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Opposition accuses VIP gov’t of nepotism, cronyism since taking office

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Leader of the Opposition Marlon Penn is accusing the Andrew Fahie-led government of practising nepotism and cronyism since being elected into office earlier this year.

Penn made those assertions during a media conference hosted by members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition on Wednesday, October 13.

“For the past nine months, we have seen some issues that are of great concern which threatens the democratic tenants of accountability, transparency and good governance that this unconventional administration is bound to uphold,” Penn said.

“Nepotism and cronyism is at an all-time high under this administration where former political candidates and cohorts are being placed in consultancies throughout the government and the statutory organisations,” Penn further said.

Though making those assertions, the Opposition Leader declined to name any person or entity who are benefitting from these alleged practices.

He, however, listed the quantity associated with one of the contracts he claims was awarded through nepotism and cronyism.

“This (nepotism and cronyism) is happening in unprecedented numbers — a process that seems to be a literal assembly line of one $90,000 contract; plus [one] contract after another. This is being done irrespective of the individual’s ability to perform the requisite task … While at the same time well qualified Virgin Islanders are denied opportunities in their respective fields,” Penn said.

He also mentioned a number of government-commissioned contracts which he suggested are ‘questionable’.

“Other over-the-top spending [include] the personal security contract for the Premier — which is $86,000 a month [and] which for eight months have already costed the taxpayers of this territory over $688,000. No answer [about these contrats] is forthcoming in House of Assembly when asked,” the Opposition legislator claimed.

“In addition, a $300,000 bill for legal fees that was incurred so far, to keep the duly elected member for the Fourth District from sitting in the House of Assembly to name a few,” Penn continued.

Penn said today’s Opposition media conference will be held at least once per month so the public can be kept informed on public issues and on the practices and actions of the government.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    These people are placed on boards to victimize certain people

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    • Hmmm says:

      Hon. Penn you are spot on. I have never seen this type of foolishness in the Virgin Islands. We have always pride ourselves to be a peaceful and harmonious community but this government is creating a type of divide that is painful to watch. People are been victimized, some are been put out of a job others are been intimidated by the board so that they could leave.

      VIP Government was a big mistake. Premier Andrew Fahie you fought to become Premier but you would go down in history as the worse leader this country has ever had.

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      • Lol says:

        Have never? Ppl have short term memories. This is a norm going back to when politics started in the BVI.

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        • They tried says:

          Have never? You probably disappeated for a while and just came back. Call me let me tell you the woes/ victimization of a certain ministry. For 8 years I suffered. Can’t get a job now, as yet because I’m still getting sick in COUNTLESS buildings. All I got was a, “They don’t be sick” or “They taking too many days off”. But I’ll say no more, for now.

          • Lilly says:

            What is happening now cannot be measured, and it is blatant. Only you could not get a jo!. Well MANY are being pushed out of jobs to bring in party supporters whether they are suited for the positions or not. Some of us are thinking on self only.

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      • Well well says:

        Who remember Carl Dawson, Marlon you forget and many more, Mack is a hypocrite

  2. ndp heckler says:

    Say 1 say 2 the leader of the opposition did the same thing when he placed J**gy on the planning board. Is the pot calling the kettle black here ?

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    • Strupz says:

      He didn’t take no one out of a job. VIP frustrating and firing people and committees, left; right and centre. Shame on VIP. Bully Government.

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  3. Wow says:

    Hon. Penn, come on. I am not saying two wrongs make a right, but what you have outlined describes the NDP Administration as well where $90K contracts were given out to supporters and former candidates as well. I do agree that the way the VIP Government handled certain situations didn’t seem professional but other than that, they’re doing nothing different to what NDP did. Further, you speak of persons being fit for positions but NDP hired mostly people who looked good on paper but couldn’t execute a single task!

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  4. for true says:

    There is an idiot going to the port everyday with a briefcase like he is a daily employee. Who the cap fit let them wear it!

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  5. lol says:

    I wonder why Marlon dont want to call B***s, D***o, P***y and C***de them name ??????

  6. pat says:

    tell us about the 8 years of NDP currption..1.2 M wall, 7.2M plane and 40M overrun on ports lets start there

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    • Tell us says:

      Say less! Let’s start right there. Then we’ll get to the other, um, shituations.

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    • Oneford says:

      That was 8 years you said. Now start adding fir this new administration and let us know what you get for one year. Are they trying to our do the other administration?

  7. Windy says:

    “bill for legal fees” please please smuf you sound so stupid.

    The speaker was within his right to defend the country from Mark foodlessness!!! you should be ashamed of yourself

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    • Strups says:

      The speaker should have used the Government appointed Attorney General who represents Government in the House. The speak went against the advice of the AG and made himself a f**l; plus ran up a huge exorbitant bill. Ridiculous. Bully Government

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  8. Suck it up says:

    Happened with your government, happened before that and going on again. What’s new. Suck it up meh boy. Your turn done let the other man do what you were doing why you vex now

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  9. Scrooge says:


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  10. BVI says:

    The VIP knight just be a one term Government. There is a silent few who is watching and taking note of everything this current Government does. Let them continue.

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  11. Heat says:

    Does anyone know exactly how does the [other] website get all these news first? Are they getting inside information?

  12. :) says:

    The Crabs are members of NDP delegates. Their company received the most and highest valued contracts during the 8 years of NDP’s reign. An NDP minister was being paid to feed themselves in the HOA. [another] received a contract to provide services for FSC while he was a member of government. The former first lady was blessed as well. Claude, OJ and Shaina all were blessed with government contracts after running with NDP and failing to secure a seat. Lots of other situations like these too numerous to mention. I dont understand how Marlon can actually comment on this after he himself ate out of the palms of Dr. Smith and drank the sweet wine of cronyism.

  13. ????? says:

    This too funny!!! NDP did the SAME thing! Oh hush and go have several seats.

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  14. Please stop says:

    God bless the day that 2 wrongs make a right. I don’t care what party did what. There’s no justification for the wrong to continue. It’s like a case of molestation and because the father did It, it’s ok for the son to do it too. Can we all grow up and mature and realize at the end of the day, the debt we will be up to our necks in will put us on par with the islands we despise so much. Come on people, let us all think of the better good foe our children and grandchildren and where this country will end up being on 20 to 30 years from now. I don’t care which party you support.

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  15. Pot calling kettle bottom black says:

    Wow. Hmmm. Moving right along.

  16. To BVI News says:

    Is it October 13 or NOVEMBER 13??

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