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Persons who work this Easter must still be paid ‘holiday wage’, employers told

Employers are being reminded that their essential service workers who are assigned to work during the Easter holidays must still “be paid in the prescribed manner”, as outlined in the territory’s Labour Code.

A media release from the Department of Labour & Workforce Development said this year’s Easter holidays — Good Friday (April 10) and Easter Monday (April 13) — are still being observed despite the territory still being under 24-hour lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Labour Department said persons working on these holidays must, therefore, be paid in accordance with Sections 53 and 54 of the Labour Code.

Section 54 of the Code states that, in addition to being paid their basic wage, an employee who is made to work on a holiday is entitled to “a basic hourly rate of at least one and one-half times his or her basic wage for each hour worked on that day”.

And where an employee does not work for his/her employer on a public holiday, Section 53 of the said law states that he or she shall not suffer a loss of pay.

“That is to say, he/she shall be paid the basic wage he or she would have received for the work performed on that day, had it not been a public holiday, provided that:

(a) he or she worked on his or her scheduled workday immediately before and his or her scheduled workday immediately after the said public holiday; and

(b) the public holiday was not one of his or her scheduled workdays.”

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  1. yo think its fair? says:

    It is really unfair for government workers to be home lock-downed with pay while the rest of us civilians are at home locked away without pay…No wonder those lazy government workers shouting “keep the curfew on or extend it”

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    • @yo think its fair? says:

      Look up and learn the term, “prorated.” In fact, here is some help.

      A prorated salary is when you divide an employee’s wages proportionally to what they actually worked. Prorating an employee’s salary only applies to salaried workers. Hourly workers don’t receive predetermined wages. Instead, hourly workers earn wages for the hours they work during a pay period, which can fluctuate, and which will leave themwithout pay in circumstances like the one you are currently in.

      Feel your frustration, but that’s the way the salaried vs hourly wage/income ball rools. So, don’t hate on the salaried worker’s wage.

      One should always look before leaping.

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    • Haha says:

      It’s not just government, everybody that’s on a fulltime salary should be paid during the curfew. Some of the other businesses have staff that are just home, not working but getting paid as well. Only those that are paid by the hour should be affected for obvious reasons.
      Salaried staff are paid based on the contractual agreement. Unless they breach the agreement they will be paid until they leave for any reason.

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      • To Haha says:

        I an a salaried staff and my Boss said he is not paying us for April as there is no business. I work in the financial services industry.
        I have a mortgage to pay so imagine my surprise to be told that when it’s no fault of my own.

    • Government worker says:

      Well go look a government job then simple stop complaining

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  2. Fiend says:

    Mandate masks now.

  3. Diaspora says:

    Should there even be a question that during this Easter holiday, despite the country being on lockdown, that employees who worked during the holidays should be paid holiday pay. Hourly employees should also receive shift differential for working evening hours, ie, between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

    Additionally, hourly public employees should also receive special compensation for working during the lockdown; managerial salaried employees may be can get compensatory time. Further, government should adopt a no nonsense attitude towards employers who deduct social security, NHI……etc contributions and don’t submit it to social security. This dishonest practice does a disservice to the employees. That is fraud and they should be put on blast.

    Moreover, government must be strict with food handlers, food businesses…….etc conducting ramp up random inspections, publicizing inspection results and shutting businesses that don’t comply. Further, it should also put in place and strictly enforce construction health and safety practices, ie, head, eyes, foot, and ear protection……etc, as well as occupational safety practices in work places.

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