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Persons reportedly injured, missing from boating accident in West End

BVI News understands that a boating accident has happened in or near West End on Tortola.

Details are still unclear but our news centre understands that an unspecified number of persons sustained injuries. The extent of those injuries are not known at this time.

Ambulances, police vehicles, and representatives from the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue team were deployed to the West End Dock to receive the injured.

Meanwhile, at least one minor is said to have be aboard the vessel.

Sources part of the territory’s emergency services organisations told our news centre that authorities have also launched a search for boat passengers who have, reportedly, gone missing.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. Captain has blood on this hands says:

    How can you ‘flip’ a boat on the calmest possible ocean?

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  2. Pray says:

    Sorry to hear, praying for the victims and their families.

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  3. Stop! says:

    Now Is not the time to ask that question. Someone is missing

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    Intoxicated? hope they find whoever is missing

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  5. pretty ricky says:

    i saw awesome today and he was cruiseing with the family today was not a day for speeding. something had to brake of the sturn of that boat that shit sink to FASTTTTTTTT….. something not adding up

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  6. Ugh says:

    So sorry for the families suffering but who ever was driving the boat needs to go to jail. Crashing a boat at night when its calm is due to recklessness. No lifejackets on a minor. No lifejackets on the non swimmers. Going too fast at night. Had the driver been drinking?
    If they have a commercial captains license it needs revoking.
    This is a tragic AVOIDABLE accident and the responsible parties need to be made to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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  7. Shock says:

    Here we go again

  8. Anonymous says:

    The steering broke

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  9. Crazy times says:

    It seems as though people here don’t practice safety when they are out on the water. IE, wearing safety vest.

  10. Reduced visibility says:

    at sea requires boat/yacht drivers to SLOW DOWN and navigate WITH CAUTION.

    Reduced visibility at sea occurs in darkness, low light, rain storms, fog, mist, smoke or any combination of the above.

  11. listen says:

    same thing i saying he had his own family with him. their wasnt going fast. something happen some other boat maybe cross their part or something hit it.

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  12. hmm says:

    was the US coast guard there? if they had hear the boat had drugs they would have been there before the accident even happen. how come they did not respond swiftly to render assistance?

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  13. US Coast Guard says:

    Why didn’t the US Coast Guard get called in to assist??? That is what they are specifically trained for! Where were the choppers last night? Where are they today? If that was my daughter missing I wouldn’t care who came into help. US Coast Guard is NOT drug enforcement. THEY ARE SEARCH N RESCUE FOR CHRIST SAKES!

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  14. Really says:

    Who has jurisdiction to call in the coast guard?

  15. @ hmm says:

    you got a problem / try BVI coast guard , we hollering nout ( independence , then we need to have our own first , if thethe us coast guard were in the area they would od assisted, go back in you cave

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  16. hmm says:

    I forget to mention the choppers too

  17. @ hmmmm says:

    Because no ask them to assist. That’s why!

  18. @hmm says:

    Not true! If it starts in US water then they absolutely get involve. This happened in the BVI waters alone. Why didn’t the BVI request help from the US Coast Guard. That’s the real question!

  19. hmmm says:

    some sort of distress signal were out
    all other boats that had radio on hear it. I think US coast guard VHF radio is on 24/7 They definitely heard it.

  20. hmm says:

    so the last bust off Virgin Gorda was in US waters????

  21. well says:

    By running into something.

  22. Shaun says:

    because it’s not drug runners

  23. @ hMm ( SICK MENTALITY says:


  24. fish says:

    If the steering broke and he was driving sensibly all he would have to do is just stop the boat.

  25. Hmmm..... says:

    Everybody is a critic now. Get the facts and then comment. Stop speculating. Someone died in this tragedy and everyone casting blame now. Its not going to change anything. My condolences to the grieving family and relatives and may the injured recover quickly.

  26. MYOB says:

    This is the best sound comment on here.☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽

  27. Responding to you says:

    Shut up

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