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OT Minister Lord Goldsmith now in BVI

UK Overseas Territories Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith. (Photo credit: ©Hannah McKay/Reuters/Adobe Stock)

UK Minister with responsibility for Overseas Territories Minister, Lord Zac Goldsmith is now in the territory.

Lord Goldsmith reportedly arrived on Tuesday, January 31.

During his visit, Lord Goldsmith is expected to meet with Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley to discuss the Premier’s request for the United Kingdom to remove the reserved Order in Council that could potentially see Britain partially suspending the BVI’s constitution and taking over the territory for at least two years.

Premier Wheatley first made the request during his recent visit to the UK where Lord Goldsmith promised to revisit the subject during his official visit to the territory.

“For the Order in Council to be removed, that would certainly have to happen as a result of intervention by the Foreign Secretary who, of course, the Overseas Territories Minster reports to. Certainly, we’ve had a very good discussion with the Overseas Territories Minister. Our discussions have not yet concluded so certainly when he comes next week we intend to engage on that particular matter,” Premier Wheatley said following his return to the BVI several days ago.

While BVI News has not seen the itinerary for Lord Goldsmith’s, our news centre understands that he will also be meeting with other members of the House of Assembly.


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  1. Tiyad of them says:

    If you do not think that our country is under siege then think again. The place is full of UK officers trying to turn everyone into criminals to justify their own cause. The UK has endless problems that they can’t fix but trying to make us feel like we are failures.

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  2. Asking for myself says:

    Why are they hiding his schedule?

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  3. Who did this says:

    The Drew put this country under seige not Goldsmith not the UK

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Allow th e Peopke to decide.
    Order in Counvil at this time us a relief.
    The VI is sliding down hill.
    Help is desperately needed to ease the load
    There are no leaders with leadership skills.
    Respect for any and all is nonexistent,. B VI drjftj g with no paddle.

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  5. Obvious says:

    We have proven to be incapable and able with civility.
    Adversarial and confrontational.
    Spears ready and water boiling.

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  6. We need a news conference.. says:

    Thats all. Let him talk to the people and answer the questions, the concern..

  7. @ Tyed a them.. says:

    I too tired of corrupt politicians..

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  8. Anonymous says:

    The UK people with their deep seated prejudice towards us is real. They have began a new era of colonialisation against us.

    Though this has been occuring on the low for a while, four-five decades, it has now taken on a full upgrade. The assignment of another “young UK wolf” brings back memories of former ones.

    The issuing of vehicles to UK men and women who have arrived recently on our government expense is troubling, while most of our local high ranking officials do not have an such luxury, to mention just one.

    That is but a microcosmic example of what is to come, and some seem to be welcoming with great zeal.

    The re-col has and is gathering speed.

    Are we ever going to take our heads out of the sand?

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  9. Reason says:

    the OT Minister is here is to end all the speculation and confusion since the dual bombs of Fahie’s arrest and the release of the CoI report were dropped on the BVI 9 months ago. Fahie’s bomb exploded in Miami but the CoI bomb was partially defused by the fake ‘Unity’ government. However after 9 months there has been no noticeable ‘improvement’ in the BVI government so get ready for the Order in Council to be rigorously enforced this month.

  10. @ Anonymous says:

    Currently it is under seige by the infamous folks of the Caribbean that are “independent and selfgoverning” and rich in every natural resource .Yet they are hungry penniless and drowning at sea to touch down on this dry rock belonging to the same UK….a catastrophe made by the hateful actions if their greedy demonic leaders of their own race color ethnicity.
    They murder religiously and steal as a side hustle. Their victims are Black like you as they find themselves and anyone looking like themselves loathsome. We need a new prison or two and plenty holding cells for ther containment in the Vi.
    The UK people you talk about,this is their territory..REMINDER : You are Free as in free to leave legally and safely. You are no longer chained you just have an affinity for chains,expensive chains.

    Their presence here in their BVI is worth millions/billions more than your dryweather begging 2cent self.

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  11. Resident says:

    Lord Goldsmith,
    Please drop the hammer. Nothing will improve without at least 2 years direct rule. Don’t keep abdicating responsibility. Don’t let us become another Haiti.

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  12. Falsehoods says:

    So thinketh the typical stereotypical UK RACIST.

    More, where is the legal document that substantiate your reminder?

    There is no legal nor moral ownership to things stolen nor claimed by the result of war.

  13. @ ANONYMOUS says:

    you couldn’t have choosen a better name , because you you are anonymous to yourself and everyone else ( where U at ? ? ? we sure that rodeo dude can use a mule in his next act 😁

  14. Please Now says:

    Please Lord Goldsmith take over as these corrupt, unethical, lying politicians have ruined the BVI

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  15. The says:

    inferior minds got today.

  16. @@ ANONYMOUS says:

    You comment has shockingly and somberely remided us that we have been living a pandemic for the last four hundred plus years. Will your kind ever evolve a modicum of humanity?

  17. A Debt! says:

    Uk owes the local people of the territory a phsical and moral debt.

    They must realize that that debt is existing in the karmic realm.

    Hence, until those debts are paid in full, she the(UK) will continue to witness her decline.

    So to those who possess the ingratitude to tell us to leave and go some where, they are completely out of reality with so many related human issues.

    Example, where do we go after 500 years of buried family and roots here? Do you really consider us so an insignficant human body?

    On what moral, physical or human ground should we leave then @@Anonymous? And, how and who will address and resolve the multitude of issue that will be awoken as a result?

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  18. My Case says:

    Both UK Passport and US Passport along with visa access to more than half the countries in the World has allowed me a freedom that is immeasurable. Iam internationally educated traveled and invested. My gratitude to parents who recognized the freedom these instruments afforded I am free to refuse or to return or shelve these instruments of freedoms and marinate in misery while blowing gas about uowe me.
    In the BVI ,my freedom is restricted and encroached by the presence of
    a foreign and increased police presence. A large amount of unsolved murders. Disruptive Scooters with riders of unknown unrecognized parents and origins,possibility of person and home robberies.. This is reality and is more acute than in other places I call home. I lock up and cringe from these experiences routinely meted out to some by those who look like me and while referring to themselves lives themselves as my “brothers” and my “sisters”in a dem against us charade.
    The UK nor the UK parents children ,their toys,pets do not has never infringed on my privacy nor do I fear them.
    The UK and its people are not my proven enemies frenimies. To date we have mutually respected each other privacy and freedoms and desire to live in harmony in these VI.

  19. @reply says:

    And to what does your BVI owe its steady decline and certain obliteration?

  20. You says:

    Welcome to BVi. Hope you sort things out so we can
    live in peace with honest government.

  21. Who? says:

    Who is this tiny group that keeps spouting racist hatred against Britain on
    these blogs? You can tell it’s only a handful because they use the
    same style of writing and clearly have a very great hatred for
    people with less melanin than them. Seriously, guys.
    Give it a rest. You are a tiny minority here and your negativity
    and finger pointing makes us all look bad.
    Relax. Life is short but wonderful. We are not being colonised
    by anyone. We are not oppressed. We are not being controlled from outside. We are just getting help from others to deal with the bad actors that have been running this place into the swamp of
    drugs and corruption. That’s a good thing, right?

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