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Painful | Another Christmas and many still in damaged homes, offices — Governor

Governor Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has bemoaned that another Christmas season has met some residents still working and living in hurricane-damaged quarters.

Addressing the issue at a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Jaspert said he is hoping that the government addresses this issue in the coming year.

He said: “As we go into this Christmas season, there are many among us who still among us living and working and will spend Christmas in far from ideal conditions.”

“This needs addressing, and we must continue to prioritize, and I hope that some progress can be made and support those in need.”

It’s painful!

Meanwhile, Governor Jaspert disclosed that the matter at hand is painful to him.

“It pains me when I see people still living in homes that are damaged or to see public servants still working in offices that are damaged and haven’t been repaired.

When asked if he felt enough was being done by the Andrew Fahie-led administration, he replied: “I won’t ever think enough is being done until the territory uses the opportunity (the 2017 hurricanes) whilst it was never an opportunity that we wanted, but to use that opportunity to rebuild even better.”

“I hope that 2020 will be positive growth for us all with development and recovery underpinned by tangible government reforms. That is something the government has committed to doing, and I hope in 2020 things move forward, that we have the structures ready to move forward, we have the offer of the loan guarantee from the UK which has now been there for over two years,” he said.

The Andrew Fahie administration took office less than a year ago.

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  1. Ann Avery Gardner says:

    Thank you for all you do and all for whom you care. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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    • HRMPH says:

      The Governor’s house and office were repaired in double quick time, and he lives in the lap of luxury. His friends at the RDA wasted no time in moving into the smartest offices in the BVI at Ritter House. Does the Governor have his priorities right?

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  2. @ Governor says:

    Thanks for the whinge, is the UK going to magic money out of the air or just a loan guarantee and $10,000,000 for salaries – $10mil would have seen a lot of rebuild instead of an ineffective quango!

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  3. Fahie says:

    IS gambling with our future. Where is the money from the UK?

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  4. vip heckler says:

    We got the government we deserve

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  5. UK Money says:

    You want money from the imperialistic animals that enslaved your forefathers. Your all a bunch of low life scum. The government and associated families have been sucking the Treasury dry for their own benefits and pockets and you want the Brits to send you money. You all need to go f*** yourselves. You want British money but if a Brit arrives he needs a passport. Does a US citizen need a passport to enter St Thomas from mainland US. The Belonger is an ugly specimen of human waste. Have a Merry Christmas

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    • Mama bear says:

      Awww… why u so grumpy? somebody needs some mauby and tart.?

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    • @UK Money says:

      Thank you brilliantly describing a typical UK citizen living in the BVI.

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    • @UK Money says:

      Hello Mr. imperialist and son of enslavers, the UK ows us quadrillions in reparations, just in case you forgot.

      Just in case you need to be reminded, my ancestors worked for the UK for four hundred years and did not receive one single shilling in all those years for their labour, not to mention the abject brutality, rape, murder and inhumanity rhet were subjected to 24 hours a day.

      Indeed then, those “bunch of low life scum ” need to be paid.

      Just in case you chose not to remember.

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  6. SMH says:

    This present Administration has only been in Cabinet for about 9 months, and people cannot expect them to fix all the mishaps and destruction in this Territory already. Come on now! We should All be working together and not looking for the hole in the fence to tear it down.

  7. Yes! says:

    Keep them accountable gov.

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  8. Thank you says:

    Thank you for caring Your Excellency the Governor. At the end of the day, this level of nonsense would never fly in the UK. Homes would have been provided for those in need based on priority basis or even funds provided to assist others with repairs to their homes. This is what happens when you put black people in power. I am sick of the heartless BVI. The powers throwing all kinds of fancy party and shite when people still suffering. Sick of them all.

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    • @Thank you says:

      We have nothing to thank the Governor for. He is up to no good. He let the NDP get away with million of dollars in corruption and did NOTHING not even an investigation. He is a FAILURE.

  9. racist says:

    This man do not care for we

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  10. Bull says:

    Aren’t you the same person who said earlier this year that people are coming to you with problems they should be addressing the Government ministries to.

    The people are heart broken with all arms of Government and it is alleged that you continue to let these people do what they want when you have power to do differently. Duncan took monies out of NDP hand to give police.

    Every minute you read of some nonsense coming out of Cabinet a meeting that you have the heaviest influence over.

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  11. @HRMPH says:

    Yes he does. Within the colonial, neocolonial and imperialist current operational frame work, he does.

    Truths, they and many will shun and deny, but those are ther realities of being a collonial state.

  12. The oppresor says:

    This governor needs to go he is fake news bottom line

  13. FACTS says:

    We DO NOT trust this governor.

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