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Over 2 years and ‘sex with minor’ case still at infancy stage

Magistrate Shawn Innocent

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) are once again being criticised for their actions – or lack thereof – in swiftly prosecuting serious crime in the British Virgin Islands.

On Monday, Magistrate Shawn Innocent bewailed that more than 24 months after an adult male allegedly had sex with an underage girl, that matter is still ongoing.

Johnta Charles has been charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor since February 2016.

When the matter was called before the magistrate this week, the court heard that the matter was still in its infancy stage.

“He (the accused) is just free to roam about his business. This says it is ok to commit sexual offences. It doesn’t augur well for the justice system … this is unacceptable,” Magistrate Innocent said.

The magistrate raised the concern after learning that the prosecutor who originally has conduct of the matter was absent because of another the mater he/she has in the High Court. Another prosecutor is, therefore, filling in on their behalf.

The prosecutor filling in was not able to satisfy the court with sufficient information regarding the case and consequently had to bear the brunt of Magistrate Innocent’s wrath.

Innocent, who is one of the latest additions to the territory’s magistracy, is increasingly being considered to be a no-nonsense magistrate.

Earlier this month, he called on the DPP to put their proverbial house in order, stating that the office’s recurring sloppy show of carrying out its duties is a ‘scant’ disrespect for the court.

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  1. Slackness says:

    Yes these perverts are given the impression that there is nothing wrong with what they’ve done….not to mention when some of them do end up in prison,they have freedom of having access to cell phones and the internet. And believe me that is a dangerous thing to allow prisoners to have internet and phone access because you have no idea what they can plan

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    • HRMPH says:

      There is no need for a trial because the Magistrate has already decided he is guilty.
      What is wrong with T—– – prosecuting unrepresented defendants in the Magistrates court should not be so difficult!

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  2. Editor says:

    Bad choice of words for headline

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  3. 860tourist says:

    The person he is accused of having sex with is probably no longer a minor! Maybe they are in a relationship now, who knows or he’s out there with other minors. Shame on the court!

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  4. hmm says:

    I assume this is why people take matters into their own hands and don’t trust/bother with the system.

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  5. Jay says:

    Dear Magistrate Innocent you are wrong for your choice of words when you say “he (the accused) is just free to roam about his business. This says it is ok to commit sexual offences.” You are implying that this young man is guilty when in fact he may very well be not guilty. All persons are innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. So please choose your words better before u judge the man and say that he is guilty. Until the court decides that he is guilty then he should be considered innocent (no pun intended).

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  6. Question says:

    @ Magistrate’s comment does this indicate that the court has already formulated an opinion even before the case has been heard ??????? Woooow just imagine if this is really the case a young man has already been comndemed .some system we have here

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  7. Road Town Resident says:

    I’m sure he knows why he used those choice of words. Everything may not be said in this article. Perhaps he is not denying it.

  8. Officer says:

    The dam problem is every one is related. U have people buying time n paying them way through the system. If this keep happening u will always have a lawless country. Love by n its peeps but we cant go on like this. U do the crime pay ur time

  9. $$$$&& says:

    Let there be some big money the government can confiscate the case would be in court within weeks

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