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PHOTOS: Paido calms tension with Calypso win


Reynold Phillips, who uses the stage name King Paido, pulled off a surprise win tonight to be crowned the 2017 Calypso Monarch for Virgin Gorda.

He amassed 496 points despite clearly not being a crowd favourite when he delivered his two songs – ‘Who Is Paying Attention’ and ‘Happy 50 Years’.

The competition seemed dominated by – among others – Sistah Joyce and 2016 champion Roland ‘Chico B’ Veira.

Both Chico B and Sistah Joyce tackled each other in a tense lyrical clash.  Shereen Flax, who was guest performer, added to the tension when she used the stage to side with Sistah Joyce in chastising Chico B.

When the results were announced, Chico B was demoted from his top position last year to second position with 474 points.

Sistah Joyce, whose real name is Joycelyn Searles, finished third with 424 points.

Calypso newcomer Teacher Akua scored 407 points to be adjudged fourth place finisher. Her real name is Shevone Finlay.

Another newcomer, Michelle ‘Lady Liberty’ Harrigan, was placed fifth.


The first sign of a King Paido victory emerged when he virtually swept the sectional prizes – winning four of the five that were up for grabs.

King Paido was awarded for being the Best Stage Performer, having the Best Musical Arrangement, having the Best Social Commentary, and delivering the Best Lyrics.

Chico B was awarded for having the Most Humorous Song.

The first place winner earns $5000, second gets $3500, third earns $2000, fourth gets $1000, and fifth walks away with $700. All other contestants got $500.

The other contestants were Gaverson ‘Falco’ Frett, and Stephen Johnson who uses the stage name Ranking Ijah.

Rueben Henry, also known as King Henry, pulled out of the competition.

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