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Over 100 returning residents complete mandatory 14-day quarantine so far

Health Minister Carvin Malone said more than 100 returning residents have completed their mandatory 14-day quarantine period and were allowed to reintegrate with the local population after testing negative for COVID-19.

He made that announcement in the House of Assembly on Friday, June 26.

Since the start of the controlled re-entry of nationals and permanent residents this month, some 255 persons have returned so far. 

“We are pleased that no new positive cases have been detected in the territory since the end of March. A total of 109 returning nationals have been released from quarantine as of yesterday after testing negative for the virus that causes COVID-19,” Malone said.

Malone said 78 more persons are expected to return before June ends while another 80 arrivals are scheduled for July. However, he said these numbers are subject to change.

500 approved to come home

Malone said some 621 persons have registered for re-entry so far. Of that number, 500 have been approved by the Immigration Department. 

“Sixty-nine of the registration requests did not meet the requirements established for individuals to re-enter the territory during phase one,” he explained. 

The Health Minister stated that, together with Public Health England, the BVI testing capacity now stands at 3,0150.

He said pre-emptive COVID-19 testing continues to be carried out on persons who meet the case definition of COVID-19. These include all emergency room admissions, all hospital in-patients, all persons undergoing surgery, all persons and returning residents exiting quarantine, persons requiring COVID-19 tests for travel, and healthcare workers.

He continued: “A total of 439 persons have been tested to date with eight positive results and 431 negative tests for the virus. Should a new case be detected, we are well poised to take through active monitoring testing, contain it through secure quarantine and contact tracing arrangements and effectively manage it through the delivery of the best available health care services.”

Malone said government is satisfied with the progress the territory has made in its fight against COVID-19 so far.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    When will people get out

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  2. YOUTH says:

    I commend our Government for all they do.

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  3. Candy says:


  4. North Sound Worker says:

    There were a few issues with breaking quarantine that should be reported. A woman in quarantine in Tortola was visited overnight by her old boyfriend. This was reported by the security company to the police who showed up to investigate. I was told that the police then told the security guard to go home. I was also told that the boyfriend was a construction worker working in North Sound Virgin Gorda with 70 other workers. I heard he went to work the day after, but was then ‘caught’ and put into quarantine for 14 days after everyone was talking about it at the work site….WHAT UP WITH THIS??? Can we get some reporting on this stuff? All this marshmallow coverage is not helpful. We need some real journalism.

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    • Jealous Much? says:

      You sound like a jealous girlfriend cause there ain’t no way a construction worker wrote all that

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      • Wow says:

        Your discrimination is not acceptable, I am a construction worker. I do not fancy sitting in a Cubicle desk, doing nothing and just judging others.
        I wan to physically work, you think that all construction workers are un-educated? Well, if that is your mentality. I believe that you are in the wrong era of time.
        Anyways, construction pay more than any other company. When you make 20, 000 a year I make 950000. Let me laugh last.

      • island man says:

        God forbid but should he get it from her and spread it to u then u would be singing another song.

        Why do u think the government soending so much money on local for this quarantine to to keep you all safe.

  5. What? says:

    So they stopped at home quarantine because so many people violated the rules. And now we are calling this a success.

    Thank you Belongers and Islanders who came back and ruined home quarantining for all of us. You should be proud of yourselves.

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