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Passport scanning, e-visas, ‘people tracking’ part of govt’s 2020 border management system

Labour & Immigration Minister, Vincent Wheatley.

The new border management system announced by the government last month is expected to be fully implemented by June 2020 and will consist of a number of components never seen in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) before.

“Though we are unable to give full details to the public, for obvious security reasons, we can see the introduction and reintroduction, in some cases, of passport scanning upon entry at all ports, e-visas, and proper people tracking,” Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley told BVI News on Thursday, July 18.

He said the new system will be introduced to the BVI in phases. He again said he could not go into the specifics about these phases because of ‘security reasons’.

Minister Wheatley further said only one additional person will be hired to the existing Immigration Department to facilitate the implementation of the new system. He said the additional staff member will hold the post of System Administrator.

“This comes at a good time in the technological advancement of the Immigration Department and will include the internal oversight of the border management system. The System Administrator would receive extensive training by the company providing the system and will be the in-house go-to person to assist with any system issues,” Wheatley said.


He added that the current Immigration staff will also have to undergo additional training to ensure their competency in properly operating the new software which will be implemented.

“All training of staff will be done locally and will be provided by the company under the contract. These training [sessions] will also include retraining following updates to the system annually.”

Back in June, Minister Wheatley had told the House of Assembly that his government would be spending some $6.4 million to purchase a new state-of-the-art Immigration border management system to improve border security in the territory.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    It cost a little bit more than the bodyguards but that’s understandable

    • Protect says:

      $6.5 mil system to protect the borders from whom? How about using the money to protect the people from the toxic fumes. This is a pure waste of funds the government doesn’t have. A new or at least fully repaired waste disposal system should be the highest priority. Not a computer system for a few hundred thousand and the rest in the pockets of officials. When will you stupid people ever learn?

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  2. son of the soil says:

    I hope that new system could keep out more of those ungrateful and illiterates.

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  3. BIG QUESTION says:


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  4. local says:

    well i guess the ones here on permit who committed crimes already where they from will have to leave? or they staying bc they already here?

  5. Carli says:

    I have done a lot of travelling around the world and the BVI has the best immigration officers. People stand at attention quietly in most immigration lines except in the BVI. Right there in St Thomas we are quiet in the immigration lines and when we come to the BVI I am appalled at the behaviour of the same people. They push and shove and the place is like a fish market and the immigrations ignore all that. I am tired of people bashing the BVI immigration because they tell lies on the people. What the h**l people expect when they come to the BVI buddy!!!! I am sic of the lying complaints. The immigration officers need to really show their power when people come trying to take advantage of their kindness.

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  6. ok says:

    Will they have a section for visitors to sign off on for their absurd mask? Will Immigration brief visitors on the mask? The BVI will now be the laughing stock of the world.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Who designed that new immigration counter at Road Town ferry terminal?

    The counter is at an angle so the people in the lines cannot see the officers and the officers cannot see the lines.

    Only in the BVI

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  8. George Orwell says:

    For more details of the new people tracking immigration plan please read my book entitled “1984”.

  9. musa says:

    the bvi is very safe and bless place to live and visit

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  10. Big picture. says:

    The Bvi is just playing catchup with international regulations. Research Obama signed policies that the US citizens will not be able to travel from 2020 unless they have. A passport. Other Caribbean islands Eg Barbados uare already using electronic passports. Just like the banks are charging more to use the clerk services so that we have no choice but to use Atm. Mark of the beast.

  11. Hmm says:

    These phased projects always seem to get paid up front and then the additional phases never happen.. please ensure this does not happen!

    Case and point… Waste Management and that thing used to burn the garbage, and the list goes on.. I’m just tired of in-efficiency.

    Make it happen, millions at stake!

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