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Over $700K spent on D5 Economic Zone so far

Concerns have persisted over the funding and real purpose behind the massive construction project in the Huntums Ghut area, known to some as the District Five Economic Zone.

Public Works Minister and Fifth District Representative, Kye Rymer, attempted to put those concerns at ease recently when he gave an update in the House of Assembly (HOA) on the progress of the construction, its cost, and its intended purpose.

He told lawmakers that the project was estimated to cost $1.3 million, with more than $788,000 being spent to date on the project.

According to Rymer, some 65 per cent of the project has been completed, including work being done on the two 2-storey buildings so far.

The Works Minister said the development is expected to wrap up within the first quarter of next year and was being done to provide an opportunity for small existing businesses and new businesses to access affordable space to display and sell their goods, products, and services.

Businesses are expected to grow and thrive in the Economic Zone, Rymer explained, before making way for new businesses to occupy the spaces that they have then outgrown.

Rymer said the initiative will serve as a pilot project for other districts and communities that they can emulate.

Business plans are also a pre-requisite for business owners interested in applying to occupy the 25 spaces of varied sizes, Rymer explained.


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  1. unreal says:


  2. I feel says:

    Another failed project coming much are we waisting this time until the plug is pulled? About $2m USD?

    Let’s not put this money in schools, roads or elderly, let’s just open the window and let the money fly!

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  3. Hmm says:

    All that money and nothing happening in his district. The district is in need of Roads repair and other important tasks and when you ask him all he says is no money. But how could he be so irresponsible to spend all that money on that project alone?

    I dont know who is dumber him or the people who voted him back in. Also how can the market cost as much as those warehouses he is building? VIP is a waste of time.

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  4. Coolio says:

    Gangsta business park!

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  5. Geezam says:

    Pure foolishness. That thing up there will be another Rymer disaster. Everything under this man is a failure. Think about it.

  6. So says:

    It is sad
    Can you not find grade a intelligence anywhere in bvi gov?

  7. waste says:

    The drawing is unrealistic for the layout that is there now. They are fooling the people.

  8. Craft Alive the remix says:

    Ayo had him to be the best Slice bread.

  9. Resident says:

    so for the cost of renting ctl building again we could have just built another one of these buildings and housed some government departments and reduced our rent burden, much too sensible to be done in the bvi

  10. Wtf says:

    What is wrong with f**king guy?

  11. Hello says:

    He is a dangerous person and is not to be trusted.

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  12. Virgin Gordian says:

    Up to now can”t get separation of Bregado Flax Primary from Secondary. May NEVER happen.

    Can’t get separation of Cargo and Passengers. May NEVER happen.

    I put it to the Minister of Finance: How is it that one Minister can get money to build in their District and the others can’t?

    Is it that they are not asking? or is it that they are asking and being ignored?

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