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Over 750 domestic violence cases in last 5 years, 47 already reported for 2019

A section of the main island of Tortola.

More than 750 cases of Domestic Violence have been reported to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) in the last five years with the number of reported female victims doubling or even tripling the reported male cases annually.

This according to statistics provided by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF). Of the 767 cases reported between January 2014 to April 2019, an alarming 70.8% (543) of those numbers’ being female victims.

Some 47 cases of domestic violence have already been reported up to April of this year. Of that number, there are 37 female victims and 10 males.

The year 2016 recorded the highest number of females becoming victim to domestic violence with a total of 131 reported cases.

Of that number, 82 were minor assaults, 46 serious assaults, two sexual offences and one attempted murder. In contrast, only 54 male victims were recorded, with 35 being minor assaults and 19 serious assaults.

The following year recorded the least number of domestic violence reports — 108. Seventy-one females were reported with 51 being minor assaults, 18 serious assaults, one sexual offence and one murder. Only 37 male cases were reported with 25 minor assaults and 12 serious assaults.

Reacting to the statistics, Coordinator of the Office of Gender Affairs Tara-Sue Morgan said, “the data clearly reflects what has been said over and over that females are more likely to be the victim of domestic violence cases than men.”

She also stated that the most alarming finding of the statistics is that all the murders associated with domestic violence are females.

She said she now believes the time is right for the territory to get into ‘prevention mode’ to ensure domestic violence does not take place in the first instance.

“Prevention methods should ultimately reduce the occurrence of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) by promoting healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships,” Coordinator Morgan said.

She also appealed to all persons experiencing abuse to contact the Office of Gender Affairs, Social Development, Family Support Network or the police to seek help before it becomes too late.

The aforementioned statistics follows the May 26 murder of 46-year-old Great Mountain resident, Lenia Green who was allegedly raped and shot by a reported family friend.

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  1. Hmmmmmmm says:

    The place filled with too much wickedness.

    Good seeds do not produce bad deeds.

    Too many false worshippers of Christ.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Alcohol and Africans do not mix.

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    • Call Me Ishmael says:

      A civilized society does not allow its men to beat its women. A civilized society respects its pets.
      We are slowly learning. It all starts with education and mutual respect.
      Our new government can lead the way by setting leadership goals.

      • Except says:

        There is poor investment in education in the BVIs. As to mutual respect, I’m all for it, but can that exist in a society that seems OK with discriminating against outsiders regardless of what they may bring to the table?

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      • @Call Me Ishmael says:

        Yet, you have left your very own ‘women beating uncivilized society’ to live in the BVI’s and found your calling as the local pets…civil rights advocate. Such an appropriate cause for such a shallow mind.

  2. Wowww says:

    To much island people in the place.

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    • son of the soil says:

      I second that

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    • Resident says:

      True, let us send them back home, the Nurses, the doctors, the teachers, the police officers, the store helpers, etc….

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    • Ugh says:

      I came here just for this ignorant, hateful comment. Thanks for not disappointing me.

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    • Glass house says:

      Let’s examine your statement: Too much, meaning too many? What is too many? Island people? Aren’t you an island person yourself? And, are you suggesting that BVIslanders do not indulge in domestic violence? And, sure, let’s get rid of anybody not “bahn here”. That’d would decimate financial services, Irmaria recovery would be done sometime around 2050, and many so-called Belongers would have to leave since they were born in St. Thomas (where many of the nurses and doctors are also islanders. Oh, and don’t forget, there’d be few people to run the hotels and restaurants. Maybe that wouldn’t matter because no one will want to come here. South Africa was boycotted for decades because of its apartheid policies. Could also happen here.

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    • @Wowww says:

      Welcome to the continent of Tortola.


  3. Disinterested says:

    Bet many of domestic violence cases resulted from one partner having a side ting or the side ting having a side ting or the side ting side ting having a side ting. As the Anguillians ah yu lawd. Ah yu naw fraid dem incurable viruses?

    Dem man like to hand but cannot take hand. When they get hand or get the dun, they go loco and do strange things. Tek ah yu hand off the people dem picney.

    I’m not glamorizing it but looks like have a side ting is becoming a cultural norm. Lots of people comfortable with being the side ting and could give a rat’s a** with how families are destroyed. As many say somebody husband or wife but mostly husband must pay. Too many loose people on the loose; morals are fling out the window. Using what you got to get what you want. It is about the Benjamins by any means.

    Too often the women gets the blame for the promiscuous behavior but it takes at least two. De Dawg say two people can use it. It is not a joking matter, though. Domestic violence is a pox on the community and needs to eradicated.

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    • Quiet Storm says:

      “Bet many of domestic violence cases resulted from one partner having a side ting or the side ting having a side ting or the side ting side ting having a side ting.” You are a hot mess. Ah boi! Why gone and root up this ants nest. Now ants going stink nuff people and wail up dem kin. Anyway, you keep it real, raw and unvarnished. Dem so call players going be mad at you for dealing dem cards face up. Man just fool. Dem see woman in a micro skirt and nuff clevage and dem tun fool.

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  4. ignoramus says:

    Stop being a bitter hater. Island people are also law abiding citzens. There are locals who abuse their family members as well. However, it goes unreported “Natures Little SECRET” On the other hand not all locals are abusive. So stop making sweeping generalizating of any ethnic people. You need to learn how to deal with your anger and do not vent venom like a snake. Ten to one, you are sleeping with an exp. or have exp friends.

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  5. waylox says:

    The NDP had the people them frustrated

  6. locals says:

    some woman just love drama and the smell them death and refused to distance themselves. some feel abused is love..they feel once the man abused them is love..ladies lets woman up

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  7. Records says:

    Check the number of births in the BVI for the last few years. It is on the gov website. See how many from single moms and how many from married… no respect for women and then people wonder why the children behave so poorly… there is no man in the home but when there is, he probably abusing his woman.

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  8. Wondering says:

    Each of us, as we go through our lives, must make choices. The only person you can change is yourself. No woman MUST have a man to be happy, successful and rich. If you have a cheater man, leave as fast as you can, because it is proven that they never change. You are fooling yourself if you think they will change. Once you escape, the cheaterman, you will heal, relax and blossom. Respect yourself let go, get out, smile as you say goodbye. Start a new life, trust in Jesus, He is a prayer answering God.

  9. Guy Hill says:

    We need to be kind and loving to each other.

  10. Ambassador says:

    One thing I noticed in my visit to St Vincent was the song playing on the radio, don’t sleep with your daughter. That’s a big red flag right there. Could be generational curse or territorial spirit but ain’t no secret for sure. When you decide to leave your abuser, be smart and plan your escape. Many murders happen during traumatic break-ups!!! Lord, have mercy. High numbers mean people are at least coming forward. But do check out article The Dark Side of this sunny Caribbean Island!

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