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Penn told to hop off gov’t’s back!

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

At least one resident has drawn a comparison between government responses to the 2017 hurricanes and the current COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the BVI.

The female resident who called the NDP Radio show to speak with Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said his criticisms of the current government are unfair, adding that his previously-governing NDP administration didn’t do a better job after hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the BVI.

As the caller was pointing out that all countries are experiencing the same economic pressures as the BVI, the Opposition Leader said the BVI has “to look at our unique situation as a territory. After the hurricanes, we (the BVI) had persons to come to our rescue”.

“Who was there, Honourable Penn? Who was there that came to our rescue? It certainly wasn’t the government of which you were a part. And if you would do a survey now, you would see the number of homes that are still left to be repaired,” the resident responded.

She continued: “I think this is very unfair, the way that you are just bashing the decisions of the government when you were a part of a government who never took on the people of this country and never thought about them at a time when they had the greatest disaster that you could find; where families are still living with relatives because they can’t get their house roofs put back on.”

In response, Penn said the caller’s assessment of the NDP’s response after hurricanes Irma and Maria is unfair. He said the government, along with various international organisations implemented many initiatives that revive the economy after the 2017 disasters.

“In fact, after the hurricanes and the plans that we put in place in terms of tourism, we were able to get some of the strongest economic numbers after that time,” Penn argued.

The measures implemented by the current Andrew Fahie-led VIP administration has been met with both criticism and praise by members of the public. Some believe the measures are too stringent and are crippling the economy. They say the worst effects will be seen after the territory reopens to visitors on December 1.

Others have agreed with the government that stringent measures will only benefit the BVI by preventing another outbreak of COVD-19 in the community.

The previous NDP administration received similar criticisms and praises for it’s handling of the recovery process immediately after the 2017 hurricanes.


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  1. Small minded says:

    Anyone who compares irma to this plandemic is clearly not thinking.the damage and cost irma comes with cannot be compared to this plandemic,simple.

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    • @Small minded says:

      The NDP failed us miserably after Irma. I applaud this Government for their efforts. I am glad that they are the Government in power at this time.

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    • annudda2cents replying to "Small Minded" says:

      agreed. Irma along with it’s aftermath was an instantly knock you out visible killer. in contrast, Covid 19 is a silent, slow moving, and far fetching invisible sniper. it could’ve only taken weeks to ascertain Irma’s damages, but with Covid 19…it could take years if not decades. Irma was locally and to some extent, regionally. but this invisible sniper called Covid 19 is GLOBAL. no comparison whatsoever. so you’re right.

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      • @annudda2cents says:

        Really? Irma came with no warning. Certainly it was an experience that the modern C/Bean had never seen.

        COVID on the other hand; The government had adequate time to learn from its effects and to develop a balance approach. Did the NDP government had such advantage after IRMA?

        COVID as you have rightly said is a global issue which means that there are vast # of benchmark and best practices.

        There is no comparison.

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    • Sore Nipples says:

      What do expect from P**$Y! She has the Government nipples soar with the rampant conflict of interest and co****t behavior. She’s on every board and all her buildings rented from Govt. I see they have port workers trying to cross the highway to get to her building. Endangering the lives of the staff for a dollar.

      These people are bad for our country and wants everyone to turn a blind eye will their cr***ed behavior continues? Opposition has a job to do and they need keep the Government accountable. They’re job is not kiss Andy Foys ring.

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  2. YOUTH says:

    The Opposition is a disgrace. They are always negative and picking on foolishness.

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    • Soyr says:

      The govt leaders is like sour milk turn people stomach complain for every blas_id thing we goin criticized they buhind when got boy was opposition who used to chat more than him Marlon that’s what we put u there for say it like it is boss .

  3. vip heckler says:

    That red lady is making sure that the government nipple doesn’t slip out of her mouth

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  4. Hold on says:

    Marlon got three Hundred thousand dollars to help his 8th District and we in the East ain’t see eight cents of it as yet. He’s a complete waste of time.

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    • I’ll tell you says:

      He gave it to his loyal voters. Come next election Marlon you are for sure out! Anyone who vote back in marlin for the 8th or as premier are lost souls. Noting have been done on the East in 8 years. Noting major atleast.

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    • @holdon says:

      Stop with your lies! I applied and got help. How many persons you think 300,000 can help, a district with over 8,000 residents. Smurf don’t mind these ungrateful people you have job to do, do your job. Where were they when Andrew was up and down on the radio after Irma and Maria. Hold their feet to the fire people are hurting.

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      • @i'll tell you says:

        Smurf don’t study these quacks from the VIP They’ve never supported you and never will and won’t move you either. So don’t be distracted keep pressure on these bully and scammers before they destroy our country. District 8 has your back and you could take that to the bank.

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    • hmm says:

      he brother see plenty of it

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  5. @youth says:

    Isn’t that the job of the opposition?

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    • Yawn says:

      The job of the opposition is to keep government accountable not literally oppose every single thing. The name opposition in politics simply means on the other side, not a part of the ruling government but Marlon taking it literally. He even opposing stuff that he supported while NDP was in power. Things that are in NDP’s manifesto like medical marijuana but when Fahie try to do it he suddenly become an amnesiac.

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    • @@youth says:

      Maybe the job of a hungry snake not a real opposition leader.

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  6. BS says:

    Look at who received the assistance? Friends and family of the NDP. How many elderly ain’t get assistance. What about all the goods still in trailers? Penn is living in a political bubble.
    If he was realistic he wouldn’t say a lot that he is currently saying.

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  7. Been interviewed by a R says:

    One thing that is established is marlon will never be premier he not ready

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    • One thing says:

      One thing is established is that this Current leader is a failure and he and his band of merry men will be gone, rest assured with that. I would for sure rather suzzie And total over this Set we have. So press on Hon. Penn do not be distracted by these nipple suckers. They’re singing for their next meal.

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    • Esteem One says:

      Yes esteem speaker, we know you have to continue to sing for your lunch and relevance with this garbage up and down town. So carry on old boy!

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    • Absolutely Not says:


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  8. Please stop says:

    I ask Marlon to please stop instigating violence in the BVI just for power. I am so disappointed in him. Stop following funny man and Mitch.

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    • @please stop says:

      Stop talking nonsense! With your VIP party talking points and you misinformation. People backs are against the wall and ahyou here with your nonsense. When back a lion against a wall they will come forward. Keep up with this nonsense.

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  9. Enough says:

    I had enough of the l**s and mischief of Marlon and his gang.

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    • @enough says:

      No we the people Has had enough of Andy Foys Mischief, l**s and smoke screens. They haven’t seen a photo opt they didn’t like all while the people go Hungry and homeless. You VIPers believe that the entire BVI is blind. We will show you our displeasure loud and clear.

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    • you says:

      You are so d**n UNGRATEFUL leave Marlon alone please .

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  10. @Youth says:

    Marlon is what he is. Don’t expect anything good from the f**so c***an.

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  11. Pig says:

    Marlon need to brush his teeth properly from talking trash.

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    • @simpleton says:

      Typical VIP simpleness nothing constrictive to add to the conversation. This country living under this dictatorship time longer than twine.

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  12. Truth says:

    Marlon has time to waste! Let the BVI people continue to vote for ignorance and to remain in a state of poverty. BVI boasts about revenue of $300 mil per year, that is over $1 billion for every Government term in office. Yet, we have sewage running on the streets, schools in disrepair, roads are s**t, no airport, the capital looks like s**t, everything is in total disarray. Let the VIP keep the country if that’s what the people want. The BVI does not care to be run efficiently, the only time they complain is when they don’t get something. Once they are able to get contracts and favors then the country is running fine. The whole f***ing thing can go to h**l for all I care because our people are nasty and wicked.

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  13. @Truth says:

    The only wasted vote is the one I gave Marlon.

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  14. Pat says:

    Marlon for premier and Arron for deputy ha ha he he look bvi worst

  15. Hmm says:

    Its a 2 sided blade. After Irma many homes that were insured get their dues but the owners took the money and never repaired their homes. It is looking like the government did nothing but I think those owners who collected insurance money still wanted the government to help them. Many persons who lost everything was not treated right by the government, especially expats lots of them lost their apartments but the government was not looking out for them, some had children and not even a bed sheet was given to them. During corona now this government is trying and just like how they lady say outside help had to come in well this government did not want outside help remember the navyship for the borders. This government knows that persons are not working since March and lots of them are not receiving anything from the stimulus packages. Plus now even though petsons are not working this government make it harder for expats look now they have to find additional fees to pay for their good standing letters, these letter situation should have been when everything get back to normal. There so many other issues since March. Some of those decisions really needs to be looked into. Some are very harsh. This government is trying but only the 3xpats are

  16. Hmm says:

    Are the ones they are pressuring.

  17. Corruption says:

    Unfortunately in the BVI today you have a choice between the ‘Devil’ and the ‘Deep Blue Sea’. The NDP and VIP are both as bad as each other, the territory is awash with c*****t politicians lining their own pockets.

  18. Missing the point says:

    Hon Penn just doing his Job..Not fair trying to discredit him by always bringing up NDP, He was a back bench Man he had no say… Their have never been an opposition leader in the BVI more aggressive, critical, forceful and determine to get answers from the government than Fahie. That made Fahie in my view One of the Most effective opposition leaders… Please allow and appreciate Hon Marlon for doing his job…

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