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Boat owner hires exotic dancers for Poker Run

“We’re going to have some girls and make it fun. Not in a bad way, just to liven it up” — Organiser (Google image)

Exotic dancers are booked to entertain patrons who travel on one of the vessels participating at this year’s staging of the annual Poker Run.

Owner of the Road Town Fast Ferry, Bobby Hodge told BVI News yesterday (May 17) that the dancers will be exclusive to his company.

According to Hodge, the added entertainment is his company’s response to requests for more entertainment during the nautical event.

“Our whole thing is we are going to have some girls and make it fun. Not in a bad way, just to liven it up. We are going to keep it clean,” he said.

He said some of the exotic dancers are employees at the local adult clubs on Tortola.

Patrons have options

Hodge said patrons aboard his ferry will have the option of whether they want that kind of entertainment.

“We are going to have two boats so obviously people who don’t want that could go on the other boat,” he said.

“We also have a different section for the kids so that they will be on one level and the adults will be on the lower level.”

He said his vessel will offer onboard children supervision services for parents who want to take part in the adult entertainment segment.

Positive response

In the meantime, the businessman said the local response to the dancers has been positive.

“Wherever I go everybody stopping me and asking me … ‘Is it true all you having some girls?’ Hodge said with a wholehearted laugh.

“Everybody been stressing for so many months so it’s fun for a few hours … it should be good. It’s not going to be anything overboard, because you know everybody got a camera but I think once we keep the kids out of it we are going to be alright.”

There will not be any additional fees to enter the lower deck where the adult entertainment will be.

The Poker Run

This year’s staging of the Poker Run is already being projected to be the biggest one yet. The event will be held on Sunday, May 27.

The run will officially start at 11am with the first stop being at Scrub Island.

The second stop will be at Foxy’s Bar and Restaurant on Jost Van Dyke, the third at Pirates Bight on Norman Island, and the fourth at the Tortola Pier Park.

The final leg of the race will be at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda.

Participants of the event travel the pre-designated routes and select a playing card at each stop until they complete the route at Leverick Bay Resort & Marina on Virgin Gorda.

In the end, participants holding the best poker hand are crowned Poker Run champions.

A large portion of the $250 entry fee will be donated to a charity on Virgin Gorda, organisers said.

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  1. No says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Hmm wow.

    • Enough says:

      Don’t stop at Pirates Bight ($18 for a spin killer) Support the Willy T

    • Stormy For Premier says:

      Let’s get Stormy Daniels to participate. We can ask her to run for Premier and then introduce her industry to the BVI. This could become the well needed solid “third leg” we’ve been looking for to complement tourism and finance.

  2. yolo says:

    lol this should be interesting. keep it clean he say lol.. alot of man going home to nothing after this

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. WOW says:

    Hold on a minute, would you mind watching my kid while I get a lap dance and a cheeky grope…thank you.

  5. Wait, wait... says:

    smh… exotic dancers … employees at the local adult clubs, different section for the kids, not going to be anything overboard…option of whether they want that kind of entertainment. WHAT! who approved this?

  6. The Truth says:


  7. My 2 cents says:

    No, No, and No. Who want that kind of entertainment let them find the club. Keep Poker Run out if aryo nastiness!!!! Aryo ain’t learning from Irma tall tall!!!!

  8. Confuse says:

    This cant b the same Bobby that dont wan the Club up CSY to b in his building!!!Soon i will hear u open ur own club!!!lol lol

  9. Hypocritical says:

    I find some BVI folk very hypocritical they’ll be out on a march opposing keeping financial secrecy and dirty money but not a march for morality? – I thought Tortola was a God fearing Island with respect for women?….wouldn’t surprise me if some of the pastors have already organised a private VIP section…..

    • To Hypocritical says:

      They march for what they want,but not for what they should. When crime was getting out of hand,we didn’t hear of anyone marching for peace in the BVI nor for any of the innocent victims. Society has lost all morals….they’re only interested in money and partying…check how many of them went crazy over the Willy T article the other day. But we must remember nothing last forever and evil will never triumph over good

    • Interesting says:

      Let’s play spot the pastors that go on this trip! Bet the —— has his — section booked already!

  10. BRAD BOYNES says:

    This is disgusting. Come on Bobby. This is all about mo ey and those brainless girls who gets exploited by those so-called adults clubs. Hope he get work permits for them because just showing up and working on his boat is illegal. Still disgusting.

  11. well, well well says:

    Yep, thats the law….. Hope he get work permits for them because just showing up and working on his boat is illegal. But we know the law doesn’t apply to everyone!

  12. Hmm says:

    Man, is rhere any for of entertainment in the bvi that doesnt seperate the family? Cant anytyhing be family oriented on the same scale as poker run?

  13. What Next Lord? says:

    BVI gone to the dogs! No wonder Mother Nature……..

  14. Exoctics anonymous says:

    Every single person who saying it disgusting probably some insecure females. Dont be scared your man going be there and you still won’t know.

    • Ok says:

      Now imagine one of your female family member doing it. Women should be treated like queens not sexual fantasies….yuck

  15. Jus saying says:

    Won’t they need to take the STCW course to work on a boat….

  16. bAY bOY says:


  17. A man says:

    Nice. I can take my kids, give the wife a day off, and get some! Truly nature’s little secrets are paradise.

  18. Fast ferry says:

    People takin things out of context

  19. Hugh Darley says:

    And the storyline continues. How many Ministers will be on that boat! How many”Soldiers of the Party”will take the entertainment cruise. Everyone should note who is on board and remember participants at the poles.

    God Bless the people of the BVI under this administration.

  20. islandgurl says:

    The BVI Survived two devastating hurricanes and this is all you can continue doing. How shameful!!! God is watching. He does not sleep. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  21. Anna Lingus says:

    Absolutely uncalled for. They should be ashamed for trying to profit as practically a w—– mongering p— and on the backs of those who worked hard to build this benefit event. Totally dis———–.

  22. IslandGrrl says:

    Keepin’ it Klassy, Poker Run!
    Wha? Bikini fashion show not enough? #MeToo

    • VG says:

      This is nothing to do with the actual organizers of the Poker run. This is a private company attempting to cash in on a charity event in such a tacky manner.
      Shame shame shame.

  23. Concern says:

    now this is mess up my child go now because of this crap

  24. Wait..What? says:

    I always had Bobby to be a pleasant, hard working fellow.. a bit reserved.. couldn’t put my finger on it.. kind of thing… now I get it…
    Well, all Marjorie got to do now is get a male stripper on the Bomber Charger….and its girls gone wild…

  25. Who don't hear does FEEL says:

    Y’all didn’t see what happen to the festival last year, you didn’t take heed that of the 3 CAT 5 hurricanes in September we were hit with 2, 1 of them devastating us so much…. y’all bah hear repent…?? But you packing on more sins with these sleezy pornographic dancing… judgement coming again…watch and pray…who don’t hear does feel again

    • Disgusted Virgin Islander says:

      Government had several prayer sessions after the hurricanes, and today we have repentance? Is it all for show? Why is this sinful stuff still allowed in the country? Are the churches being called to have a demonstration to stop this? Will God have to take everything away before we learn?

  26. Weed says:

    Legalize weed , free roaming strippers , fire coming for this place ..

  27. Enough says:

    Prostitues all over Road Town drive by the Sunday Morning Well in the evening and you will see them. The BVI continue to be a not so nice place.

  28. Continious says:

    This country from what we just been through needs Jesus , get back to God, not to go and get dancers , with another season as they said is about to begin, we need prayer xx Lord we are in trouble and only Jesus alone can help,,

  29. Warriors says:

    We need to pray against this hurricane season the 1 June at midday, bind up the spirit of destruction in Jesus name

  30. Woman says:

    I wonder what are the women’s organization or affairs comment on this? This is indeed showing how we lowly take women as an object for fun. Women-exotic dancers take this low reprersentation of themselves as a commmodity, while the patrons buy them. I think we should raise this women’s organization in Tortola should take a stand on this. Does BVI want to be known for this?

  31. Tola says:

    Some of you all need hush you all boring behind.

    • Smh says:

      These people are so annoying it’s a choice if this is your thing pay your money and have fun. If it’s not your type of event just don’t go and shut the hell up it’s just simple as that. We all are cut from different cloth. Everyone’s entertainment choices are simply different. Why can’t we respect other people choices. We are professing to be such a Christian community but who are the ones that are more wicked, full of hate and envy. These are the same ones tearing down their neighbors. Get over yourself and let people live!

  32. Hmm says:

    We shouldn’t even be having a Poker Run, muchless strippers. Aren’t there more important things to deal with, with Hurricane season upon us again, is this is how we prepare.. Poker Run slackness and Strippers.

  33. Roar says:

    Hard to believe that in 2018 women are this disrespected in the BVI. Even advertisements for events that get posted on the news sites have scantily clad, sexualized females. It’s very sad the level of disrespect.

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