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OPINION: Welcome to the twilight zone where wrong means right

Alred Frett

By A C Frett, Contributor

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, leaders across the world show us they can.

International trade agreements are scrapped, crucial healthcare for the needy is withdrawn, basic education is rolled back, religious leaders dabble in child molestation, and those in seats of power corrupt the delivery of justice. Sadly, these traits are not new, but simply getting worse.

Throughout history, these social afflictions have been directly linked to a culture of ignorance, lies, deceit, greed, and corruption that runs from top to bottom.

Subsequently, as a people who have shackled themselves to a ‘trickle down mentality’, whatever happens to others internationally happens to us locally. Thus, the troubles created there will reach us here in one form or the other.

As governments’ mismanagement results in depleted public funds, the reactive scramble will be to procure revenues by any means necessary and any form possible to fill the emptied public purse.

Traditionally, this drive commandeers the input from police, immigration, labour, customs, public sectors, private sectors, and any nook and cranny that can be pressured into delivering these monies.

The solution of having leaders set the example by stopping or reducing their extravagancies is totally ignored, and reliable sources depict them as always making new plans to award themselves increases in salaries and allowances.

Such a perception sends a message that pennies plucked from the palms of the poor are intended to fatten the pockets of politicians. this cannot be right!

Unfortunately, we see this philosophy practiced as Trumpism in USA. Leaders are quick to see the poor as having too much, but can never see themselves as having enough.

Personal greed fails to recognize or care about the loss of dreams and hope as the most needy becomes targeted victims of circumstances as their earning power is slashed and their families disrupted.

While leaders forget the people are ransomed

Most leaders have short memories and it matters not how they got there; whether by Russian selection or snap election.

Once they arrive in their seats of power, they importantize themselves as being above the laws and people.

Subsequently, we have seen the world plunged in chaos and uncertainty where no one knows what to believe when contradictions happen before they begin.

In less than 100 days, life has changed from ordinary to the twilight zone, and I remain convinced that US President Mr Donald Trump was sent by Russia – not by fool-fool fake news dumping, but by voting machine hacking and cyber votes counting.

I explained this since last year, and it should not be hard to understand when we see hackers use digital weaponry to bring powerful nations to their knees.

Think about it. If ordinary internet pirates can use ransomware to seize and command businesses, banks and health services without leaving a trace or trail, won’t it be easy for Russia to control voting Machines?

Furthermore, can we expect Trump to act differently if he was also hacked by Russia, and information they have on him seen as more damaging than mere election collusion.

The US is a big and powerful nation searching for solutions to major problems. We may be less than a minor player, but our problems of immigration and labour feel just as big to us.

Ironically, while we share the potential to be helped or hurt by leaders, our different pathways to selection and rejection of leaders make it much easier for the BVI to replace Bad leaders than it is for the US.

NB: President’s term is based on a fixed process where he can only be replaced by resignation, election, impeachment or removal by congress and vice-president for their perceived lack of trust in the performance of his duties. In other words, Mr. Trump can flirt with these termination triggers fully knowing that his office’s powers make him untouchable by anyone lacking the will and skill.

Meanwhile, our own triggers and conditions for removal of bad leadership include: snap elections, internal reshufflings, votes of no confidence and UK parliament’s ultimate power to dissolve our BVI parliament or simply make its members powerless. As a result, we have far more ‘people power’ than leaders would like us to know because if they can’t fool you they can’t rule you.

They are fully aware of this. So the first item on their agenda is aimed at keeping us in ignorance by blocking our access to knowledge and truth.

This explains President Trump’s efforts to discredit the media as ‘fake news’ and our leaders push to negatively affect our education and block me from reaching you with ‘Truth for the Youth’. We are now pawns in a 21st century conspiracy.

Should we stand still as the hands of time are forced backwards?

The world is being trapped in a politico-social crisis, and we are witnessing a giant step back towards the ‘good old days’ when only the self appointed and self-anointed mattered, and slavery was law of the land.

Today’s slavery may be more mental than physical as our children are victimized by white supremacy as the wrong and strong wage war against fairness and justice.

Hope is fading fast and old sayings are reborn. So, although it may be darkest before the dawn, the struggle must continue with full understanding that every mile begins with an inch and the race is not for the swift but for those that endure to the end.

Fighting against evil is no easy task but rather than console ourselves with weeping and sleeping we must face reality and find solutions.

Even as social systems grow more crooked and leaders, most of us still know right from wrong and we must search our souls and ask if this is what we want for ourselves and children.

Be forever aware that those of us standing for fairness and justice will often feel lonely, discouraged and targeted, but those going along to get along will remain state’s victims and greatest end-losers.

Alternate facts and denial are not virtues, and failure to look at the whole picture instead of mere snapshots may lead us to sit under coconut trees and be easily killed, simply because we believed that only sour sops didn’t fall far from the tree.

The struggle for our freedom and salvation begins now, and unless we speak up and speak out bad leaders will interpret our silence as their consent.

PS: I will continue addressing some of your questions and comments on live BVI radio programs

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