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Other states should learn from BVI’s education system — OECS boss

Dr Didacus Jules (Photo Credit: Barbados Today)

Member countries in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) are being encouraged to model the BVI’s education system, which has been receiving notable praise from some education officials in the region.

Among those officials that have recognized the territory for its educational accomplishments is Director General of the OECS, Dr Didacus Jules.

While congratulating the BVI for topping the OECS in the number of CXC passes for two consecutive years, Dr Jules said: “The approach taken by BVI needs to be studied by other member states.”

“After deciding to make CSEC their benchmark exam, they (the BVI) worked with CXC to train all their teachers so that they understood the CXC methodology and the required pedagogy. Every teacher was provided with a kit for each subject that (s)he was to teach – comprising study guide, syllabus, past papers – and all teachers were trained in the use of Notesmaster as an online learning platform. These and other measures including working closely with parents are the ingredients to their success,” Dr Jules said this week.

The British Virgin Islands topped the OECS by producing the most students to pass five or more CXC subjects in one sitting this year. The territory also earned this achievement after the 2017 CXC exams.

CXC stands for Caribbean Examination Council and is the regional body that administers annual benchmark exams at the secondary and undergraduate levels.

The 46-year-old regional council has 16 member countries – Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turks & Caicos Islands.


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  1. Wow says:

    BVI NICE! This is such good news but it will barely have any comments and those people on Facebook bashing everything as if there’s nothing good in the Territory will find some reason not to be proud of this. We are in serious trouble as a people and it will get worst if we do not wise up. Give Jack his jacket, Hon. Walwyn and his team are not perfect but they have done a whole lot for education over the past 8 years and time and time again we have heard the praises regionally but continue to pretend as if nothing good is happening. If it were negative comments it would be shared 100 times on social media. We have to do better.

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    • Big UP says:

      It is not Walwyn who is sitting the exam, its the ones who are doing it that needs the praise. I don’t see Walwyn helping those to study or sit the exam.
      Praise is due to the ones that does the exam

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      • @BigUp says:

        Its not Walwyn sitting the exam so dont give him credit but when school bathrooms are messed up and other things are wrong its Walwyn. Ok I understand how it works now. When its negative he shohld take responsibility and when its positive its not him! Cool.

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  2. ndp heckler says:

    is this a paid political advertisement?

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    • Really? says:

      Had it been negative comments we would have over 50 comments bashing the Minister and the Government but it’s positive so it’s paid.

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      • To really says:

        This man has been saying the same thing about the BVI for years. He’s a Caribbean political puppet. BVI students didn’t just get bright. We were always so.

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    • Well Well says:

      Wish i could have touch the dislike button more.

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    • Sickening says:

      I swear that some of our own people want to see our country fail. Can’t you put politics and all other prejudices aside and celebrate something good for our home? This negativity is sickening man.

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      • To Sickening says:

        We want to see the BVI students do well without these politicians trying to fool us that it is because of them that our children are doing well. BVI students ALWAYS have done well in CXC and any other local, regional or International examination for years long before & during Walwyn.

  3. Patients. says:

    Actually thenterritory needed that. There is no benchmark to see how the kids are doing Caribbean wide. That how we grow. Don’t just stop at cactus sata etc should be introduced as well.

  4. question says:

    Were all kids required to sit or just a chosen few?

    • Kinte says:

      That’s avalid question but none the less lets give credit, respect and much love to all the teachers, students and administrators.

      It wiuld be nice if all the kids took the test.
      We much understand and appreciate though that intelligence cannot be measured by test alone, not everyone is good at test taking and that has neither a negative or positive determination of how they will do in life.

      Again much respect to all.

      V.I. STRONG

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  5. jokers says:

    am myron and i approve and paid for this message

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  6. Me says:

    This guy is so distinguished looking! Yes I’m off the topic but sometimes it’s good. Hats off to the BVI for this achievment. Celebrate as a country and give positive words to the young people.

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  7. Oh please says:

    It’s not Tortola need to take notes from under countries…. The education system is a fail and ppl like this man needs to stop coming here filling ppl heads with nonsense.

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  8. Really says:

    People please do your own researches. Stop being gullible.

    • Wow says:

      So if he said BVI education was in shambles and needs work it would be fine right? Would you have asked for research if it was negative news?

  9. APPRECIATED says:

    Great job, Minister Walwyn! Hats off to you and your education officers, principals, teachers, students and parents!

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