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Pageant Clash? Brin resigns from committees

Grange and Brin

Janette Brin has resigned controversially from the Miss BVI Pageant Committee, noting that she thinks the pageant should be headed by a native of the British Virgin Islands.

The pageant committee from which she resigns is a subsidiary of the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee.

Her resignation comes weeks after the three pageant franchises in the territory merged to create one major pageant under the MISS BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS PAGEANT banner.

Before the merger, Brin headed the Miss BVI Pageant Committee, while Jamaican native Damian Grange headed the Miss World BVI Pageant.

Under the merger, Brin was appointed chairperson of the new entity, while Grange was appointed co-chair.

In a letter to the press this afternoon (June 9), Brin made her anti-expat stance clear in relation to the leadership of the local pageant.

She did not mention the name of her former co-chair who is a Jamaican living in the BVI for several years.

“I speak for the sorority in saying that the continued advancement of the Miss British Virgin Islands pageant should be led by a Virgin Islander. This is not to refuse any inclusion of persons who call our territory home, but it ensures that Virgin Island pride is upheld and the overall integrity of the pageant is not compromised,” Brin said.

She added that her general views regarding pageants were not fully supported; hence her decision to resign.

“This pageant, unlike any other privately owned venture, is the core of our festival celebration. The pageant is our pride, heritage, and part of the fabric of BVI culture – one of our most prestigious events that must at all times be preserved as it is our legacy.”

“In speaking to early and more current queens, along with senior Virgin Islanders such as Ms Eileene Parsons, the preservation of our legacy is and forever will be important in our advancement. This pageant is one of the many avenues to instill this sense of pride in our young women,” Brin continued.

“Unfortunately, these views weren’t fully shared or supported and hence I’ve decided to resign from the VI Festival and Fairs Committee.”

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