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Passport kiosks to arrive at airport in about two months

The government will be establishing Automated Passport Control kiosks at Beef Island Airport to expedite passenger screening at the port of entry.

Premier Andrew said these kiosks will be mounted in the next couple of months.

“We will be putting up the kiosks for those who are residents so that they can swipe their passports and come through in a matter of seconds. But anyone else, the system will detect them but it takes just a little while longer,” Premier Fahie said in a statement on VIP radio last week.

“That kind of technology is what we have approved,” the Premier added. “Persons will see those kiosks very soon in the airport. They will see them very soon in the next two months or so at the ports.”

These passport kiosks will complement the new border management system at the aforesaid airport.

The Premier said this system will be brought over to the territory’s seaports “eventually”.

“When you do come through [the airport], if you are a resident and Belonger, you will be able to check-in at the max, 30 seconds or less,” the leader of government business stated.

“We have other areas that we are working on to help strengthen law enforcement and strengthen the economy overall,” he added


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  1. Finally says:

    Finally the BVI is stepping into the 21st century.

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    • Phil McCracken says:

      Now just to get rid of the miserable immigration officers that give the tourists a cold and unfriendly BVI greeting. How can the first people that tourists see carry like that? Its embarrassing!

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      • Yup says:

        The rudest, coldest, most unwelcoming, corrupt, and downright nasty people in the whole Caribbean. No wonder tourists and boaters go elsewhere.

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        • Lia says:

          That is far from the truth. The best immigration and custom officers reside in the BVI. They turn a blind eye that’s why there are so much criminals residing here.

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  2. Great News says:

    This is nice.

  3. 007 says:

    There is a mixed history of these kiosks. The ones they have in the USA are a pita. Slow , complex and you still have to show your ticket to a human being which can mean standing in line for more than an hour.

    The UK ones are much better, quicker and no human inspection of tickets.

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  4. island man says:

    no more unmannerly tolians to deal with

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  5. Big Phil says:

    Do the kiosks come with a bad attitude?

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  6. Function says:

    Great news, just hope they are not like the ATM machines or *** internet

  7. Quietly Watching says:

    While you are building kiosks, please build one in the departure lounge for exit Immigration checking. Lots of stories will be told. It is past time that this is done.

  8. Dog says:

    Pay the officers with better salary any you see better service ?

  9. WOWWY says:

    What a negative set of people in the BVI. You can never please some of them.

  10. Oh says:


  11. WEW says:

    And the ports ??

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