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Over 44 kilos of cocaine found among pallets of cement

Local law enforcement has seized a large number of drugs that were found concealed among bags of cement on Tortola.

“Three pallets containing 200 bags of Thinset were discovered and searched and 44.20 kilograms of cocaine was recovered and seized,” police said in a media release on Tuesday.

The drugs were found aboard the motor vessel, Krautsand, in Purcell Estate Tortola last Thursday, July 18.

The discovery was the result of a joint operation between the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and Her Majesty’s Customs.

There are no reports of any arrests in connection with the find, BVI News understands.

“Inquiries are ongoing in this matter,” police have said.

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  1. COVER UP says:

    Who was the cement consigned to, why is it being covered up. if it was a small man on the streets his name would be all over the headlines. this country is corrupt to the core.

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    • nah man says:

      I am willing to bet that those pallets were not on the manifest. I will also bet you that it had to be the crew members who purposely did that. some of these crew members cant be trusted, some even make more money off the boat than the owner

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    • OG says:

      Plain and simple. Someone who knew about the cement bags dropped a dime. I keep telling you people someone in the circle is the rat.oh well, in the drug game, Sometimes you have to chalk it up and take the hit to your pocket.

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      • Stigma says:

        We need to do away with the stigma of being a rat or a snitch. Our society is falling apart because of this cancerous mentality that to be a whistleblower or a snitch or a rat is somehow a crime or a sin…it is time we change this cancerous culture. Our society and people are dying from this sickness. Time for the rats and snitches to come out…it’s time for judgment in this territory.

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        • @Stigma says:

          Got you but, Some people is afraid. Snitches get stiches, a buck fifty, means a cut down the side of your face that requires 150 stiches or you get dropped. Tortola is very small, you snitch or rat Someone out they comming after you or your family.

        • OZYMANDIAS says:

          I rather be GAY than a RAT.

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        • Anonymous says:

          The code of silence is all well and good, but the price for it is that those who know and don’t tell are just as guilty as the perpetrators. Essentially, by holding our tongues, we’re saying it’s OK to deal in drug trafficking, robbery, murder. In time, we become hostage to our fears of retribution and do nothing, while the Territory falls further into moral bankruptcy.

          • OZYMANDIAS says:

            Like i said i can live a life being GAY infact I will become more powerful in this world. I CAN’T LIVE BEING A RAT B*****D.

      • Stigma - says:

        We need to do away with the stigma of being a rat or a snitch. Our society is falling apart because of this cancerous mentality that to be a whistleblower or a snitch or a rat is somehow a crime or a sin…it is time we change this cancerous culture. Our society and people are dying from this sickness. Time for the rats and snitches to come out…it’s time for judgment in this territory.

    • Of course says:

      The small man name, picture, where he from and you name it would be plastered all over the headlines. This drug game is a dangerious game to be in. You are not getting to the top in the drug game unless you have money or big time connections at the top with big money. You don’t see the man/woman at the top of the game out here on the street beefing with each other or killing each other.

  2. The says:

    big fish continue to play in deep, deep ocean, while the little sprat succumbs to excessive fines and jail time for a nickel bag of leaf matter/weed.

    That their is probably just a diversionary batch to pay off a few crooked law and customs men, while the higher ups on the same chain law and customs men are moving the real quantity right through.

    And now, the 44 ton shipment has passed straight through bound for market and huge profits for our well off and respected folk in this society, That is huge money and big connections there. No lil boy plays in that game.

    Corruption exist on all levels of this society and not just in politics. And, it is those with big money that fuels corruption, keeps it going and makes more money from it.

    In real life, no amount of laws will change human nature. Systems such as those in China and the Philipines will have to be adopted here, which would bring zero tolerance and death for many.

    If the avaerge person can only learn how deeply embedded the corruption is in this country, she/he would be shocked to unconsciouness. From churches to politics, to law enforcement to national security and border control and on down, there is involvement by all. But who they go after, the little trickle down man on the street, fooling the public that they are actually doing something.

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    • Man you are good says:

      This is no little boy looking for a come up in the game. The little boy drug dealer don’t have the type of Benjerman’s to invest in something like that. The police got lucky because someone tipped them off. Seek and you shall find.

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    • Because says:

      The little trickle down man on the street position will always be the clean up,take the lick and stay opressed man.

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      • @Because says:

        That is excatly the way the drug food chain works. Only the ones who have enough money to put together deals and produce long paper is the suvivours in the drug game.They will throw the street man a bone but he is not going to let you get to the top in his world. Most of these guys who is slanging out here like they are big time don’t even know who their supplier is or what Her/she looks like. They will never know that.

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    • The big Fish says:

      And the big fish will continue to play in the deep, deep ocean with the rest of the big fish. For the amount of large drug shipment that is hitting these shores under the radar, this Island can be rebuild in a few months.

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    • @The says:

      Yes, yes and Yes. Everyone of the above mentioned is in this thing deep.The hands of the law is tied.Everyone turn a blind eye because they have to live here. It goes back to you mind your business, you live a day longer.

    • Yep says:

      That’s why they can barely solve any crimes.

      When they take one small man off the street, they get replaced instantly, so law inforcement will be fighting a never-ending battle (just like the situation in Trinidad).

      To be frank, it is more difficult to replace a big man.

  3. nincompoops says:

    Them moo moo police shoulda wait to see who pick up the pallets…..Them too hasty and schupid

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    • not nincompoops, smart like a fox says:

      Maybe that’s exactly why they stepped in now. To avoid a spotlight on the owner.

  4. CW says:

    There isn’t a market for that volume in BVI, which is almost always a transhipment point.

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    • @CW says:

      Possibly, but many, many investors are right here.

      We may be well surprised if the details were to be exposed, but of course, given the nature of the business, they never will.

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  5. @ cw says:

    44 KILOS is somewhere between 80 to 100 pounds. Wa do you… oil dont spoil.

  6. Ausar says:

    “Nincompoops”, you have made a valid point!

    That is exactly how the Feds roll..wait until those needing the shipment shows up, and then they’re nabbed!

    Sadly, our officials have yet to be trained in those types of clandestine operations!

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  7. Hmmm says:

    Son of the soil, who u going to blame for this? Island people, right?
    They bringing the drugs, right?
    Send them back home and BVI will go back to being a crime-free, drug-free, God-fearing little country – so says son of the soil.

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  8. You will gasp says:


  9. Vg man says:

    Anytime that was vg police half of them bricks was not getting turned in.they the biggest dealers rite now vg police

  10. Vg man says:

    Blk … officer the most crooked police in vg please investigate he or done him

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