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Penn upset over reported labour breaches at Hodge’s Creek


Eighth District Representative Marlon Penn has expressed outrage and dissatisfaction regarding alleged labour code breaches at Hodge’s Creek Marina.

Penn’s outrage stems from a series of incidents that he claims highlight the marginalisation and unfair treatment of local workers and Caribbean nationals in favour of other expatriate workers.

Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, Penn expressed dismay at the treatment of the local workforce. “I heard some very disturbing commentary concerning labour issues in this country,” he said.

According to Penn, a particular yacht company is allegedly “getting rid of Belongers and Caribbean nationals who are on work permits and have been here for a very long time.” He said the company now hires expatriates from South America and South Asia to replace the dismissed workers.

The situation reportedly escalated when the company’s owner allegedly withheld payment from an employee who publicly voiced concerns, telling him, “I hear you on the radio complaining me, but guess what? I ain’t paying you today. You can’t do me nothing. I ain’t paying you today. I’ll pay you after the holiday.”

Penn suggested this as a clear example of the emboldened attitude some business owners have adopted, feeling they are above the local laws and regulations in the territory.

“This type of behaviour has been allowed to happen under the Minister of Labour’s watch and under the Department of Labour’s watch,” Penn stated. He called for immediate action from the Labour Department to address these grievances and ensure that local and Caribbean workers are not sidelined or mistreated.

“We welcome businesses into our territory,” Penn said, “It’s important to have businesses in our territory. But we’re a country that is run by rules and by laws. You can’t feel that you’re above any law or any rules in this territory where you could abuse the workforce of this territory. And until this is fixed, I will be on top of his back here every day in this House until they address this issue.”


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  2. Majestic Life Watch says:

    The less than honorable member needs to be concerned about the things that went on at the hospital during his time as the Minister of Health.

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    • St*** says:

      … Why you don’t keep off the Hon. Member and M Life from spreading propaganda. I’m glad they’re here to give you competition and cut your tail for your un***ical business practices for years.

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  3. Unfair says:

    Stop grandstanding Penn. If there’s a problem, raise it directly with the Ministry and Department first, rather than try to score political points in public. Labour laws must be followed – that’s clear – so get Labour involved directly.

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    • Deh Watcha says:


    • @unfair says:

      Grandstanding, gaslighting get a life Penn. somehow he thinks another half of the public don’t see through his game. Trying to score on the labour minister try again. These pathetic politicians them have the country how it is. Worry bout all the drugs and gunman them in your district p**l. You just as guilty for the lawlessness in this country.

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    • @unfair says:

      The same labor law that labor department afraid to implement when a complaint or complaints are made. Thank goodness he took it upon himself to bring this incident to light.

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    • Hmmmm says:

      Get Labour involved? Some business owners have them in their pockets. Hear about political interference.

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    • @help me howard says:

      Labour is refusing to act, we the staff affected have reported this isssue and nothing. Thank you Hon. Penn for coming to our aid. We are being taken advantage of by this company. Labour or the Minister is doing nothing to assist.

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  4. Salty Fish says:

    Labour and Immigration are total a$$h@les to my company all the time. So, I guess selected favouritism is the flavour of the day (as it has always been here). 😉

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  5. Hmmmm says:

    Mr. Penn did you investigate the claims to ensure that they’re 100% true? While there are some scum employers who treat their employees bad, let’s not pretend as if all employees are angels. There are 3 sides to every story so please get them all before going to the HOA pratting nonsense. Did you speak with the Minister responsible for Labour officially or just playing politics because you are still bitter that she won under your party and left you high and dry? What is alarming and sad is that we keep hearing politicians bash businesses, banks etc. but nowhere are they encouraging people/employees to do their part and be responsible as it’s a partnership. Keep playing this stupid politics and see how far it gets us. Businessess are now wising up and doing what’s best for THEM!

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    • @hmmm says:

      Some of the stuff are not accurate but the malpractice is happening. As you said some employees are not doing right. But this particular case person from South America, the Caribbean islands and locals were fired and those they recently bring from Asia who came and learn their trade under those who get fired are still there.

    • Elsa says:

      How do you know that he has not?

  6. Help me, howard. says:

    MAHHHHHLON…..not meaning to diminish your call out here nut……There are also obvious cases where employers have been caught , in writing , admitting that they used the locals as “PRETEND” understudy ONLY for the purposes of securing work permits for their European counterparts.
    This went to labour and has been IgNORED at the highest levels as well.

    So people who come here usually adopt the standard as seen in the local and work culture.

    Crying in HOA and doing nothing when the chances arise…..just ain’t cutting it.

    We have to be the change we want to see in the world. There is no progress without change

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  7. please says:

    Stop using Mr.Penn old picture apply the correct picture The media like confusion you doing it base on topic not nice

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Stop using Mr.Penn old picture apply the correct picture The media like confusion you doing it base on topic not nice

  9. Hmm says:

    Not south America Mr. Penn. I think you a bit mixed up and said south America. Facts is five south Americas were fired

  10. WE WAS WONDERING says:

    why you keep ymusing this photo of Mr Penn, is it because he looks holy and innocent like a Saint? ? we already have 3 holy men in CGB and neither
    of them knows how to speak the truth / we also have a Saint in Miami who was more holier than our LORD
    we even have a wigged
    dude here hollering
    out ( FREE HIM) or apparently hasn’t gotten the message as yet

    as apparently he hasn’t
    gotten the message as

    dude here who is
    programmed to keep
    hollering out ( FREE

  11. Mr More says:

    yo jackass in my yard and I want you come and take it out….

  12. Problems says:

    A problem with Mr Penn’s pronouncement: “But we’re a country that is run by rules and by laws.”. No we are not. An extreme but not alone example is Head Coach, showing us how it is done. Penn’s district has smuggling activity. Everybody knows, so he must know it too. ” … rules and laws.” Ha!

  13. Well says:

    According to the release letters handed out assumingly drafted out by the great china wall man it stayed that the jobs became redundant. So I assume that yacht dream will now use robots to clean the interior of their boats since cleaning jobs by human became redundant.

  14. Redstorm says:

    The foolishness employees get from those boating industries are ridiculous,especially from weak minded managers, who micro manage with a scornful mind. What does he means, she can’t do nothing f he paid her after the holidays? Seriously! Managers with this abusive attitude lack self control and are ill minded people. If others were paid and he or she was not it’s an abusive practice. I just need to finish my law degree.

  15. @MR MORE says:

    please allow me to help you with a solution to to problem , SIMPLY SWITCH PLACES WITH THE JACK ASS , and all your problems solved – you will be
    able to eat all the grass you want and it’s not illegal , like your weed and it’s free . BAM – case losed

  16. El Demonio Negro says:

    Only a WHITE business owner will do that. They say slavery over but for the BVI MENTAL SLAVERY THRIVING within our elected officials. They will let SATAN wipe his foot all over you oh YES MASA I’S WILL MAKE SURE YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR COMPANY TO ISLANDERS AND OUR OWN MASA.

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