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Opposition needs funds and new office


Opposition Leader Ronnie Skelton has stated that more resources are needed for the opposing members to effectively perform their duties in the House of Assembly.

“We need resources to do our job better. We need legal opinions, we need funding. We will be trying to negotiate some of that with the Premier in order for us to do our job the best way we know how,” Skelton said during the first sitting of the House of Assembly last week. “Trust me, it’s not going to be $400 million. It’s going to be a small, insignificant portion in order for us to get our job done properly.”

Skelton didn’t stop there. He also called for an office to be established for the Leader of the Opposition and other members of the opposing side.

“If it’s something we must do on our way out from this Fifth House of Assembly, we will try to set that up,” Skelton said.

Skelton, who is performing his fifth stint as an elected leader, is already showing signs that he will lead a tough and formidable Opposition throughout the legislative term.

Already, Opposition members have implemented a shadow cabinet to scrutinise the policies and actions of the government, as well as to offer alternative policies.

A media release from the Opposition said they implemented this shadow ministerial system “in consideration of the wishes of the people of the Virgin Islands”.


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  1. East side says:

    Ronnie you guys have to raise your own funds the government and taxs payers have nothing to do with your party in need of funds

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  2. Ndp support says:

    Hope his request is not another $7.2 million either, we know what happened the last time Ronnie was in power

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  3. Lol says:

    So the government have to fund you for you to have power to fight them. What money do you need to perform your duty. I hope if the government do gives you a funding you don’t use to for the benefits of your friends and then say it’s the opposition that helps them.

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  4. Hunter says:

    I’m not in the least impressed by Ronnie Skelton.

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  5. Hmm says:

    What about their offices in the House of Assembly.

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  6. IS THIS GUY 4 REAL ? says:


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  7. Squander says:

    more money for unnecessary expenses of the impotent opposition? Sorry NO.

    1) Money – All 6 HOA opposition members have a handsome salary so use it to keep the VIP honest.

    2) Office space – All 6 already have an office.

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  8. 1EYE says:


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  9. BULL says:

    What bull s…t. What kind of shadow is this?? You mean all these years gov and opposition have been existing, you now want to tell us you as a shadow, gov must provide new office for their shadow? What the hell are we coming to??

    Ronnie, what job do you all in the shadow have to perform and why should Gov fund it? what are you guys trying to prove? is this the consensus of the entire opposition or only your idea? Is this a sign of your opposition already stalling and you going to come to the people later to say you all could not perform because you don’t have new office?

    Mr All for self, why don’t you donate one of your luxurious space in Fish bay to the Gov as for office for the opposition from now till thy kingdom come? Then we will believe you that you have country before self. Remember I said, donate a space not lease. Whether you are opposition now or whoever in the future it would be a 99 years donation.

    Come on Mr. Opposition leader let us see your worth and if your action can speak for you since you are listening to the people. Now here is the people speaking.

    The next post I should see about you is that the Opposition Leader, Hon Ronnie Skelton has offered to donate office space to Gov for 99 years as office for the opposition now until thy kingdom come. Please put your money where your mouth is. Bam, Bam, Bam!!! The people speaking.

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  10. SMH says:

    Power structure! Just want to control by setting up an alternative form of running the country. Ain’t everyone so naive and blind to these tactics. Setting up to overturn Government. Deal with the Issues at hand instead of trying to be more important than you are.

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  11. Hmm says:

    So without funding you cannot perform you duties as opposition? Anyway I thought everyone with a seat is getting a salary/payment.

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  12. @east side says:

    Just so you do not lapse those who chose to vote did and our government is made up of 13 members. You already sound divisive and a far cry from what our territory needs UNITY. The opposition needs offices to receive people too or are they less counted? Or more so will be victimized? Many await this answer.

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  13. so... says:

    The opposition members don’t have no office currently or he sayn they want new ones?

  14. OMG says:

    I know thats all he wants, money and power, he is a waste of nine months, I really wonder how he got anyone votes, it’s a shame

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  15. Outrageous says:

    Ronnie you and those losers are in the opposition. You are not the government. You all lucky to get in. Please relax you self. The hoa already have office for all you. Stop trying to pimp the premier. All you acting like cry cry baby big man. Stacy is the only one suffering over there with you losers. Just relax.

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  16. [Beast Mode] On says:

    Did y’all hear the words – HRH LOYAL Opposition? Why shouldn’t they have offices to conduct their government business? Access to legal opinions so that they are well informed before going to the HOA to debate is needed for the opposition. Should they find these out of their salaries and or personal funds? Gtfoh if you think they should. As for all the noise regarding the ‘shadow ministries’; the past four years plus have shown us that we have inept, cowboy leaders mismanaging our affairs. Time for an organized approach to hold the ? accountable. What are you government supporters afraid of scrutiny and accountability for?

    The Hon. Skelton is absolutely rite and well within the context of transparency and accountability that is desperately needed moving forward! If this is not supported then we can safely assume that government is not working in a bipartisan mode!

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  17. question says:

    big man,
    show me what you did when in power i your ministries. how much concrete you bill for hospital? take it from there.

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  18. @Bull says:

    So because they’re in the opposition you don’t think they have work to do? Just sit there and go to the HOA when called? Thank you for advising us that the government victimizes the opposition. We will fix that next time around. None of you.. except Mather, perhaps Marlon, if Ronnie coming back, 2 who lost, seems like Mitch hard to beat and 4 others. We thank you. No more splitting going on in here. Lorna spoil the thing and so all thinking independents join up because it won’t make sense run.

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  19. Blind man says:

    Ronnie what funds you talk about all of a sudden you and this opposition so special from the others that have been before you and you mean to tell me Frazer there for donkey years and never needed fund’s but as might Ronnie come there’s a need listen Ronnie you are not the government you all don’t need a damn thing if we give you funds then we have two government a things to talk your job is to make sure the government is transparent not compete against them. Sit back Ronnie VIP got everything on control we got Lorna.

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  20. Effective government says:

    The Opposition needs to be funded in order to do their job. It’s called checks and balances for a reason.

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  21. Opposition deserves an Office says:

    We are no longer some little VIP vs NDP ‘who can steal the most from the people’ backwater. It’s time to stop behaving like we are. We FINALLY have a REAL coalition opposition and they need a functioning office. It’s what Virgin islanders deserve.
    It’s what we voted for.

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  22. @outrageous says:

    You do recognize that had Lorna not switched to the corner this would have been different and there would not have been a second term accidental Premier. Cool out

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  23. GTFOH says:

    One thing with these politicians they only see what’s necessary when they on the outside looking in. Imagine if Lorna didn’t make the switch, would Ronnie be requesting this for Sowande?

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  24. Their Greedy ways.. says:

    This is all about their thirst and hunger for money and power…

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  25. Concern says:

    So his first act as leader of the opposition is to make demands for funding and office space? So imagine what his requests would have been if he was Premier – it is all about image and power for him. How many oppositions before you were able to do their job with funding an additional office space. Please go siddung.

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  26. Stop Playing says:

    Ronnie please get to work for the people and stop the assishness. You never heard the saying don’t ask what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country. I am so glad you are not the leader. I am so unimpressed.

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  27. smh says:

    Do some FUND RAISERS…. Don’t stick out your hand to the broke gvernment!

  28. WELSAH says:

    The Opposition duty is to mimic like a Government of the day!

  29. @squander says:

    What handsome salary? These people leave their previous jobs and are making less than half of their previous salary . Hell I make more than them and I struggle to pay my bills every month. When I was able to witness theses people salary I said to myself hell to the no, for all that harassment that is what those people are paid. I yousto think they make money to but I was sadly mistaken.

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  30. @question says:

    Why are you so negative, if you are a public officer you would know that when he was the Minister of Finance us public officers received our increments on time, and if you work in the Bvi and think he hasn’t made any contribution to the country, trow away the $10,000 dollars you get every year tax free as well because that was also his initiative. When yall stop to dig dirt on people share all the findings and not just what you think will make someone ook bad.

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  31. CSC says:

    Well I guess him and CSC are related after all

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