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Pastor Skelton Cline urges Christians to get involved in politics

“If prayers don’t result in policies, then you better get up off your knees.” — Pastor Claude Skelton Cline

Political commentator and clergyman, Pastor Claude Skelton Cline has urged those who identify as Christians to get involved in local politics as they have an important role to play in the governance of the territory.

Skelton Cline said it isn’t biblical for Christians to live sacred lives and stay away from matters that affect everyone in their societies. He said the church is seen as an institution with good people and should therefore try to make its presence felt in important areas like politics and governance.

“It doesn’t make any sense to talk about justice, fairness and equality on Sunday and you’re not involved on Monday. The decisions about people’s lives aren’t made on Sunday, they’re made in the Cabinet on Wednesday,” Skelton Cline argued during his Honestly Speaking radio show yesterday. 

“If prayers don’t result in policies, then you better get up off your knees.”

He reminded Christians that it is normal for the church to be active in local politics and good governance as throughout history, the church’s efforts have helped to change the lives of many groups who were disenfranchised in societies around the world.

“Peoples of the earth have benefitted from the work that church folk did in America. Ninety-nine per cent of the work done to advance black people and people of colour in the United States was done by the church,” Skelton Cline explained.

Skelton Cline is a member of the clergy who has been active in local politics for years. He has been a part of a few political scandals in the territory and was even called to give statements to the Commission of Inquiry last year.

During the lead-up to the 2019 general election, Skelton Cline’s behaviour on the campaign trail forced the board of trustees at the New Life Baptist Church to distance themselves from him.

He later opted to take a leave of absence from his pastoral duties at the church.

Christianity in the BVI

Christianity is the dominant religion in the BVI but while churches are usually vocal on some issues such as those related to LGBTQ rights in the BVI, they are usually quiet on many other matters of national importance.

Recently, Premier Natalio Wheatley expressed that Christians should get involved in the territory’s ongoing constitutional review process as they can give their input on important issues such as the definition of marriage.

At the time, the Premier said he would ask the BVI Christian Council to organise a meeting with the territory’s churches to make them aware and give their opinions to the Constitutional Review Commission.


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  1. For all i know says:

    the bible have made mention that everyone have their own talents, gifts and callings.

    Sadly politics here in there BVI is greatly corrupt, You sir as christ follower is well known as corrupt.

    So do you really think the true followers of Christ are even listening to your cry. Before you call on them to get together and prayer for the territory and take back in the lords name you calling them out into to politrics.

    Truly you i think it’s time for you to go back USA. Truly sick and tired of hearing you and reading about you. You put shame to the church family and more so God

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  2. @ 4all we know says:

    This moonwalker is just trying everything possible to decieve ,even himself that he is OMNIPOTENT ( a well applied bullpisle to his holiness csc , might assist bhim in getting back to ? ? Amen

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  3. Lack of credibility says:

    Ask Former Premiere Fahie how did that go…false prophets portraying themselves as leaders of the people.

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  4. sturpss says:

    Please stop quoting him we don’t care what he thinks about anything!

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  5. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    CSC just trying to raise a mob. Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s. There must be a separation between church and state. That being said ppl need to bring rationality to the political issues that we have in this place.

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  6. don't forget says:

    You do not have to be onstage to pray, and get involvein any thing that God hates. Where we cannot go the prayer goes from our closet,and our hearts and Jesus will do the work let us persue.

  7. BuzzBvi says:

    Why do media houses think it is news every time this guy speaks ?

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  8. lol says:

    Should be urging pardna to put our money back in the Treasury

  9. Laugh says:

    “If prayers don’t result in policies, then you better get up off your knees.” – How that going for fat Albert…. pray not saving him…. and I hope it don’t save you. All the money you steal from people from the BVI ….

  10. Freemason says:

    That’s the way of the 33rd degree. Keep them in darkness

  11. Sigh* says:

    We need the opposite of this! All religions are different flavors of delusion. Why do we need people who’re preparing for the rapture involved in the decisions that will mold a better tomorrow? They should have no horse in this race as they’re not scheduled to be here much longer. The last thing we need is more divisiveness, and that is all religion will ever do is divide us!

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