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Parents could be charged for kids without face coverings

File photo of Chief Environmental Health Officer, Lionel Michael.

The BVI’s Chief Environmental Health Officer, Lionel Michael is reminding parents they could be fined if they don’t allow their children to wear protective face coverings in public spaces.

According to the COVID-19 suppression orders implemented by the government, a fine of $100 can be charged if persons fail to wear face coverings in public spaces including any establishments, gatherings, or public transportation.

Speaking earlier this week at a virtual public health meeting on mask-wearing and social distancing, Michael said protective face coverings apply to children as well.

But he said children who are 12 years and younger are allowed to wear face shields.

“If you give your child — who is 12 years old and under — a mask and the child finds the mask uncomfortable, if we see the child without a mask, we are going to charge the parent,” Michael explained.

He added that local health authorities are not expecting parents to put face masks on young babies.

“A lot of this is discretionary, use your discretion and protect the child (babies). Our main objective is to suppress the virus. It is not about putting pressure on the people who live in the BVI. It’s about putting pressure on poor practices,” Michael explained.

He also reminded business owners they may be fined $1,000 if they allow individuals to enter their establishments without proper face coverings.

Michael said the police or members of the Social Distancing Taskforce may issue tickets outlining fines to persons who are in breach of these and other measures implemented to protect the territory from the highly-contagious COVID-19 virus.

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  1. Fed up says:

    So sick of this government they want to fine u for almost everything. Is so brokes ayo is? What other rules are they going come up with to get money out of people

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  2. Official complaint says:

    Parents need to make official complaints to both the ministry and environmental health. I am NOT comfortable with the government mandating my 1 year old and 2 year old to wear a mask or face shield. Nowhere else in the world has mandated this for children because of the DANGEROUS IMPLICATIONS of such a directive. Children under 3 are prone to putting items in their mouths – what are the implications of having this covered so that whoever is caring for them cannot see if they have done so? What are the implications of forcing a child to cover their face with plastic? When ALL the medical evidence shows that children have very little to no symptoms and the virus does not affect them badly – are we going to have to wait for a child to die from suffocation before somebody wakes up and realizes that this is not OK?!?

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    • Support says:

      I support this comment 100 percent. I hope the Health Minister reconsiders this move in the interest of basic child safety

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    • Jane says:

      My child’s daycare was given explicit instructions on Monday that all children over 3 months old must wear masks or shields. This is a ridiculous policy and the Premier or Health Minister needs to come out urgently with guidance here because this is a dangerous and stupid. The sight of the shield is enough to make my 2 year old cry: it feels like child abuse making her wear this.

      The Premier should know that there is a power play going on between the Health Department, Education Department and Environmental Health team and they’re all giving different advice: its pathetic. Someone needs to knock their heads together.

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      • @Jane says:

        The entire COVID debacle is about a power trip and has ZERO to do with health! If we were serious about health here that 1 death wouldnt have happened. We were so focused on stupid restrictions we didnt pay attention to actually providing proper care. Thats all I will say to that! Let them keep stressing out the people with nonsense, it is only so much people will take before serious shit go down.

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      • What says:

        The child should be at least four years upward

  3. Example says:

    Lead by example.If the Government wants to give the general public fines for not wearing face mask or face shield,they should start giving tickets to themselves first. walked into Environmental Health Office which also house solid Waste and no one wearing face mask and they are right up under each other. No social distancing, but we must. Customs , Port Authority ,and many more Government offices don’t wear mask and if they do its below there chin. Don’t the law apply to them?

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  4. This man sick says:

    Imagine it’s the Health Department who made recommendations to the government and these were implanted into law, they the health department are now saying they are only following the law, u mean u are only getting your agenda out. Lol priceless
    You know what will happen? In a few years we will have young children with respiratory illnesses just because of these }€#^#€~ masks.
    U expect kids to sit in school with masks on, come the frig on Man U are so cold,
    they are 6 feet apart, they wash their hands, they have been tested allow face shields at school!
    It is said they would have soon charge us for breathing air, it looks like this is the first step, everywhere is public space, dam idiot

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  5. BIG QUESTION says:

    Where is his mask?

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  6. Pure RUBBISH says:

    Hypertension and other diseases are running rampant among us, putting a strain on NHI, costing us MILLIONS but look at what we are focused on? Open burning is going on down at Pock Wood Pond, raw sewage running in CGBay, East End, Road Town, and look at what environmental health is focused on. Why isn’t the Environmental Health Dept. calling on Government to address these things that are health hazards around the Territory but are so giddy about this mask bulls**t? I am really beginning to lose hope in humanity!

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  7. Hmmmmm says:

    Let them keep harassing people while not offering any proper assistance in these tough times.

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  8. Planned Illness says:

    People please pay attention. Knowledge is power(MY PEOPLE PERRISH FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE).I am hoping at least a few people saw the leaked video before youtube took it down.In an interview with the Deep State and the few who wants to control the world,(Vacine Boss among them BG),While we have the mask wearing in effect,by late 2020 to early 2021, we should have enough weak immune systems and respiratory failures so we can put fort a new wave of diseases to help push our vacines.First lets create the problem and then they(us) will beg for the solutions.(Vacines).lets pray to GOD that no weapon form against us shall prosper.

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  9. Rick says:

    All u have to do is make sure your own children have on theirs from talking f***

  10. Norris Turnbull says:

    Its fund raising time yall. Pick up all the pennies on the ground as you walk by. I do.

  11. Serious says:

    The epidemiologist and this guy for environmental health are finally in the limelight after so many years and they will continue to milk their newfound stardom and power. It is obvious to anyone who has half a brain that this is more to do about power than health. It is funny that the word health and safety are always thrown out whenever you question these draconian measures but what about financial health? Mental health? Its ALL HEALTH! It shows that these people are getting their full salary, none of the measures bother them because they are home bugs that dont have kids so to h**l with us. The people will soon revolt and this mess will stop, time alone.

  12. Well says:

    I know we are in a pandemic but no child under age 3 should be required to wear a mask or shield in public. It is inhumane, abusive and unhealthy. If from age 3 and up wear coverings we will naturally protect the younger ones. Come on man like common sense gone out the door now.

  13. Heckler says:

    When is elections?

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  14. Omg says:


    BVI is so screwed

    And we expect to open December with no plan?


  15. really says:

    so all the kids planting mangroves in the news today on VG, thier parents all need to be charged along with the Minister photographic evidence everywhere

  16. Quantum says:

    I wish Mr. Noel Lloyd was still alive to fight back for our freedom agian

  17. Aaaa says:

    Kiss your a**, you all bring this s**t here and want to start your s**t, f**k you set of stupid a**es

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