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Palm Grove centre being demolished, deemed ‘unsafe’

Demolition of Palm Grove Shopping Centre has already begun. (BVI News photo)

The Palm Grove Shopping Center located on Waterfront Drive – one of the busiest streets in Road Town – is in the process of being demolished to avert any potential misfortune or injuries.

City Manager Janice Braithwaite-Edwards said the decision to knock down the building was made after engineers labelled it as ‘unsafe’.

She said it was for this same reason 17 leaseholders were told to vacate the premises in late 2017.

She told BVI News the 2017 hurricanes had further comprised the integrity of an already-weak structure.

However, Braithwaite-Edwards said the Wickham’s Cay Development Authority – the owners of the Road Town-based property –  plan to erect a new structure at the location.

“Plans are afoot to have it re-established [but] we cannot say when as yet. We know that it will happen,” Braithwaite-Edwards told BVI News.

She also said authorities have not finalised what new structure will be erected at the location.

Coupled with structural concerns, the Palm Grove building had also been affected by crystallite asbestos, a mineral commonly used in building construction.

Inhaling small particles of asbestos can lead to cancer and respiratory illnesses, however, experts said that type of the mineral was not dangerous.

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  1. Katniss says:

    Turn it into parking

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    • Thank Goodness says:

      It’s about time for that eyesore to be removed from the heart of our capital.
      Irma was a blessing in some ways. The BVI need to clean up the rest of Road Town and take it to another level. Areas like Noels Park should have been repaired long time ago. Use the area by the complex next to the pancake place for short term parking.

  2. School charen says:

    We heard the inbestment klub putting the bank of asia there

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  3. yes says:

    thank you Katniss,that was the first thing I said when I saw the headline, we need more parking places in town, and what a great spot that is, close to everything.

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    • Parking,No says:

      Parking? Ask an Appraiser if that will be the highest and best use of the property? He will tell you no. I think Govt. should not get in the business of leasing to small shops again. There is a higher and better use, please find it. No parking, no leased shops. Figure out the rest.

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      • Perhaps says:

        If that space isn’t used for parking, it can be used as a bus station hub. It’s about time we created mini stations around each island with a timed schedule and connections to beaches, areas around the capital and those in the countryside. This way, one bus doesn’t have to drive a long route, under served areas may be served and anyone, visitors and locals alike, can get around affordable, reliably and visits to otherwise unreachable businesses may increase. This also will help job seekers to get to places they often rule out because of unreliable transportation. It’s time to look at solutions for the average resident with real struggles.

    • Nonsense says:

      How heartless can some of you people be. Persons businesses were destroyed and you are talking about converting to a parking lot. Sickening.

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      • To Nonsense says:

        You seem to be a slow upstairs aren’t you? MWhat is heartless about turning the area into parking. It’s not as if the tenants were evicted & then with no time to get their affairs in order the structure was then demolished. That place was a mess long before Irma & she came & finished it off. Nothing anybody could’ve done to prevent that from happening. There was nothing to salvage & quite frankly it needed to go. Just hearing that there was asbestos in the roof should tell you the seriousness.

        A parking lot isn’t a bad idea, hell we all crying out for more space with the amount of vehicles flooding the island.

  4. Please says:

    If a new shopping center goes back there please let it look modern and let the rent be affordable to small businesses. It been a beautiful structure with a tropical flavor will transform the town immensely.

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  5. great says:

    Make it a 3 storey modern Caribbean building with the ground floor being parking

    … those who owe for their leases (and we know who they are) should NOT be allowed to lease again. Give it to other law abiding paying businesses to operate from there.

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  6. delta down says:

    ayo using bevis idea

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  7. Ivan says:

    I only hope they don’t put up another ugly skyscraper in its place, but retain the original design concept and layout. It was just beautiful

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  8. Albion says:

    Hope they cleared out the asbestos first.

  9. Just Saying says:

    Make it into a 3 story parking garage.

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  10. Town-Planner says:

    It should have a ground floor made into a Tropical Shopping Center and some parking, but a top floor with a place that can cater for 160-200 guests sitting down to host conferences, weddings, dinners, graduations, celebrations. We are in desperate need for a place like this. With Peter Island, Long Bay and Lambert gone we have only a very small choice. Bobby’s upstairs would have been the perfect place and layout, but 5 floors up with one elevator and narrow staircases? As unsafe as it could be. This is prime property, please do not waste it for a parking lot. There is lots of parking around, just live healthy and walk a few 100 yards.

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  11. Retired says:

    The storm damaged Palm Grove building looked ‘unsafe’ to me back on 8 Sept. 2017 when I first saw it after Irma. Why did we have to endure that hazardous eyesore for almost a year before it was demolished?

    Now it will make a great parking lot!

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  12. boyz on the block says:

    dingbat them will use it to park cars and boats also do wash downs

  13. Black silk says:

    The new concept should allow for lots of open breezeways and should be well landscaped.

  14. ??? says:

    Parking lot for what is valuable commercial real estate…come on now. Maybe some parking in the new structure, but let’s make it a classy location and a real shopping center.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    I think building a small scale mall would be good. A modern building which will house overseas modern stores and a food court as well as a section to showcase local craft, clothing etc. which would cater to tourist. Basement and 1st floor can be made for parking and the other two to three floors for stores/food.

  16. HGTV says:

    Middle of the City,perfect location for loft Apartments.

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  17. No more retail! says:

    Golden opportunity for a modern Library with parking spaces to accommodate al – including visitors!! Have an area for toddlers awith interactive displays that could also showcase our local history. This is what is needed not anothe rub down retail mall that government will not maintain. Other than that leeae it to a PROPER developer for a mixed use development with some form of public space! Pie in the sky thinking as we all know certain persons will be the ones mostly benefiting from this lucrative CROWN property!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    You all want tourists so how about create a space that might accommodate a franchise or 2 that would appeal to the tourists arriving by ship. Why don’t you all stop looking at self serving the interests of the little minds on the island and look at the big picture. Make the place inviting. I know it’s hard for you all to do but try

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  19. Interested says:

    Has anyone given one thought to the holders of the 99 year leases? What are they,chopped liver ?

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    • @Interested says:

      You are so right. What happens to them? Just like we have been advocating for the rights of tenants after the hurricane why aren’t we showing a level of concern for these businesses. I don’t gave a personal interest there but we need to be our brother’s keeper.

  20. For real says:

    For god sake turn the place into a central park dig up the remaning concrete and put more trees what a difference it will be

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