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PENN: I will lead an active Public Accounts Committee when formed

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has said he intends to lead what he described as a “very active” Public Accounts Committee (PAC) when it is formed.

“There are a lot of things that we need to look at; a lot of issues as it relates to public spending that needs to be addressed,” Penn told BVI News recently.

“I know that I will lead a committee that looks at the specific financial expenditures of the government. Projects that we feel need to be looked at; we will look at those and we’ll do it in a fair transparent way,” Penn said.

While Premier Andrew Fahie served as Opposition Leader, the PAC was virtually inactive because he was unable to achieve a quorum, which is effectively defined as the minimum number of committee members needed to conduct the business of that body whenever meetings are called.

While invited to say how he plans to prevent a repeat of that problem under his tenure, Penn said adjustments have been made to the PAC Standing Orders to enable a vibrant committee that functions.

He added: “It’s our intentions to have a four-member committee which gives us the ability to have more members. [Only] one member from the government [will sit on the PAC] because of the fact that they have what you call five ministers and two junior ministers. Based on the Standing Orders, ministers cannot sit on the Public Accounts Committee.”

Penn also said that he does not anticipate any issues which should result in the PAC being non-functional.

He said: “We’ve met as an opposition, we’re focused on making sure that the committee works, making sure that the committee does its work and I don’t foresee us having any problems as it relates to a functioning committee.”

Nearly nine months have elapsed without a PAC, despite it being the body responsible for monitoring government and its handling of the public’s purse and accounts.

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  1. ndp heckler says:

    Will he be looking into the pier park saga or will he turn a blind eye ??

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    • Anonymous says:

      He need to make sure the $4 million Mark transferred from the East End / Long Look sewage project to the Pier Park goes back to the EE/LL project.

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      • Anonymous says:

        My bad the $8 million that was transferred to the Pier Park

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      • Long Look Resident says:

        No the minister or finance need to make sure the money comes back. Since He is so concerned about the people of east end/long look why has he yet to do anything. He hasn’t lift a finger the address to sewage issue in our community.

        We have Wheatley and Smith he claim they’re from east end on his team and they’ve also done nothing as well. Ahyou believe the residents of east end and long look foolish like rest of the territory think again. Try that nonsense somewhere else. You could some of the people some of the Time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Lol ayo got to be foolish because ayo give Pickering 20 years for doing nothing at all except protecting sharks and he and Marlon tell Dr. Smith its ok the sewage could wait we will just drive through it. Which other district would allow that to happen?

          • Your right! says:

            We elected another two (2) Wheatley and Smith, worst than what we had before. Also the one Malone minister who is only salivating to get his claws on the sewage money that he feel was willed to him. Not a peep from any of them regarding the sewage issues.

            Time longer than twine, 4 years is a short period. We will get rid of them too.

  2. good start says:

    he needs to start with the 1.2 m wall, the 7.2m plane and the 40m over run at the TPP

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  3. vip heckler says:

    Start with the bodyguard contract and the rentals of the 2 buildings from the party supporter

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  4. I shall say says:

    Marlon, you are just to damn soft. That is all I will say, you can take It however you want. H*ll,how you allow Mark to take moines that was alloted to your District. I often wonder if Mark would have allowed you to take moines from his District.

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    • How Exactly? says:

      How did he allow Mark to take the funds exactly? As far as I recall Mark was a member of cabinet and this was a cabinet decision which Hon. Penn was not a member of.

      I recall Hon. Penn on many occasions speaking out against this move. You people need to stop representing the facts with your attempt to mislead. What a tangible Web we weave when we conspire to deceive. I trust Hon. Penn any day over anything that comes out the mouth of Black Trump.

      I will reserve my judgement when the committee is up and running to see his next move. We will see if he has what it takes or not.

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      • Haha says:

        Are you serious? The people of the 8th district hired Marlon to fix the problems in their district including sewage. Marlon watch Mark took his bread and fed other people children while his children starved. That mek sense? Then to make it worse he still endorsed those fools. He could have been bold and stated that if the money is transferred he will leave the party. How shameful it would be to hear him complain of these issues in the future while the money was already allocated but due to his blind loyalty he squandered an opportunity to do the will of his constituents. The people in the Pier Park dont complain about sewage though. They could have take the money from the BVIAirways disaster deal but no Dr. Smith would fuss so they had to choose someone they could walk over. Health ministry was always borrowing money from Social Security why didnt they do that because they knew it was an easier way because Marlon our boy.

  5. Hare says:

    Marlon go siddung for god sake. You a real puppet.

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  6. Facts says:

    Poor fella just repeating what f**ny man told him to say

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    • Poor You Lackey says:

      Poor lackey Repeating your vip garbage on every site. This young man is in the position he’s in because we his people believe in him and will continue to have his back. If he was easily lead he wouldn’t have been where is so long. So stop defaming our representative name with your garbage. What’s the obsession with this funny man anyway? Let the brother rest in political peace or take up your issue with him directly and keep our rep out of it.

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  7. For sure says:

    NDP will never get elected again. F**ny man will never get a chance to ever sit in Government again. Another thing, no other down Islander will hold the position as First Lady.

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  8. Poor Marlon says:

    Stand up like a man should and start thinking for yourself. Of course funny man is his advisor on the …low.The money that was transfered from his District was a slap and disrespect to the people of his District faces.

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    • VIP Cronyism says:

      Why you VIP cronies always on here chatting p!$$. This is best you could do? If you knew Marlon you wouldn’t be chatting nonsense about thinking for himself, you people need to stop being Professor Klumps Lappy and start thinking for yourselves. The Marlon I know no one could tell him what to do and you could take that to the bank.

      It’s been 9 months and the vip government has done nothing about the sewage issue in 7th & 8th District. That’s how much they care about the people there, used the people in typical VIP style. Coming on here spewing nonsense about disrespect to the people of 7th & 8th. Instead Professor Klump is spending 86k on personal security but your perfectly ok with that? Typical minion!

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  9. smh says:

    Just form PAC and do the job it is supposed to do. It is your job, just do it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Marlon can not form PAC. However once formed he will lead it. Also, Marlon did not allow Mark to take the money. Mark was the Minister. it was his ministry funds allotted for that purpose but used in another area.

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