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PARADE PHOTOS: VIBE, Showtime named joint Road March champs again

Two bands will once again share the title of Road March Champions in the British Virgin Islands.

Last year’s joint champions VIBE along with nine-time champs Showtime were both named the 2019 winners following the August Monday Parade held in Road Town on August 5.

The five-time winners VIBE won with their song entitled ‘Take Over’, while Showtime won with ‘Bruck Way’.

Parade participants and winners

Dominating this year’s participants were New Royal Festival Ensemble and Treasures of the BVI, which had the most revellers in the parade. Both troupes took home three awards each.

In the Adult Troupe category, Treasures of the BVI took first place, while second place went to the Elmore Stoutt High School’s (ESHS) Dazzling Gems. Imara Revellers finished third.

The Best Individual award went to Treasures of the BVI. They, however, had to settle for third in the Children Troupe category, which was won by New Royal Festival Ensemble while BVI Dance School placed second.

New Royal Festival Ensemble also won Best Majorettes and Best Cheerleaders while BVI Dance School had to settle for second.

ESHS won Best School Troupes while Best Floats was awarded to Unmasked of the Financial Services.

Clarence Thomas Limited’s Unity in Diversity, in its first year participating in the parade, won Best Floupe while Heritage Dancers’ Under Forty Years Celebrations took second.

Co-chair of the parade sub-committee Natasha Marshall told BVI News that this year saw a very good turn out with 34 participants in comparison to last year’s 19.

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    More pics please

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    Why ayo keep on doing this to boss ??????

  3. Emmanuel says:

    This people are glorifying the flesh instead of glorifying God in their bodies and spirits which are God’s

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    • Hmmmmmm says:

      The Christian them too but they more sly in doing what is evil than the heathen them. When the so call Christian do evil, they say all fall short of the glory of God. When the heathen do evil, is a different story altogether. Even if they glorifying the flesh, what call you got watching them so and then commenting on it? Should you not turn your eyes away?

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    It must be a tie one one because vibe alone playing their song and showtime alone playing theirs

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    • Ausar says:

      “Emmanuel”, Jesus said, “render unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God’s!

      This event is a Caesar thing!

      Keep God out of this!

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      • @Ausar says:

        What is Jesus saying? He is telling a hostile crowd, whose question is designed to trap him, that everyone should obey secular laws that don’t conflict with their obligations to God.

        There’s no sin in paying Caesar’s own coins back to Caesar, so long as one is also rendering unto God the more serious and important obligation.

        Note that this doesn’t foreclose on the possibility that, in some cases, obligations to Caesar and to God might conflict. But it does (as St. Paul would later spell out in Romans 13) create a default expectation among Christians that they will respect and obey earthly authorities whenever possible. Christianity was never a mere rebellion against Roman rule — it was something deeper and longer lasting that would continue to have relevance when the Romans were gone.

        There may be more than one way to interpret Christ’s response in Matthew 22. But claiming he suggested that man ought to subordinate his religious principles to the laws of the state is definitely a new one to us.

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    Nadia you looked good and killed that routine. your friend on the other hand had need go to the back. she was tooo STIFF

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