out says:

    We have to get rid of D*****or Fahie and the useless VIP,, That’s the only way forward,, They are ignorant and stubborn, no care, no regards for the people,

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  23. Math says:

    Let’s do a math story game!
    So Johnny gets on a plane from New York City with 287 other passengers. He and the 12 people he chartered a Moorings sailboat with (for $14,786 for the week) get stranded on the dock in St Thomas after the BVI Love- open ports – ferry could not fit them because it only holds 50 people.
    So will they be pissed off more than the $14K they spent on the boat when then have to get a $250 a night hotel in beautiful Charlotte Ammoly?
    True or False?

    • @math says:

      If those 12 folks weren’t so cheap, they’d fly in to Beef Island. Let’s be real, they are only spending about a buck fifty a day for the boat each. Don’t try to make it like they are propping up the entire BVI economy. Oh, and you know how much of the money paid to moorings leaves the BVI?

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      • Doh says:

        Moorings is leaving BVI

      • Math says:

        Yep, that is the BVI way. Blame the tourist and then suck on you teeth because they spent some money and it not go in your pocket!
        Unfortunately the rest of the world does not work that way. Tourists want it their way (the CUSTOMER is all ways right).
        Keep jacking these guys around. I don’t think it is going to work out for you….

        • Customer says:

          Only idiots believe customer is always right. Plenty of customers to be had, no sense dealing with the entitled complainers.

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    • sonny says:

      My suggestion to Johnny and his mates they should stay in USVI where its much better food and people and Government.

  24. ERRRRR says:


    • Bridge says:

      Hong Kong did exactly that from Hong Kong Airport to Macau for lot longer distance- I would suggest from Redhook to St John then St Thomas as shorter.

  25. @ MATH says:

    OnE aH THEM

  26. Wait says:

    So no red hook, smith bay ?

  27. Tom says:

    So all those delays, all those investments in processing visitors are for 50 people a day… Have you lost your mind?

    BTW… Who those 50 people are that you can’t even book tickets months ahead? You think folks will fly in and hope they get tickets?

    It’s a scam.. Sca. Of the gov to release pressure on being locked down but you need to be a fool to believe this

  28. And also says:

    The BVI Portal cant handle to the small amount of people coming in by plane- cape air 9, Intercaribbean and others 10. How the Government going to check the covid 19 testing at the ferries and worst coming back? what about covid test if you going for a day? They should only allow people who have had the vaccine to go on the ferries.

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  29. Tourist says:

    I was quoted $680 for a one way a water taxi to take me from Tortola to St Thomas. It was cheaper to fly.

  30. Thoughts says:

    Through all this, i hope that the ferry operators and owners would get together and decide to leave their Boats tied up rather than follow this protocol. This Government care not about us. Imagine they even haven’t consider people would like to come from the other side as well. Do you think they mean you would have to stay over night regardless to what your trip entails?
    Poor managerial skills. Try again please. Thank you.

  31. Really? says:

    This is a joke, right?

  32. So confused says:

    Can you please get it together? Everytime the government announces something positive, it is always followed by something totally crazy. This is so stupid!!
    The government wants to brag about having the lowest COVID cases in the Caribbean. At what cost?
    This will be the next VIP campagne platform, as we all look around and realize there is nothing left.

  33. BIG E says:

    you can closed the country down but u cant protect people hey have to protect there self we are fully open in USVI you do a neg test 4 days before arrive u show your test result they take your temp if it is normal you are fee to go not another test and quarantine. That what killing the BVI because they are still trying to make money from testing and then putting u in quarantine if u give them your neg test result when arrive all they needs to do is take your temp if it is normal you should be free to go about your business. they are making it so difficult for people to come i want to come home for a weekend but i cant because of the quarantine set of jockers for leaders.

  34. Ausar says:

    It’s obvious from the sound of things, many of us with tourism based businesses, depending on international tourists, will go bankrupt!

    I just dont know whether to sob, cry, weep, or wail!

    It’s just pure madness and it’s just not looking good from this standpoint!

    One ferry per day?

    Why not have four ferrys leave Tortola at the same time and leave Charlotte Amalie at the same time?

    At least there would be more seats per day..

    Pure, utter madness and a lack of vision coming from leadership.

    It is now time to ressurect the spirit of the late Honourable Lavity Stoutt for the wy forward, because, as of right now, there is NO way!

  35. Connor says:

    Hi BVI Community,

    My wife and I are scheduled to travel in late May for a week in Tortola via St. Thomas with our intent on taking the ferry. We know that we have to take a COVID test prior and have to pay $175 for another test/quarantine/a third test, despite the fact that we are fully vaccinated. To most US travellers, this seems like a very conservative approach (especially compared to the USVIs and Mexico) but doable/understandable albeit rather inconvenient.

    However, this additional COVID protocol with the one ferry a day is interesting and could throw a wrench into our plans if we can’t physically go to the island without paying $1000 for a jet from STT to EIS – not blaming them for hiking up the rates give the extremely low supply. Do you know when the ferry schedule will be available for booking? Is there an addition news outlet for up to date protocols? We are hoping not to cancel to support the local businesses, but we have no choice if there isn’t a peace of mind that we can get on the ferry. Like someone said above, no traveller expecting to stay in the BVIs will go without knowing they can physically get there.

  36. Let me in says:

    I have been waiting to travel home since December 2020. I am fully vaccinated and still have to stay in quarantine for 4 days. WHY? The government for the people is about themselves right now. The money being paid for the additional tests is going into their pockets. The government for the people then says, here’s the scrap from my table: 1 trip a day; Spend around $1000 for a ticket, hotel, Covid test, and food to get to STT. You need a negative test to return to Tortola, last I checked STT don’t have same-day PCR test results. This is going to be a CLUSTER FXXK.

    The Ferries should not run in protest, but then they were able to raise the prices of tickets, so they may not care either. These prices will remain way after this pandemic. The RICH (big business) continues to get RICHER and the little guy suffers again.

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