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Patrons at Wet Fete: Where is the water?


While some patrons said they had a good time hanging out, most who spoke with BVI News Online at the Wet Fete on Sunday expressed disappointment.

Persons complained that virtually no feting happened, adding that they also expected a larger turnout.

This year’s event was held in honour of the late radio announcer and businessman, Neil Blyden, who conceptualized the Wet Fete. The fete was part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Committee.

“It didn’t really meet my expectation. I was expecting more women [to be here]. Otherwise, the vibe is OK. People don’t want to get wet,” a male patron told BVI News Online.

“I was expecting to get wet up,” said a female patron who wore a water-resistant head covering.

The event was held on the beach at St Thomas Bay, but persons apparently did not think they would have had to get self-wet.

Patrons who apparently were not dressed to be wet, seemed engrossed in the sound of Dancehall and Soca music that emanated from a car and another sound system at the venue.

“I thought it would have been more full of people, but the energy is good,” said Shauntae, another female patron.

Norisa, who also attended the event, stated: “It (the fete) is fun. I like the music, but it is not what I expected. Where is the water?”

Meanwhile, when BVI News Online left the venue shortly after nightfall, the crowd had grown a bit larger.

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