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‘Our people need jobs’ | Premier talks plans to boost construction industry

In an effort to provide much-needed employment opportunities for residents, Premier Andrew Fahie said his administration is giving the construction industry a necessary boost.

During an address to the nation last evening, August 9, he said part of the $40 million grant from the BVI Social Security Board would go towards infrastructural projects.

Fahie mentioned two new projects — the construction of a multipurpose port facility building at Jost Van Dyke and repairs to the Jeffery Caines Sports Arena in The Valley, Virgin Gorda.

He also said the long-overdue East End/Long Look Sewerage Project will now receive funding for its commencement.

In the meantime, he pointed to several ongoing projects such as the $17 million contract for the construction of 43 homes at Joes Hill.

He said many local subcontractors will be given an opportunity to display their skills while helping to build the economy through this project. He also cited other projects such as the current housing recovery and repairs initiative.

These projects include the ongoing repairs to the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex in Tortola, repairs to the John E George Administration Building in North Sound in Virgin Gorda, repairs to the Flax Administration Building and the Vanterpool Administration Building in the Valley, Virgin Gorda.

Other ongoing projects include road paving in Anegada and Jost Van Dyke as well as repairs to the Anegada Fire Station, Bregado Flax Education Centre in Virgin Gorda, and resurfacing and repairs to public roads.

Repairs to the Carrot Bay reservoir and Zion Hill reservoirs also form part of that list.

He said there would be many other ongoing construction projects and those that will be “in the near future.” 

Boost important 

Fahie, who is also the Minister for Finance, said, these construction projects are important.

“Some persons may ask why we are placing so much emphasis on construction and not, for instance, on barbershops, hair salons, and other businesses. The simple reason is that these projects and these funds are a booster shot into the economy,” he said.

“When we apply this booster shot in the construction sector, the territory is able to get some value from the expenditure of this money, and the money will spread into our other sectors which will benefit as well. We need our infrastructural work done, our local businesses need economic activity, and our people need jobs,” Fahie added.

The premier further said this is an opportune time for local contractors to “step up and prove they can deliver the quality goods” and for the BVI to redefine the dynamics of local sectors in favour of Virgin Islanders.

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  1. cha man says:

    crab, iron,yellow and jamesie alone eating big…rest ah we getting the crumbs

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    • Educate yourself says:

      The reason they are selected is because these are the Construction companies who tender on jobs, have all their good standings in order, their financial and technical proposal to the standard as requested and have been fairly evaluated amongst other contractors. Do not assume these jobs are not HANDOUTS, you have to put in work to win jobs. Stop complaining about these people and educated yourself, go to the training sessions, pay your taxes and tender on jobs with ALLLLL your documents as requested. If you dont win, see where you went wrong and try again..ask for help understanding the bidding documents.
      These contractors do their research and work tirelessly day and night to win projects.
      STOP being envious and work for what you want.

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  2. Boost the industry... says:

    By agreeing on the UK Loan of $400 million! This $17 million dollar housing project is peanuts compared to what you should be doing!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Time has come and gone for Department of Education to receive funds to pay teachers that they shall receive what they have already worked for.

    How much longer must our educators suffer Hon. Premier?

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    • Wendy/JVD says:

      Extremely URGENT! 
      Governor Jaspert, Hon. Fahie and Hon. Malone,

      We have been beyond patient in waiting for you to take action on our very well known, dire living conditions here in Little Harbour on Jost Van Dyke well before and long after your appointments to Premiere and Minister of Health. I was given verbal assurance IN PERSON, that our disgraceful and inhumane living conditions would shortly be dealt with. NOTHING has been done and no one has ever called us regarding this atrocious and appalling situation.
      I was rushed to Peebles Hospital twice while living in the Shelter Box tent with a serious bacterial infection throughout my respiratory system as a result of highly toxic mold that took over the 2 year old bedraggled, decrepit tent.

      Governor Jaspert, below is one of my countless emails to many government officials which has obviously, been ignored over and over.
      Do you remember we met inside the church annex last year for a disaster preparedness community meeting? I briefly explained the gravity of my waterless existence and you looked over at Mitch to follow this up. Well, he has not. The responsibility remains to be in the hands of Alesia Brown of Housing Re-build, who contracted out the job completion which has gone nowhere.
      We have NO RUNNING WATER OR ANY PLACE IN LITTLE HARBOUR TO GET IT…SINCE IRMA (2017)!!!! We bathe in the ocean, daily…still.
      This temporary, post Irmaria, dangerously moldy, fiberglass shedding dome we have lived in well over a year and a half now, has long been plumbed for water hook up. The street pipe is only 10 feet away as is the electrical pole, yet the Minister and Ms. Brown, continue to ignore our pleas for urgent help as we were long promised. This fiberglass dome is leeching a fine, eye and skin agonizing dust causing serious irritation. Even before this temporary dome was erected, (after living in a deplorable shredded, moldy tent for over 2 years with promises of water and electricity,) Nobody from government has ever returned to hook the water up. Why is Housing Re-build making us suffer??? The electrical box is on the pole, ready to hook across the narrow road to the long time, all wired dome. Still no electricity.
      Why are you denying us these basic rights to survive????(I’ve implored to the past and current administration since Jan. 2018) WHY???
      Andrew A. Fahie and Carvin Malone claim to “Serve the people.”

      CERTAINLY not us here on JVD! None of your Ministries have reached out to assist us. 

      We are still living like cavemen here in the parking lot of a restaurant in Little Harbour.

      We need WATER!!! NOW.
      It’s been 4 years without water!

      What will it take for you to finally DO SOMETHING?

      Wendy Hendricks LMS, CYT
      Little Harbour
      JVD, BVI

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      • Well sah says:

        Doesn’t the electricity and water companies have a process to receive the services? That is not “government’s” responsibility Except to make sure you get them once you apply. Post your email address here so that the authorities can send you your applications. Geez?

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      • Come to your senses says:

        Raise some money – use your savings, sell some land, take out a mortgage – do what everyone else does and build yourself a house. If you can’t afford to hire a builder to do it all, contribute your own labour. Put as much effort into construction as you do into bellyaching. Government can’t build everyone a house!

      • Westman says:

        Really…construction n the wrong hands..greasing the right hands.. mafia style all de while

  4. SSB says:

    When will we get the funds promised by the government from SSB for the unemployed and those who are laid off??

  5. Vincy man says:

    U want to help your locals find jobs in. Construction but only a few can do it and are willing to do hard work,every one wants to be an accountant and bank manager but no one wants to be a Mason and carpenter and the ones that do want to be paid as a bank manager,

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  6. well says:

    many are out of work and need jobs and money. just a few work construction. Who lost their jobs to covid are tourist sector workers. this is no help to them. Why you ignoring the truth Andrew?

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  7. Keynes says:

    You should study some Keynes Fahie.

    You can’t just reboot your economy with govt funds.

    We import everything we consume, that means that if no funds come in the country goes broke.

    You are very very very under qualified for your job. You lack absolute basic understanding of the economy …

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    • vip heckler says:

      There’s no one on the government side who ever ran a successful business…A few tried and ran them to the ground and there is a particular one who is constantly feeding off the government nipples but since we all know who he is, there wont be a need to call out his name.

  8. E. Leonard says:

    During the Great Depression (1929-), unemployment in the US spiked to around 26%. To address the high unemployment, the US rolled 2 major programmes, ie Work Project Administration (WPA) and Public Works Administration (PWA). The WPA employed millions of both skilled and unskilled men and women to construct streets, airports, housing, bridges…….etc. The PWA employed millions to construct large-scale major,
    construction projects………,eg, hospitals, schools, dams, bridges, roads….etc.

    Undoubtedly, the US as a developed country and one of richest in the world would have had more capital to invest on and in the WPA and PWA than the VI has. Nonetheless, to create employment for locals, the VI government can benchmark the WPA to construct roads and other needed facilities. Nevertheless, projects must be well-designed and constructed. Projects should be done right the first time!

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    • Diaspora says:

      @E. Leonard, agree. No need to reinvent the wheel. The BVI should adopt the principles and processes of the WPA and adapt it to meet its needs. The BVI has a bucket list, a backlog of projects to be done, eg, road construction, repair and maintenance; bridges, schools, fire stations, clinics……etc. One of the things of note about the WPA was that it employed a large number of unemployed young, unskilled, men/women.

      The BVI has a number of young local men/wowed that needs to be gainfully employed. The BVI has a dearth of skilled local tradesmen and locals are missing out on the employment opportunity. How did the BVI get in this position? Poor planning and shortsightedness.

  9. Daisy says:

    Thank God for VIP. I will never forget how NDP treated us after Irma.

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  10. Wondering says:

    Which projects in the BVI were done right the first time and didn’t run way over projected costs?

    Oh, and I love how you did not put an end on the Great Depression. It lasted from 1929 to 1939. 10 long years.

    Oh and you failed to mention how the US Government has given money to everyone and is preparing to give more. Many states are arranging rent and mortgage assistance grants, which don’t have to be paid back. We got a couple bags of groceries.

    Some people in the BVI are seriously suffering, interesting how many know, but just don’t care, including the Premier. How does he expect to get voted in, unless all taxi drivers become “contractors”, tomorrow?

  11. Look now says:

    This is just amazing i tell u is he for real wit dat trying to help local thru construction who tell dis man dat locals want to be in d sun all day very few locals will benefit from dis and the cycle has begone all over again lots of construction work and no one to do it back to bringing island people to do dat job caz locals only own d company but island people alone interest in dat job

  12. Island people says:

    90% of workers in construction are island man. 6 big belonger contractors. Belongers not interestdd in working in hot sun how many of the new graduates willing to go into hot sun. At the same time we sending home island man. So who going to spend in the belonger shops. The 6 contractors. Belongers are not into manual labour. This is just hodge podge management.

  13. Uncle says:

    Watch out for those suckers who trying to con you especial them “peros” SOB that you gave belongers to!!!

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