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Over a dozen more business categories now approved to reopen

More than a dozen new business categories have been given the proverbial green light by Cabinet to recommence operations.

They will be able to commence operations as of Tuesday, April 28, ‘in accordance with Curfew Order 14’. a government-commissioned statement said.

“These newly approved businesses can now receive cargo and other supplies from Port Purcell and St Thomas Bay Jetty to prepare for inspections in order to reopen,” the release stated.

New list

The new categories include businesses that sell commercial and household supplies and appliances, office supplies and equipment, and electronic stores.

Restaurants (for delivery and takeout only), beauty products supply stores, courier stores and freight agents, veterinarian practices, printing, graphics and signage supplies, flower shops, real estate agents, department and clothing stores, marine stores and boatyard operations also form part of the list.

Churches and places of worship and funeral homes were also included.

Business categories not included on the Cabinet-approved lists must remain closed until the relevant authorities have approved their reopening, the release added.

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  1. Hmmmmmm says:

    The only businesses I see to remain close clubs. If you have restaurant take outs you can have bar take outs too

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  2. Anonymous says:

    WesternUnion open?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    If churches are allowed to open so to should schools. Makes no sense , this. Will have soon have to go back to 24 hour lockdown.

    Churches are open because the pulpit bandits are influencing policy affecting their bottom line, and not common sense.

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  4. Tonge Fu says:

    The Premier has bowed to pressure yet again and that is within 24 hours. The plan was to have one week with these businesses operating, feel it out then add more. So much for Phase 1 and Phase 2 seems like is Phase all. I wonder how many of these businesses have been inspected. It is clear that the premier just talks to politically pander and does the opposite in practice.

    Can you blame some of these businesses? They are yet to see any clear commitment from the Premier and his Administration to provide some form of financial stimulus for their businesses that are on the brink of closure. Not even stimulus for he many unemployed.

    Buckle up and assume the brace position: Turbulence ahead.

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  5. Are We Really on Curfew? says:

    Most churches have a large congregation.

    There needs to be clarity on how many persons can congregate or is this considered social gathering of 20 or less people.

  6. D says:

    Okay so why aren’t bookshops allowed to open?

  7. Eyeopen says:

    Letdgive them soetime

  8. Somebody has to say it says:

    For those of you living in La La land, here is a reality check for you : 120 tested, out of a population of say 30.000 people in BVI.
    120/30.0000:0.004. People if want to the real truth you have to test at least .10 of the population: 3000/ 30000: .10

  9. Island Man says:

    Free western union

  10. Smfh says:

    Fahie only open these business because he was group of f***ing cowards who want to do their f***ing nails and do their hair. And don’t ask me who I is. I read through the comments and I’ve seen people pressuring the man. All you mother f***ers just a set of f***! And you does eat a bunch of garbage. Who the f*** is ayo to be sending the leader, the man of the house to open business. If certain businesses ain’t suppose to be open, they should be open! F***ing barber shop and salons and all that dumb s**t. What f***ing social distancing you can get from that? I hope all ayo cowards get the f***ing virus and dead. From spelling you f***ing p**s.

  11. Barber bvi says:

    Considero que de reabrirse las Iglesias y las tienda de bellezas deberian de incluir las barbería y Westerunior ya que se necesutas enviar algo de dinero a las familias y extender el horario hasta la 5:00 pm en una secunda etapa.

  12. Translation says:

    I believe that if Churches and beauty shops are reopened they should include the barber shops and Westerunion since it is necessary to send some money to the families and extend the hours until 5

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