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‘Our story must be told’



The Lions Club of Tortola is to embark on a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a Heritage Resource Centre, which the organization said will play a key role in helping to document and preserve local culture.

The club said it will be partnering with the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) to make the project a reality.

“The Lions Club of Tortola is pleased to officially announce our partnership with the H Lavity Stoutt Community [College] for the design, construction, opening and function of the Virgin Islands Heritage Resource Centre. It would represent our most ambitious public/private joint venture project, but one which could be the most rewarding,” said president of the club Carvin Malone.

He explained why he said the project may be the most rewarding. “Rewarding because, once completed and staffed, it promises to properly document, properly preserve and properly display Virgin Islands history, studies and heritage. It would be made to serve not only scholars, but residents and visitors alike. Our story must be told, and the Lions Club is pleased to be affiliated with an establishment who is prepared and committed to providing the platform from which it can be told.”

Malone noted that, while the venture will be costly, it is necessary.

“It will cost money; lots of money. But the cost of not completing this project is immeasurable,” he said.

He also urged persons interested in the documentation and preservation of Virgin Islands history and heritage to donate towards the cause.

The fundraising campaign will commence with the hosting of Lions Club’s 40th anniversary gala dinner at the Moorings Mariner Restaurant on April 28.

At the dinner, tributes will be paid to the club’s first five Presidents: Terence Erskine, John Wong, Sydney Braithwaite, Edgar Hewlett, and Samuel George.

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