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PENN: Wheatley’s remarks ‘borderline defamatory’ and ‘unbecoming’

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has described government minister Vincent Wheatley’s recent response to criticism of the $40 million grant from the Social Security Board (SSB) as ‘unbecoming’ and ‘borderline defamatory’. 

Wheatley had accused Penn of wilfully trying to “block legitimate assistance from reaching the BVI citizens” after the Opposition Leader raised concerns about the manner in which the SSB gave government the sum to use as an economic stimulus for COVID-19.

Responding in the House of Assembly Monday night, June 8, Penn said: “There are things that are being alleged and persons continue to call me … It means persons are believing some of the things that are being said and I need to clarify some of the stuff said.”

He said if Wheatley’s claims go unchallenged, it can affect people’s perception of him locally.

False insinuations on my character

Penn said the concerns he had outlined in his initial May 30 statement was simply asking for transparency and accountability on the matter. He said he disagreed that he was trying to block persons from receiving government assistance.

“It is false and it creates an insinuation of my character and I think it is unbecoming and something that needs to be addressed. It is important for us to be transparent, open and accountable with the people’s funds. Those statements are very suggestive and borderline defamatory,” Penn argued. 

The Opposition Leader also said despite Wheatley’s attempt to point out various other donations that the SSB had given to the previous NDP administration under which he (Penn) served, the highest was just a little more than million dollars to the BVI Health Services Authority for equipment.

He said that cannot be compared to $40 million given to the VIP government. Penn then went on to defend himself from other claims made by Wheatley, who is the minister responsible for Social Security.   

Premier fires back!

In the meantime, Premier Andrew Fahie fired back at Penn for his statements on the issue.

Fahie said: “You see this social security money? This thing is going to cause an issue. Some say don’t go back there, but I didn’t hear this voice from the Leader of the Opposition when he was over here (government), and they took his $8 million for the sewerage project in East End/Long Look and put it in the Pier Park. I didn’t hear it, even if you said a whisper there, I didn’t hear your voice when they went with the $7.2 million for the plane.”

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  1. Pig says:

    Character????? Marlon’s character is worst than the same losers’ baggage he’s carrying to the house of assembly. Even the devil knows the difference between good and evil. SSB investing in the people and Marlon talking nonsense. He want all you to borrow it out you s%#{.

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  2. Where says:

    is concern for the people’s purse in all this finger pointing?

    We are witnesing the manifestations of ill minds rooted in, controlled by and motivated by love for and quest to have and control the money.

    Evrything being played out stem from whose hands are in the cookie jar, and who want their hands in it.

    Read this and other articles very carefully an between the lines. There is oe constsnt theme, when you were there, how dare you question me now?

  3. qc says:

    where was this d***l when the NDP was killing we and thieving we blind???Where is the plane?

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    • light says:

      If the NDP was robbing us blind how come we have a pier park where so many jobs was created?

      The VIP had the ideas for years but could not get if off the ground.

      The former Premier did not waste our taxpayers money at his personal expense to have personal bodyguards he used the police force.

      The VIP Premier first year in office what did he do higher personal bodyguard

      Yes the NDP made a foolish investment in the BVI Airways deal

      But what about the VIP spend thousands of dollars to extend the runway for American Eagle where they are now?

      The NDP yes the pier park was overrun whereas the Airport and the Bridge were millions of dollars overrun.

      The VIP give us multipurpose contract without no biding done to a contractor and no measures but in place however the NDP had to turn around and pay that contractor.

      The VIP spent thousands of dollars for stop lights in the round about and now spend two hundred and something thousands dollars to redirect the traffic which cannot get off the ground because of poor planning.

      The list can go on and on for both governments

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  4. Anonymous says:

    What character ? you sir have changed for the worse. While all your colleagues were enlightened and were vocal and even quit the party you remained loyal despite all the in fighting and bad deals that were being exposed. You had more reason to quit than anybody else when your party disrespected you by taking your funds that were allocated to fix the long overdue sewage problems for your district.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      Please stop chatting $h!+…! So you’re saying he should leave an organization because their were missteps? So your advocating someone should just pick their marbles whenEver their is distress? Then we will have musical chairs all the time.

      I heard Hon. Penn on many occasions speak out against the sewage issue and voted against things his party did. When you’re in an organization you address the issues and move on. The party paid the ultimate price for its transgressions. Hon. Penn has a responsibility in his new role to hold the current Government accountable. This NDP tic for tac is becoming very old now.

      Hon. Vincent Wheatley need to speak facts and stop spewing garbage that people give him to read. What was read was obviously out of his character. Hon. Penn has a right to ask the Premier to give account to the people for the 40million grant of contributors money. This is not 40 cents. This Government don’t want to account for anything and that is more scary.

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      • Anonymous says:

        No @$$h0le losing $7.2 million without any benefit to the territory besides a lesson learnt is not a misstep. Transferring money that was allocated to fix a sewage problem that has been a problem for over a decade is not a misstep. $40 million overspent in the Pier Park isn’t a misstep this isn’t 40 cents like you mentioned. Marlon didn’t have a problem then so his words today are now hollow and isn’t worth a dime.

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        • Baseless says:

          If they were mischief or criminal acts with what you’re mentioning don’t you think the current premier wouldn’t have brought them forward? If they are who ever involved need to be dealt with.

          The current Premier was with the VIP during millions in the Greenhouse debacle, Biwater deal (which We still paying for through our a$$) His paid mouth piece at $250k for 18 months also presided over the pier park, in addition to the millions in the neighbor hood project. I will stop their for now, All which Our Premier was present for or A part of. I guess he has credibility. Funny how our memories are short.

          So Hon. Penn should turn a blind eye to; 2 million 2019 festival, 86k a month for security contract, Claude $250k constancy for 18 months to be VIP mouth piece on the radio and all the other transgressions conducted but this Government because he was in the last administration? Ok jack A$$!

          Hon. Penn if you’re reading these blogs or anyone close to him please tell him don’t study these Jack A$$ and cult members and continue to burn the incense up their A$$ and continue to speak up for the people where you see necessary. All us are not blind like they think.

  5. facts says:

    I think that persons in the BVI have difficulty comprehending. The leader of Opposition is just saying that Mr. Wheathley should not turn his words to score political points.

    That is a fact not siding with the opposition. But a lot of times Mr. Wheathley do not get his facts straight. I understand that he is a new comer but before you go about making statements do your homework.

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  6. Wow says:

    When will the VIP Ministers grow up and GOVERN???? And people are wondering why the Governor is taking control? Someone has to stop this c***n cart from rolling off the cliff. What does sewage money and bvi airways have to do with justifying 40 mil being TAKEN NOT LOANED from SSB? Why cant they just defend their actions without becoming childish?

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    • @WOW says:

      Leave the governor and the UK out of this as they cannot manage their own affairs in the UK where not even can they manage the Corona virus as over forty thousand died with thousands more dying. The governor and his uk are a disgrace.

  7. LOL says:

    Tortola Pier Park just paid SSB over $400k in profits for 2018 period. This is despite Irma and all that was happening. The same Premier bragged about this but continue to talk about the Pier Park as if it is a bad thing. I swear to god people on the BVI are just the dumbest set of sheep to listen to this nonsense and support it.

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    • You are the dumby says:

      No one said the Pier Park was a bad thing. The cost overruns that cost the tax payer millions were a bad thing. Investors expect dividends once the invest. That’s how it operates. It’s good to know that some profit is being made.

      • $$ says:

        Overruns where? The point is the investment is bearing fruit contrary to what the VIP said when the project was being developed. You cannot admit that the Tortola Pier Park brought significant value to the BVI never before seen since the days of H.L. Stoutt. This Government has hired all their cronies to sink the Treasury and turn road town into a go-kart track with short-sighted plans. Good luck people of the BVI, you will need it.

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      • Profits? says:

        Pier Park is broke; that money is BVIPAs

    • Truth says:

      Amen you said it all.

  8. Public Display says:

    This day in day out public display of puss and dog has been overplayed. You three ministers needs to learn how to use tact in the way you speak and handle your situations. The Premier is the head of this clan… please stop allowing the Opposition to get the best of you. Kill them with positive change and bury them with diplomacy.

    • Truth says:

      The issue why the premier cannot let go of the past because he has not learn how to be the bigger person.

      The Premier need to understand that he is a leader and a leader lead not follow. Leadership comes with maturity, wisdom and humbleness.

      Marlon plays right into his hands and he cannot understand

  9. Wow says:

    Politicians need to be honest and they would gain the respect of the society . Y ou can fool the people some of the time but not all the time . People who have proof that their employees take money for SS but did not pay into the fund should they not be eligible for the package ? They need to be paid . That is a separate issue – Hold the business owners accountable for their actions but give the package to those individuals.

  10. ReX FeRaL says:

    This whole debacle is nonsense. Is this what people elect these representatives to do? Sickening now

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