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Owners should be mandated to maintain their buildings in RT

Neville Smith

At-Large Representative Neville Smith has called for the government to implement a policy that would make it mandatory for owners to maintain buildings situated in the BVI’s capital, Road Town.

Smith made the call on Monday, October 12 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Road Town Market Square. He said the work owners would do on their buildings would complement the work government is doing work to improve the capital.

“In town, we need to come up with a business policy that all businesses, building owners meet a code to have their buildings maintained and kept in a perfect condition to compliment what we are doing now. These are the things we need to put in place to make sure that the town is a capital,” Smith said.

His suggestion was met with applause from the audience.

Smith also urged Works Minister Kye Rymer to maintain the Road Town Market Square once its built, adding that the BVI has a general problem with maintaining public buildings and facilities.

In his remarks, Works Minister Kye Rhymer said the Road Square Market project is one of many the government is undertaking to improve the BVI’s capital.

He said the Market Square will be a modern, economic, and social space that both residents and visitors can enjoy.

“Upon completion of this facility, patrons will be able to enjoy a 16-kiosk shopping splendour accompanied by a gazebo, green spaces, restrooms, bus depot and local, monumental artefacts,” Rymer said.

Premier Andrew Fahie said the improvement of Road Town is long overdue and has been considered by successive governments. He said he is proud that the project is being led by Virgin Islanders across different ministries as it shows that the territory believes in its people and is positively moving towards self-reliance.

“This territory was built on believing in the people of the Virgin Islands. And we drifted from it for a little while, and we have to return … in the road towards self-reliance which must come one of these days, every step we make, every thought we think, everything we do must reflect that we are moving towards that level. because the future is coming whether we want it or not,” Fahie said.

The Road Town Market Square is expected to be completed in nine months. It is part of the government’s ‘Transformation for Resilience and Sustainability: SMART strategies, empowered people and green development’ plan.


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  1. Heckler says:

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  2. Styles says:

    This is a great idea. All major cities and capitals in the world have such policies to protect the image of these cities and capitals. Would be great if we and our visitors could walk through town with pride again.

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  3. True says:

    There should be a code implemented not just for Roadtown but for the entire Territory. Rusting old cars and boats in peoples yards should be cited and the owners of the property fined. Properties should have their yards mowed and clean. Enough of the Territory looking like a garbage dump. This is a beautiful land that has been made unsightly by many.

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    • really says:

      People can keep their boats on their property no matter howugly they are, its their property.

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      • Me says:

        No boats in the road causing congestion

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      • @Really says:

        And it’s the pigs and savages like you who live in a garbage dump that are to blame. I guess it’s the way you were brought up. How sad for you, your family and your children

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        • @@really says:

          I have no boat in my yard, i have smooth sand on a beachfront with a private dock, so no need to keep my boat in my yard, I use that to keep my cars and bikes. None of this can be seen from the road due to the size of my property, which I own,not the bank. My family are very happy haven’t earnedany money since April but stillplenty in the bank to see us through till next year. Feel sad all you want you sad lil bitch of a person.

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        • @@really says:

          Forgot to mention I have my own gardener, full time so my yard is very neat.

          Everyone dislikes that people should be able to keep what they want on their own property probably rent apartments…

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        • @@Really says:

          Stop your ugly vile and vicious racism.

          With regards to the word savage, upon the indepth, deep, probing and prolonged study of history, there is only one race that aptly fits that description, and it is not the Black race.

          Further, to displel the lie and deliberate myth in order to self promote the other race, when Europeans first landed on Africa and made contact with African Black man, the met a highly civilized people and advanced societies in all areas of learning. Those are authentic truths and fact. The African was was a civilized human being whilst your kind was still in caves.

          You have inherited a very non human mentality. Sorry you are too blind and brainwashed to look at the man and mind in the mirror and change.

          It is time for change.

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          • @ @@Really says:

            Very well stated! If they are unhappy with the black man’s backyard, there are always whiter pastures in the cold northern regions of the world covered with many pages of regulations.

    • @True says:

      We do not want this please filled with busybody ‘jezebel Spirited’ controlling neighbors with excessive regulations and covenants on properties to try to control each other… Like Most European Places. A few rules are okay for sure, but we do not live so narcissistically.

  4. shocks says:

    Another one termer

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  5. 1st district says:

    @ Mr. Smith and true, don’t mind the talk and low minded people. As a tourist destination WE SHOULD have more pride. And we are the ones ALWAYS talking about we are a Christian community “cleanliness is next to Godliness “. It should be made law and employ a task force to carry it out. Set out guide lines and have them mandated. It works in bigger countries. Make it work here. The laws in planning with regards to Urban…. and what ever for a 2 X 4 place here MUST BE CHANGED( but we suddenly have China virus laws). I have a mortgage and a sheep and fowl fighting farm moved in next to me since Irma. What is the VALUE of my property???

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    • What? says:

      The don’t mind the talk/noise is the most ridiculous comment one can make in a democracy. Of course leaders of a territory or country should listen to what the people have to say… they are appointed by the people. How can they then ignore them?

  6. Excellent innitiative... says:

    Getting them to use the market will be a problem, people in this place like their own way… I Hope the people who need it most get it and keep them off the streets…

  7. lol says:

    This guy reminds me of the late prince stoutt

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