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Orders flowing in as Pfizer’s COVID vaccine passes final stage

Just a week after reporting that preliminary analyses of its COVID vaccine were 90 percent effective, American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer reported this week that the vaccine has been proven to be 95 per cent effective after passing through the final testing stage.

As BVI News reported a week ago, Pfizer developed the vaccine with German partner, BioNTech.

Yesterday, Pfizer said the latest test results show its vaccine is 95 percent effective and protects older people most at risk of dying. Pfizer said the vaccine was more than 94 percent effective in people older than 65.

With the new test results, Pfizer has all it needs to seek emergency use of the vaccine from US regulators. At the same time, orders are flowing in from Canada, Australia and the UK.

Pfizer’s vaccine has been tested on 43,500 people across six countries (US, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, and Argentina) and no safety concerns have been raised.

After announcing that its vaccine had passed the final stage, Pfizer stock market shares rose 2.7 percent in premarket trading.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s rival Moderna on Monday released promising results for its own vaccine, adding that it, too, expects to apply for emergency authorization in the US soon.

Both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are based on messenger RNA, a new type of vaccine technology that is able to be deployed very quickly. 

It essentially transforms the body’s cells into tiny vaccine making machines. The vaccines instruct cells to make copies of the coronavirus spike protein, stimulating the production of protective antibodies.


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  1. never says:

    all the bvi covid patients need is hot soup bush tea and a good old fashion sea soak and we are cured leave them with their vaccine which im sure have tons of side effects

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  2. Race says:

    Let the whites take the vaccines.the blacks will continue to surviving off bush teas sea water and other natrual herbs

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    • yes says:

      Thats the reason covid-19 kills twice as many blacks than whites, ignorance of science

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      • @ yes says:

        That response is not founded on truth nor facts.

        For example,Blacks are nine out of ten times more likely not to have access to medical insurance.

        Blacks are nine times out if ten will be treated differently based on racial biases and prejudices.

        Blacks are nine out of ten are routinely left in emergency hall ways to die.

        Blacks nine out of ten are routinely given substandard care, from births to deaths, hastening their deaths.

        Hence, the reason covid-19 kills twice as many blacks than whites is not due to ignorance of science, but to human personal prejudices built into and practised withing the medical structure and persona. To deny these facts is to deny life itself exist.

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        • @@yes says:

          Your comments are totally absurd. Please show documentation that what you say is true. It appears that it’s only true in your small racist uneducated mind. Stop spewing your lies. The Black man has every opportunity anyone else has. The fact is it’s just wasted as their values are different. Education is at the very bottom of a Black mans priority. Look at your school system. Your children finish high school and can barely read, write and do simple math. Get your facts straight!!

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          • @@yes says:

            Which one of those facts presented is absurd and not truthful?

            If any of them is not true, the following is also not true:

            The fact is in the USA, UK and EU, fact: the Black Race was not even seen as full human beings; they were considered 3/5 human and 2/5 chattel property.

            You of course would say that is not true, or you are pronanly rejoicing in such a fact.

          • Anonymous says:

            Some facts were sent per your request, unfortunately, they were not published.

            Hence again, anything posted can be found and verified on line through reputable search engines.

            Here is another pertinent fact/truth that those other points came out of: fact, Black people were not seen as full human beings; they were considered 3/5 human and 2/5 chattel property. And, that is how they were treated and lived until about 1975-1980.

            Last, you appear one to be of violence and intimidation. What terrorist hate group do you belong?.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Blacks are nine out of ten times more likely ”
          There’s no such statistic. It makes no sense.

    • Reply@race says:

      Idiot is the white giving y’all tourism money and ayo f**king ungrateful
      Ppl like you with wicked mind causing black ppl to die of COVID
      Don’t wish bad for others

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      • @reply &yes says:

        Two dum a$$es, with a yes master we sick coon mentality. You believe everything your lover caucasian tells you. Yes so called black people are dying but remember how it got the the Caribbean, it was all imported, brought in by who? What is the ingredient in the vaccine do you know? Have you ever listened to the medicine ads on TV, and hear how much side effects the have its almost not worth taking it. Go run and bend over to take your double chook them tell us how it works

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    • Lol says:

      How’s that working out?

      It’s no cure for sickle cell, diabetes, or HIV. But drink up…

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  3. Mick Mars says:

    Ayo read the fine print of what these vaccines does do, before ayo start mass ordering? Read up on Recombinant DNA and decide if you want to have your body altered in such a manner before you start gobbling pills so you can go fete and freak, thinking this thing going turn into the common flu with these “breakthroughs”.

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  4. FEO Gomez says:

    They said SOUTH AFRICA where the population that matters most is still white. All theses countries appear to heavily favor THE CLEARS that’s their problem. Oh yea I understand people with 0+ blood is LEAST likely to contract COVID and if it happens they recover very quickly. Who is predominantly 0+? I’ll wait.

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  5. Population Control says:

    Be mindfull, be watchfull.We need public answers for this.Tell us the truth about vacines.DONT LIE TO ME.Why in a live interview this year, the master minder behind the vacines (Bill Gates)said ” If we introduce enough vacines starting by 2021,we would be able to cut down the worlds population by a great percentage, by the time we reach 2030.
    The MHRA is expecting a high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs).

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  6. Ausar says:

    This is fabulous news!

    Again, while this is not a true panacea for all of the world’s ills, in the case of Covid, this can go very far in the anticipation of a treatment and cure.

    As for the people of this region in it’s taking, it’s not for me to say.

    But I do know the world is searching for a cure. And these vaccines present a current, if not a permament one!

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  7. Blaze says:

    Please get a grip on reality

  8. islandguy says:

    I guess it just depends on how badly anyone wants their life back. I’ve thought a lot about it and decided that if I can ditch the mask and go where I want, when I want, its worth it. The sooner the BVIs has herd immunity the sooner everyone’s life goes back to normal. Not sure what race has to do with it.

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