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Opposition backs call for protest against gov’t for tourism protocols

Some members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition have expressed support towards the decision of some residents who recently took to social media calling for a protest against the government following its latest announcement.

On Monday, October 26, the government finally announced the BVI’s travel protocols which are to be implemented for the December 1 reopening of the territory to visitors.

A number of the listed protocols were met with disappointment from some residents and business owners who took to social media to express their discontent. Shortly thereafter, effects of the protocols were felt across numerous tourism-based businesses, after hundreds of pre-booked guests had started to cancel their reservations.

Others felt that the announcement lacked essential information which had been promised to be addressed during the highly-anticipated announcement. Part of that which was lacking is the government’s failure to address the marine industry, which plays a pivotal role in the BVI’s tourism sector.

That led to a number of residents taking to social media to express a need for a march or protest of some kind against the government to have their concerns addressed.

Publicly support the stance

Responding to questions from members of the media on Wednesday, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said he supports the decision of the people, once it is done in a civilized and peaceful manner.

He said: “I would say publicly that I support the people to civil unrest. If the people have a concern in terms of the issues of the day that need … transparency, then go to government.”

“The business community went through a process where they had a petition, they were responsible in their approach, they wrote to the government and expressed their concerns in terms of what’s happening in the business community and they were able to have a meeting with the government, even though the government didn’t listen to them. But the fact that they had an opportunity to have a meeting with the government, it’s the right of the people,” Penn added.

The right of the people

Also sharing similar sentiments was Opposition legislator, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull who said residents are within their right to protest, should they choose to.

He said: “The people are the government so if that is the feeling of the people, they have the power. The power is not to be relinquished after they vote for persons on election day. The powers still lie with the people. The people have a right to demand from government and their elected representative of what they want to see happen for their best interest.”

He added: “So if that’s the approach that they want to take because they feel dissatisfied with the lack of information and transparency that this government is continued to portray and demonstrate, then they have the right to do so, so I have no opposition to that measure.”

Confident the premier will get it right

Meanwhile, senior Opposition legislator Julian Fraser said he believes a march will not happen, as he is certain Premier Andrew Fahie will make the necessary changes before it gets to that stage.

“I am confident it would never get to that point. I know the Premier, he will do whatever he has to do,” Fraser stated.

“We are here talking to them right now about how we feel about the protocols that have been published, we just feel like they’re just onerous, nonrealistic, and if the people feel the same way and the Premier is hearing it, I’m sure that he will make sure that he makes the adjustments that are necessary,” Fraser said.

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  1. Nope says:

    Don’t falter VIP and if you do be wise .

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    • Let’s says:

      Let’s be a bit real and look at the real problem. You have been kept in a bubble because you have no healthcare. You have no medical personnel that can deal with Covid. You have none of the treatments available worldwide. Recovery rates of those hospitalized world wide in developed countries is over 90%. So the real issue is why hasn’t the government brought in real healthcare workers and the necessary treatment. Instead palm trees were planted and stupid projects started. If you had real healthcare than there would be no issue in reopening. Your politicians suck now, in the past and this will continue into the future. Drop your racist crap and allow some white people to help you out. Slavery is long gone and only exists in your demented minds.

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      • Looks says:

        Looks like BVINews is playing around with the thumbs up and down buttons. Stop supporting this misguided government

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        • Local says:

          @look i hope when the premier bend to you all and things go south dont say it Fahie fault remember you reap what you sow.We need to learn the hard way.

  2. Pandora's Box says:

    Brother, sad to say but VIP done trip, fallen, tumbled, bang their head, rolled, and crashing down the hill long time already. They are way past ‘faltering’, and to the detriment of most of us here in the BVI!

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    • Umm says:

      I would not say VIP you know I would say the one man. Its not the entore VIP agreeing to all those decisions but it look like the other members are afraid to speak up.

  3. Oh oh says:

    Not good

  4. Mr.Gage says:

    People, strict protocols have to be set in place and adhered to do you all see what’s still happening in Europe and the U.S where majority of these tourist are coming from the second wave started in Europe so France and Germany starting to lock down again don’t even mention England or those idiots in the States so far Tola has been lucky but do we really want to push it?

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    • concerned says:

      Each of the countries you mention provides unemployment benefit, and stimulus. (And they actually give people significant checks…)

      If you restrict people from having a way to support themselves, it is a governments duty to support them.

      Or allow them to operate.

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    • @MR. GAGE says:

      Stop with the F**KRY! Every year the flu kills millions world-wide. How many people does the flu kill annually in the Caribbean? We all get the bad flu every year and we deal with it. Unfortunately some people die, that is life! People died before COVID, what is with this fear mongering as if COVID is a death sentence? The irony is that Dengue is FAR WORST than COVID and we have had over 100 cases of dengue here in weeks, but only 70 cases of COVID in 9 months. Nobody is saying to be careless and just let everyone do as they please. Everybody in the BVI wants the BVI to reopen safely but what the Government has put forward is nonsensical and lacks the level of details required for anyone who even thinks about coming despite the protocols, to plan a trip. If you are in the US now and want to come to the BVI for 2 months despite the protocols, where do you go for information? Answer that! This Government has NO PLAN, NO VISION, NO F**KNG IDEA what they are doing and just like fearful sheep you all follow them with the bulls**t!

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      • Mmmmmm says:

        You sound like that silly girl with mental health concerns who is always on line seeking attention. We let’s expose all of you family members to covid and we will have a conversation after that.

    • Idiot in the States says:

      Mr. Cage,

      So this is “BVILove?”

      Your proposed protocols don’t make sense on any level.

      There are ways to practically reduce risk, but the BVI plan is extreme overreach.

      You are the victim of your own fear. God help those who will struggle greatly as a result of this gross mismanagement.

      I’ve taken my thousands of US dollars and booked elsewhere in the Caribbean.

      I WILL remember your sentiments.

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    • THINK! says:

      I agree. As I read the comments I see everything except another solution. even the opposition has not put forth a plan of action. Today Martinique reported 700 yes 700 new cases. Bahamas back on curfew.

  5. Ausar says:

    So “Mr. Gage”, do you have a plan to put monies in the hands of those of us, who are CRITICALLY DEPENDANT, on the tourism industry?

    It’s obvious that you work for the administration, is a pensioner, a current government worker, or one of the billionnaires living among us!

    Protocols, currently established, ensures that many of us who are dependent on tourism, will lose our livelihoods, EVERYTHING THAT WE OWN, and perhaps face bankruptcy!

    This is truly a BLOW, to our economic survival here!

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    • @Ausar says:

      Go take a f***ing seat! You were one on here cheerleading this administration with their bulls**t and now because this round of BS affects you directly you are speaking out? Go have a seat!

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      • Ausar says:

        I still support the government,”@Ausar”!

        THAT will not change, because of these current protocols!

        However, in this instance, I think the recent protocols are a bit heavy handed.

        And I have a right to speak out on issues, that I feel are not right, and praise them on those that I feel are right!

        Suck it up,”@Ausar”, if you have a problem with Ausars views!

        SUCK IT UP!

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        • @Ausar says:

          Typical selfish b***h! Everybody else was ridiculed for speaking out because they have seen their livelihoods and businesses disappear but now that it affects you we should all join the cry. Don’t worry, something brewing for VIP and will be served sooner than they think.

  6. Merv says:

    It will be wise for the opposition to not politic during this pandemic. That will backfire. I get it that everyone will not be happy but the safety of the BVI citizens must be first and foremost. Don’t you guys think the Premier and his government understand what’s at stake? Do you want them to just throw the doors open and you guys will be the same ones to say the government’s ease caused a rise in cases.

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      Opposition is playing it right. They are keeping the Government on their toes as they should I am independent voter who voted majority 4 out of 5 VIP last time around. Started off well but since the covid we have seen their true colors.

      From the 7% stamp duty, to their insular anti-expat policies, over-regulation of businesses with a pending recession, spend without priority, their unprepared protocols refusing to listen to the input of the stakeholders, draconian measures like 24 hr lockdown, handling of the one covid casualty. I could go on and on.

      I am all for protesting! This is definitely something I would support.

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  7. Ning says:

    What Mr. Gage is saying is hold your breath for 5 minutes and all will have cleared and the world a safer place for us to work. What Mr Gage doesn’t give a damn about is most of us are already at the 3 minute mark and know that very few of us will ever get to that 5 minute mark holding out hope.

    All while he watches from his well paid castle on the hill must likely getting that money from the very people he/she is currently chastising!

    They say it’s better to be broke than die from Covid … but I’m certain both are painful ways to go! One a little more agonizing than the other

  8. ndp heckler says:

    The action man is missing in action again but he was up the ghut for the vip held groundbreaking

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  9. MK says:

    Mr. Gage WE are not Europe or the USA Most of these countries are bad because the people don’t pay attention to the protocols, I am not saying that tourist will pay attention to them while they are in the BVI but most of our tourist business is on the water one of the best places to keep people in check.

    Bare boaters love sailing, they love swimming, they love a few drinks, and they don’t mind throwing something on the Grill.

    If we turn away this business now it will be a long time before we get it back if we do. The hotel business never picked up that much after 2017 hurricane, but the yachting picked up almost right away.

    Stop playing with our lives, Stop paying out over $16, 00.00 per month to someone who only thinks of himself.
    Find a way to get the yachting business going the sooner the better it will be for the BVI, You are not showing any BVI LOVE

  10. Pat says:

    Civil disobedience is mr Penn serious? He sick man

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  11. stop playing politics says:

    if the power was with the people the the Government should try LISTENING to the people.

    PEOPLE want and need an opportunity to make a living.

    So to the politicians : voting time is not the only time to fight a battle. Sitting back and doing nothing at a time like this is a crime.

  12. PT9 says:

    We do nee to protest against the government, They work for the people we put you there so we should be herd.

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  13. MK says:

    Let us get the protest going ASAP

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  14. Irresponsible says:

    This Opposition reckless and irresponsible. Let BVI have an outbreak and more deaths you’ll hear a different press conference. Ever man for themself.

    There is no manual right now boys – people need money but the people also afraid of an outbreak.

    Let’s be responsible with what we do and say. Stop playing politics.

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    • @Irresponsible says:

      What outbreak and deaths are you talking about? The VIP had 9 months to beef up our medical facilities before reopening. The UK has offered so much help and all they have done is fight with the Governor. Now we have 20 + Cuban doctors who can’t speak English and what? What are they doing? I thought they were brought in to ready the BVI for reopening. Do you know of anybody that got COVID and just dropped down dead? Many of the people that died from COVID would die from the bad influenza that we deal with annually, especially between now and March which is peak season. It seems nobody dies of anything else anymore. We are losing locals to diabetes, cancers etc. and nobody says shit but we should all run and hide from COVID that has killed 1 million people in the WHOLE WORLD of 7 BILLION people, in 9 months! Really?

      • Villa rentals says:

        PLEASE. Leave this crazy dog feaver dream stuff to the USA. We are better than this. let’s use science to open the country. If science says wait…please wait. The alternative we all get sick (fast spreading virus that is 5X more infective that other virus).

  15. Yawn says:

    Lol no “protest” has ever made any impact in the BVI. Just a waste of time but it’s good for exercise and a sun tan though.

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  16. Taxpayer says:

    All taxi men there as expected

  17. All about Govt Revenue says:

    This plan is obviously all about getting or increasing government revenew using covid as an excuse…..No regards for businesses…

    • Anonymous says:

      Stupid comment. Government would gain more with fully opened borders without the requirements. A fraction of the usual tourist paying these extra fees does not make up for all the losses.

  18. Stop complaining says:

    Attn: BVI people

    Rise up already and peacefully protest. Only then will the world take notice & force the Premier to get real

    Complaining is not enough. It is your country not the Premier.

    BVI Strong!!

  19. Expat@17 says:

    Time to vote out VIP, none of them good, I can’t wait for NDP to be in power.

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