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PCR tests can show positive result up to 3 months after clearing COVID

Persons who test positive for the coronavirus can continue to show signs of the virus for as much as three months after their initial diagnosis.

This is according to Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ronald Georges who explained that this can be seen through persistent PCR tests for the virus.

“Part of the issues with the PCR test is that after the initial positive [test], the PCR test can continue to test positive for up to three months even after the person has cleared the virus,” Dr Georges said during a recent virtual stakeholders forum on COVID-19.

“So pieces of viral genetic material, RNA can still be circulating,” he added.

The CMO said while these may not be viable or infectious, the PCR test can still pick them up and give a reading which suggests that the person has COVID.

In terms of interpretation of these tests, however, Dr Georges assured that such persons are not infectious and are safe to be out in the community.

Dr Georges also noted that similar issues are beginning to show with antigen tests, but indicated that this is much rarer.

He explained that research continues to be done on this phenomenon.

“So for now, the PCR test is not required for end of isolation,“ Dr Georges said.

He noted that with countries facing challenges regarding issues of business continuity, the severity of COVID-19 and infectivity periods, there has been a resultant reduction in isolation periods.

He said local health officials will continue to review the information that emerges from the United Kingdom and the United States to determine if any further changes need to be made in the BVI regarding its own isolation period.

Persons in the BVI are currently required to remain in isolation for 10 days or seven days with a negative antigen test.


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  1. This is your answer says:

    Leave them kids alone.Deal with them if they are sick.

  2. Ronald fauci says:

    This man does switch he story every couple months just keep note on everything he saying…science changing every month and we gah trust the science

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  3. Jah Know says:

    I don’t trust that guy at all.

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  4. Slim Jim says:

    My question to the health authorities is this… if a negative PCR test is required for travel to other countries, and a recovered person still tests positive because of such a phenomenon, what ramifications are there and how can we deal with that?

    Because in spite of best efforts many of us may still contract Covid-19 (vaccinated or not… so lets not make that an issue and argue about it), so how can we recognise this and not further disenfranchise or hinder responsible and protocol following persons from going about their normal and everyday business?

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  5. LMAO says:

    WTF? They keep changing the goal post, wow!!!

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    • @lmao says:

      Nah they just admitting what the “conspiracy theorists/ social media doctors/ disinformation dozen” have been saying from the VERY BEGINNING about this poppy show plandemic.

      More to come…the agenda falling apart worldwide slowly but surely. The devil never had a chance. The best part about all of this has been the revealing of the demons amongst us. Fire burn them all.

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  6. 3 is unlucky says:

    Every 3 months vax..cons wears off.

    3 Months a booster.

    If you caught covid can take the vax..con after 3 months.

    Every 3 months a new wave.

    Every 3 months increase in mysterious sudden deaths.

    Every 3 months the Drama continues.

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