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Park, museum and agri-market Parillon’s plans for Third District


Political newcomer for the National Democratic Party (NDP) Aaron Parillon believes he will be able to successfully foster the development of a family park in the Third Electoral District if he is elected as the next representative of that constituency.

While he has not decided on a specific location inside the district, he said their is available space to develop such a facility.

“Far too long we have heard about a family park. I want to improve our family-oriented facilities like a Valerie O Thomas Community Centre. I want, once and for all, to develop a park. We will find the land. We got land. We will find the land and that will happen under my leadership. It’s high time we had it. There has been too much talk and it is time to take action,” Parillon said at an NDP rally in the district on Saturday.

Another new introduction the NDP candidate has for the district is a museum.

He said the purpose of a museum is to document and preserve the culture of the district.

“It is important,” Parillon said. “We are losing our heritage, we are losing our values, we are losing the things that made us who we are. The only way to preserve this for our generations is to have a museum of our own where we can teach our history to our young people so that the culture continues.”

Among the other initiatives, Parillon wants to also transform the dock in the district into a fisherfolk and farmers market.

Such a market would be used to service not only Third District residents but also the wider territory, he said.

“Our District-Three vendors should be offered every opportunity to conduct business in an environment conducive to the growth and development of their business. District Three residents, as well as the entire BVI community, will have access to the products offered by my vendors in this district,” he said.

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  1. 3rd says:

    I am a voter in the 3rd and this young man brought tears to my eyes last night! There is hope for our young men afterall. I will be voting for him and his team. They outlined their plans in detail and there was no foolish noise and bashing. I have hope for a better BVI.

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    • Wolf says:

      Blah blah blah

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    • Sam says:

      Can we has possible voters get a biography and qualification of each candidates. Can we have a farmer who has no formal knowledge of fiance work in that department?

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      • BVI @ Sam says:

        Can we give the youths a chance to express their ideas? We put all you educated JA to run the country and what did we get in result Sam? The common man must have a legitimate place in building our country. We are tired of the voting practices taking place and this is no longer valid in the 21st century. The People Have the Power, the common man has most of the basic answers and solutions. That is why the grass root movements are taking over the world. So, you can stay there voting for people because they went to college. We will choose people who can present solutions not lip service.

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    • Where's the Vision? says:

      Some of these blah, blah ideas are so stupid, unreasonable and just plainly makes no sense. first of for that matter. Unlike Bermuda, everyone has a vehicle; some 2 vehicles and can get anywhere within 5 or 10 minutes; except to the airport or West End.
      What sense does it make to put a museum in every district? Do we really love paying Taxes that much?. As I recall the history of the “Boston Tea Party in America”, thousands or millions of pounds of Tea was thrown into the sea over the payment of taxes or higher taxes.
      Where’s the money going to come from or these overly zealous ideas.. considering the millions of pounds we will have to pay for our recovery and development; the $114-millions owed on Peebles, the $80-plus millions on the cruise pier with only a 4-5 month cruise season.
      We don’t have oil or other minerals in the ground.

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      • ?? says:

        What is overly zealous about cleaning up the ruins, creating a small museum, cleaning up the district and building some simple vendor stalls near the dock as he has stated? Did we listen to the same plans? Every single thing that he has mentioned can be done in 3-6 months and won’t cost more than $500K. These are the most sensible and realistic ideas that I have heard so far from any district candidate. At least he is not talking about putting a restaurant under the sea or exporting marijuana.

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  2. If the country broke...!? says:

    Now all these politicians proposing this that and the other that will involve expenditure but I dont seem to be hearing anyone talking about revenue earning projects?? Where there is no vision the people perish.

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  3. WOW says:

    That was awesome would have bought tears to anyone eyes so much passion Unfortunately i cannot vote for him but i can vote At Large all the way

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  4. Another 3rd district 3 voter says:

    This is a very smart young man. His speech was really from the heart and it bought me to tears also. He got my vote, We have to give him a chance.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    Is this one of Myron’s foot soldiers blogging? It worked last election not this time.

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  6. Hah says:

    It’s too bad he isn’t running independent and I will have to punish him for the sins of his party. If I give him a chance I’m afraid he would just be another spineless sheep like others before him Mitch and Marlon, guys that were honorable guys, young promising politicians who turned their backs on everything they believed in for the “good of the team.” I believe he is genuine in trying to make a difference but how many times have we seen party politics turn good men blind and into “do littles.” How many times must a man be fooled before he himself becomes a fool. There are too many promises that have remained promises in the last 8 years. How many times must a man be fooled before he himself becomes a fool. NDP has never been in control of the 3rd district but if they were for the people of the 3rd at least some of OJ’s campaign promises would have been fulfilled. Just because their party lost they acted as if the district never existed even though they were the government of the BVI not just the government of the districts that they won. Voting strictly based on campaign promises and fiery speeches isn’t enough in 2019. Every year promises are made and are rarely kept what makes this time any different. I keep asking myself how many times must a man be fooled before he himself becomes a fool.

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  7. Hmmm says:

    Is this one of Myron’s foot soldiers blogging? It worked last election, not this time around.

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  8. BVI says:

    We may get what we don’t want so its best you all stop blogging nonsense and blog something constructive.

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  9. @Hmmm says:

    Go sit somewhere under a shade tree and take a load off. Foot soilder or not, Myron and his team is going to whip your A**es at the polls. NDP is lit.

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  10. Marley says:

    Come on Aron! The people of the 3rd District suffering from not having water for long periods of time. Why don’t you and your party members rectify that problem rather than out there empty promising people.

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    • No says:

      His promises dont look empty to me. He is the first candidate to put forward simple but effective and realistic plans that can be done quickly and make a big difference. Water is a national issue and I would like to hear the leaders of each party talk about their plans to rectify not only in one district but the entire Territory. We deserve it. Parillon was a star last night and I hope his district gives him a chance to represent them.

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  11. Wow says:

    Awesome speech

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  12. Concerned voter says:

    Fix the museums we have! We have plenty that have been closed since Irma! Good ones!

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  13. Sound cloud says:

    When voting on election day we all need to check the character of ALL those seeking office. That is the way to go.

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  14. Hmmm says:

    The further the 3rd district keep this s***y character guy from politics the better.

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  15. ??? says:

    Did someone in this chat call Mitch spineless and went along with everything? You must be a crazy person. The same Mitch who asked the Premier to give up Finance and who voted against the RDA??? Yes, sounds quite spineless to me….

    Anyway, Aaron’s speech sounded good but it was weak on substance. Getting water to the district and taking horse racing to the next level should have been two things he focused on, in my opinion. Why ignore the one thing that is unique to your district? He’s not ready.

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    • @ ??? says:

      Yeah, Mitch is a spineless R.t. He only act and speek When he is instructed to do so.

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    • Hah says:

      Yes, the same Mitch that voted for everything else and didn’t ensure that promises were kept earlier in the term. Just because he jumped off the wagon when they reached bumpy roads doesn’t exempt him. Anyway better late than never. If he showed that kind of impartiality from the beginning like his peers that know him expected him too he might not have looked like a spoiled brat after he lost the internal elections.

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  16. BuzzBvi says:

    Horse racing.
    The 2nd pillar of our economy!! Sweet. We going far.

  17. Trend says:

    There is an obvious trend with this blogging thread. For every positive post there is no comment. Those that speak against the candidate, there are dislikes and a hold host of responses that appears to be the same individual with the same rhetoric…..

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  18. Lion says:

    Voting for parrilon is voting a myron n that is what i wouldn’t do

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  19. NO Buckets says:

    Good stuff but I just want running water.
    A strain back bucket user.

  20. Fresh Air says:

    The persons posting over and over negatively will not put a damper on the awesome delivery from the young man over the weekend. Remain grounded, keep the people in your heart, be genuine and watch it call come to you. All the best to the young man as that race will not be an easy one.

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  21. Xaveryna says:

    All ayo so petty. Go sit somewhere under a shade tree and take a load off. Foot soilder or not, Myron and his team is going to whip your A**es at the polls. NDP is lit

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  22. Ausar says:

    Great ideas, Aaron!

    The third district is in need of revitilization!


    If you are the man to get it done, Aaron, good luck to you.

    District 3 is in need of true representation and you have the principles of one who can do just that!

  23. Sugar Coat says:

    I heard Mister Parillon talking about bringing back our Heritage. How can that be possible when his leader is not an indigenous BVISlander and selling out our country to Outsiders. Lucian Prison Head, Lucian Ports Director, Lucian Magistrate.If he was VIP or PVIM I would see that working out but not under Myron, sorry to say. Not taking away nothing from the young mans speech but hey.

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  24. Snoppy says:

    Aaron is a smart man.

    Smart enough to realize to keep away from them debates. Hahahaha

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