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Over $500K in contracts to construct 3 new social homes

Government has awarded more than a half-million dollars in contracts for the construction of three social homes in the territory.

Cabinet awarded two-thirds of those contracts to K&C Construction — owned by Kendol Arthur & Colene Penn — on the recommendation of the Central Tenders Board.

They are contracted to construct the new social home in Sea Cow’s Bay, Tortola for $194,341.40.

K&C Constriction was also contracted for the construction of the new social home in White Bay on Jost Van Dyke for $177,408.00.

Meanwhile, the third contract Cabinet approved was awarded to Caribbean Environmental Restoration Company Ltd who will construct the new social home in East End, Jost Van Dyke for $163,678.90.

Cabinet approved these contracts during its February 17 meeting.

These contracts are independent of the Recovery & Development Agency.

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  1. Pandora's Box says:

    How about investing in our schools that have been abandoned since Irma? Anyone give a $hit in this Government, or the last Government for that matter? It absolutely disgusts me how much money is wasted while the social fabric of our islands are abandoned and left devastated by incompetence and greed! The set backs our youth face now is a complete failure of us as a people to hold those we elect accountable!

    How the current Minister of Education can stand by and watch this all unfold is a disgrace!


    Have a great public holiday elected leaders! 😉

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  2. 123 says:

    Why doesn’t the government fix the incinerator or build a new set up so the people of West End and all about are not forced to breathe TOXIC air. CLEAN AIR should be top priority. Yet this Human Rights issue has been going on for years. Government after government turning a blind eye. Yet, they can build social homes, buy airplanes, plant palm trees, re brand everything from A-Z, hire consultants for everything from A-Z, and many more things they waste money on. Why not focus and clean up the air we breathe? WHY is this not a priority just as Covid is/was? I wish someone would organize and fight for this HUMAN RIGHT!

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  3. itstime says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie when are you going to give out a contract to rebuild Palm Grove Shopping Center? Since 2017 the NDP or your Government has done nothing about it, you need to show some BVI Love and give the people back the building since it was the government’s fault that there was no insurance on the building.

    • Hmmm says:

      I agree with you @ itstime…I am also waiting to see what is going to be done with Prospect Reef. Government need to use that area and build a technical school. Do something with it its becoming an eye soar.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      There was a tender for the design and build of this, but the deadline has passed since last year and nothing to my recollection has been heard since.

      Don’t know who tendered, the amounts, nothing.

      Next thing you will hear that they are breaking ground for it.

  4. blind man says:


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    • How! says:

      How? Impossible. Crabbe in a barrel mentality. They won. They submitted the best tender. And that’s that.

      • ? says:

        Inside knowledge perhaps. Never heard of some of these other companies; they published the names for one please publish the names of the owners for the other 2 companies

  5. 123 says:

    They are really sickening. Just listening to the ceremony for the Late GREAT H. Lavity Stoutt. You can bet your ass we would have clean air and the kids would be in school if he were around. None of them can hold a candle to him.

  6. Exactly says:

    Pandora box u so rigth but no body talking that guess because cedar school up and running the wealthy one kids is ok … got the kids up out all over the place in the wilderness of the pedifiles and wolf’s

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  7. Saddened To The Core. says:

    Unfortunately, it is now poignantly clear that the BVI has been on a backward political, non progressive journey.

    Indeed, when the essential pillars of society, education in particular, decent roads, decent sanitation, affordable food and shelter are kicked aside and neglected, it has become clear that political priorities and interest are in the wrong place, or that leadership on those issues are either inept, blind, non effective or don’t care.

    This is very disturbing to witness, as it has become abundantly apparent that special interest, money and greed has become the dominant priority of the political calculations, and not the lives and future of the country.

    Never thought i would write this, but today, i will. Based on what has been transpiring so far, this BVI needs new directional, meaningful, purposeful leadership from top to bottom.

    Last, though those items may be needed, in those communities, especially Jost Van Dyke, are they really priority right now over national education infrastructure, new innovative approaches to job creations and economic expansion and development for example
    vs spending on a slowed down economy?

    Or is this just more continuous campaigning tactics using government funding that never stopped from the last one?

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  8. Just asking says:

    The Contract should have been split up to 4 different Contacters.

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  9. Wow-Welcome to the BVI says:

    I am happy for the 3 families. That is the only way some of us are going to be able to own a home. I wonder how some of these leaders sleep at night. I wonder if VIP realize that every body has to eat? Price of living going up and them.going use salary review as a political tactic instead of giving people the raise they deserve. Tired of these government. What happen to the consumer rights bill? I am sick and tired of these politicians not allowing the little people to grow. Holding increments hostage plus. Same script different government leaders.

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  10. For clarity says:

    What is our Govt’s definition of a social home? Definitions are important. Do not rely on Google.

    • BuzzBvi says:

      I think you will find it is a way of taking your money (tax money) and giving it to a friend. Similar to all the other Government schemes and why there is no working infrastructure in the VI.

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