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Opposition denounces Premier’s alleged actions, urges gov’t to follow suit

From left: Opposition legislators Julian Fraser of Progressives United, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn of the NDP, and Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement.

Members of the parliamentary Opposition today denounced the alleged actions that led to Premier Andrew Fahie’s arrest late last week for drug trafficking and money laundering.

They also urged that members of the government come out to denounce his actions as well.

“The Premier’s detainment in the United States and the subsequent release of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report have brought undesired global attention to what is the most challenging period in our territory’s history,” Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said in a statement at the House of Assembly’s office today.

Penn’s statement was fully endorsed by fellow Opposition members Julian Fraser, Mark Vanterpool and Melvin Turnbull, who also called for unity from residents in condemning the actions allegedly committed by the Premier and those around him.

Penn said Opposition members had discussed as early as last Friday, the government’s immediate disassociation from Premier Fahie’s actions.

Acting Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has since announced that efforts are being made to seek Premier Fahie’s resignation and to have Dr Wheatley appointed as substantive Premier in Fahie’s place.

But Premier Fahie’s alleged crimes have not been denounced in any way thus far by the remaining members of the government.

Penn encouraged Dr Wheatley to prioritise the interests of the territory and to move swiftly to ensure the people of the BVI’s interests are met by denouncing Fahie’s alleged actions.

“We, the members of the Opposition, strongly condemn the actions of Premier Fahie and MD [of the Ports Authority] Maynard (Fahie’s co-accused) and similarly denounce the actions of any public official that knowingly and willfully disregarded the responsibilities with which they have been entrusted and oaths of office which they took,” Penn said.

Fahie should resign, actions were reprehensible

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader also urged Premier Fahie to resign out of respect for the people of the BVI. He said this should be done in recognition of the need for the territory to move forward.

Penn argued that the majority of the people of the Virgin Islands are people of integrity and respect the laws of the territory. 

“These reprehensible actions by a distinct minority are in no way representative of the views and actions of the people of the Virgin Islands,” Penn added.

He continued: “We therefore call on any public official that knows that they may have violated the public trust to voluntarily demit office out of respect for the people of the Virgin Islands.”

Penn said violators of the public trust do not enjoy their individual or collective support and stated that the aim of Opposition members now is to support actions which will ensure good governance and move swiftly to restore public confidence.


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  1. BuzzBvi says:

    Ah. A new position statement. Of course none of you know anything or are part of anything xfir you own selves. We all need to move on from past BVI Ministers and politicians. But who next. Not the new pretenders constantly playing race cards and anti colonial rhetoric. We need to skip a generation.

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    • Fahie’s Airport Authority and Ports Authority Deceptive Appointments says:

      What a tangled web you weaved when first you practiced to deceive

      BVI Airport Authority and Ports Authority Affiliations with Fahie

      BVI Airport Authority

      – Chair and Fahie are besties
      – Deputy Chair – Fahie’s cousin and strong party supporter

      – One of the Members is another of Fahie’s cousins and strong campaign party supporter
      – Chair of Ports Authority is a Member and strong party supporter
      – Two Members are Husband and Wife

      BVI Ports Authority

      – Chair – strong party campaign supporter
      – Deputy Chair (R.S.) – Airport Authority Chair’s sister

      – One of the Members is Chair’s daughter-in-law and strong campaign party supporter
      – Airport Authority Chair and Fahie’s bestie sits on Board

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Fahies puppets control the two main places where drugs can enter the country. But according to Wheatley and his crew, no action needs to be taken. Btw , you forgot the Social Security board, the giant piggy bank controlled by the same crew.

    • Dylan says:

      It’s all over now baby blue.

    • Angry mob with pitchforks says:

      Boyyyy, they were mad and foaming at the mouth at their meeting by Althea Scatliffe today. Well mah boy if you want to rile them up all you have to do is mention the UK and all of them are instantly filled with HATE & RAGE…but, the hate and rage is not directed at the person who caused all this- AF . Nobody is calling him out or blaming him, so I guess he’s a lil saint and a choir boy who did no wrong. The man was caught on camera and still his followers refuse to hold HIM accountable SMH

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    • Jim says:

      Drop the mask. The rest of the world has…

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    • Frank S says:

      The rat pack don’t want to be thrown out of the chicken coop.

  2. Excuse Me says:

    So is this double talk or what? What is this about? Is this statement just testing the waters? Are these guys going to support the recommendations of the COI Report or not? Why beat around the bush, except they to are being deceptive???

    Super disappointed in all of our elected officials. None of them are honorable. All of them are playing some sort of game while the citizens are reeling in shock and looking for clear headed leaders. Only clear headed leader is the Governor, John Rankin.

    This entire crew of HOA members are huge disappointments.

    Never again will I vote for any one of them. And where are those who went to Florida with Head Coach and Rose??? Hmmm are they still up there enjoying our tax money, pushing on not even embarrassed?? Why have they had NO COMMENT? This entire thing is sickening beyond belief.

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  3. Political Intelligence says:

    Each and every single member who failed to register their interest should not be allowed to run for political office again. MOST of you have blatantly disrespected and disregarded the register of interest act.

    The registering of interest is a requirement under the Virgin Islands Constitution and statue law for members of the House of Assembly.

    UK take over it is.

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  4. We Either Stupid, Ignorant or Naive. says:

    Sowande is not the man to lead this initiative, he is hot headed excessively passionate, power hungry, not a good personality….Carvin is the right man to lead these discussion, Calm, well spoken, a good listener, excellent demeanour.perfect personality. Sowande is still reluctant to meet with the opposition or want to dictate to them his terms…This ain going to work…I see a clash between Mitch, Marlon and Sowande, they are to embarrass us before the lady….What another big mistake we making..

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    • To we either stupid says:

      “Calm and well spoken” Well you definitely are stupid if you think stuffed chicken is the best person LOL all he does is post crap on his Facebook page. Let him sit his f@+ a$$ down by the beach and eat popcorn

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    • Crazy Joe says:

      I spoke with a former high government official.

      “Carvin is slow “ she said.

      But probably the only half decent one of the rat pack that rule us

  5. Where Mark? says:

    Less Hon. Vanterpool not in the picture? I heard he left the island in a hurry? Wonder why?

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    • Licker and Sticker says:

      Nah. Markie Mark was seen in the protest. This man is like Harvey two face. Like all of them, including these three. I don’t care to hear from any of them. Clean slate, new elections

  6. Serious business says:

    I do not believe that the Territory is ready for anyone whose agenda is gambling, marijuana and drag racing over the needs of our children. Wheel and come again.?

    At least the Opposition has the common sense to denounce Foy’s actions, and but imo, neither parties are ready.

    Very sorry, we have gone too far, and the UK is our best bet to straighten out this mess, not the same bunches of recycled guys.

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    • Rated says:

      DISSOLVE THE HOUSE!!! These people going March does not speak for me. They are the cronies of the crooked politicians. They don’t want lose them job. Let them go look work like everybody else. Them too corrupt.

  7. Me says:

    Look how the UK gave them a narrative and they run with it. Suppose Fahie is found not guilty? Suppose this is all about creating an environment of emotional support for their colonial plan. You all knew so much about Bill Gates and his alleged plot but can’t clearly see what the UK did here to you.

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      • Good Job Gov. Jaspert says:

        You throw a net and reeled in two big fishes. @Yeah, while this appears to be true to the word, AF and OM could NOT have been caught if they possessed INTEGRITY, DECENCY and LOVE for COUNTRY. Obviously, Governor Jaspert did his homework very well, hence his bold statement made back then, which was a blaring warning in itself. As a matter of fact, the investigation likely began long before then hence UK’s offer to help with border security.

        Further, if this investigation ever had roots here in terms of local security, it would have been blown right out of the water. That is why the UK allegedly engaged the US help. As part of their investigation, the UK offered help with border security and the crooked bunch refused. Instead of accepting the “FREE” help, they put a barge out there that had a huge price tag attached for the Territory. That was the first sign for the people of the BVI to examine for themselves that our local guys were into something big. By all means necessary, AF and crew ensured that their players were positioned to facilitate the business. The entire Government agreed with this nonsensical move. Now we all now why. It is obvious that for one to move such large quantities of drug through the Territory, he or she must have the assistance of people in authority. But as the saying goes, what is done in the dark, will be revealed in the light.

        What is laughable, is that this is a page taken straight out of the Turks and Caicos’ playbook, down to the $20,000. While Norman Saunders received an initial amount of $30,000, he too received a payment of $20,000.

        Just as “the DEA had kept the British government informed throughout the investigation” in Turks and Caicos, it can be reasonably presumed that they also kept them informed in this case as well.

        Now they out there want people to join them with marching with their nonsense. They never organized a march when persons were KILLED, including a child at the hands of thugs. They never organized a march to detest our children having to go to school half day since 2017, in such deplorable conditions, but they organizing march now to keep their hands on the cookie jar and ill gains. Britain, please come clean up your overseas Territory. It is reek of drugs long time now.

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        • To good job gus says:

          Love your comment. I have a feeling he had some sort of dealing with that k¡ll¡ng and only God can tell me otherwise

      • Gz says:

        Thank you Gus!!! Let these plagues and curse leave our islands. Let them be lawfully punished. Those in authority abusing their power.

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  8. Andrew Fahie says:

    There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger.
    With the unbounding determination of our people we will gain the inevitable victory.

    • Justine says:

      AF is an alleged traitor. He destroyed our country.

      • Not alone says:

        AF did not single handeldy destroy the BVIs. It took decades of mismanagement, and plenty of eleceted politicians. And, in a small place like the BVIs, it is just not credible to excuse oneself by pleading ignorance. Many participated and probably just as many turned a blind eye waiting for their turn at the trough.

  9. Migoman says:

    Opposition is calling for Fahies voluntary resignation. Uh…Mr. Fahie might be a little bit too busy right now to give a SH*T about vips stance

  10. miami vice says:

    I applaud the opposition’s postion but it may be too late. Thanks to Premier Fahie and his accomplices its going to a UK Government intervention. Those who still support Fahie need to be very careful. I think the Authorities have a lot information that is not public. Anyone appointed by Fahie in a Government position or otherwise should be immediately replaced.

  11. Lucifer says:

    Well – BVI maybe lost anyways – no cruise ships now will want to come here and other businesses will leave. BVI will be on a blacklist now.

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  12. Who is the says:

    Lebanese group??

  13. Good day Hon Milling. I need one favour pls says:

    Can you please plead with the American authorities to have our X Premier Andrew Fahie serve his time in a Britain prison. Pls. He will not survive in an American prison. I am not asking you to ignore his wrongs but consider his many years of good service…U can also ask for Ms Maynard also to serve her time in Britain. Show some compassion. We still love them and want the best for them. Thks in advance.

    Signed. The xpat they hate.

    • lol says:

      not unless they sing like thrushy.

    • Jane says:

      Premier Fahie went before the COI and tried to justify the bad treatment meted out to expats in the BVI, by saying that the UK does the same thing to Caribbean people; has failed to pay reparations for slavery; Windrush deportations; racism etc.

      What had all of that to do good governance and fair treatment of expats in the BVI?

      Complete denial of responsibility.

  14. New normal says:

    The old corrupt system of appointments and money distribution to relatives, high school friends, business buddies, assorted cronies, girlfriends, etc. through elected crooks is gone. All that remains is the once entitled few scrambling like headless chickens now to pick up the crumbs before the UK saviours arrive in the BVI this week. Just like Fahie went silent last Thurs. so will the HOA, VIP, NDP, various boards, etc. and the new normal will be the daily bulletins announcing the names of those indicted for criminal theft, corruption, breach of trust, etc. etc.

  15. its says:

    They got ppl on the ground.They find the Congo and his gang yet?I hear some shipping company boats doing circles in the Atlantic lol. ppl house wall full of money… weres the cash dog’s.

  16. BASIC says:

    You don’t allow a person to drive a car if he does not know how to a drive a car.

    These people do not know how to run a government.

    Still you don’t want someone (UK) to run it for you.

  17. Wow says:


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  18. Best says:


  19. Licker and Sticker says:

    These guys are just power grabbers. I don’t want to see any of these “loyal to the UK” opposition members. They ain’t loyal to us. How come they never said they would ask to joint with the same crooked VIP. Nah I don’t care to see none of these ppl. Call for new elections

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