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Pfizer touts 3rd vaccine dose as BVI eyes getting that brand from USVI

The Pfizer vaccine

As the BVI government moves to open registration for residents interested in receiving the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in the US Virgin Islands (USVI), manufacturers of the Pfizer vaccine said a third dose of their brand can “strongly” boost protection against the Delta variant.

Pfizer/BioNTech released these preliminary findings on Wednesday, July 28.

The data generated from a small number of participants indicate that after taking a third jab more than six months after receiving their second, the levels of antibodies that can target the Delta variant of COVID-19 grow fivefold in people 18 to 55 and 11-fold in people ages 65 to 85.

The Delta variant is the most transmissible strain of the coronavirus in the world.

Meanwhile, Pfizer/BioNTech recommend taking a third booster shot six months or more after becoming fully vaccinated because it is around that time that “protection may be beginning to wane”.

According to an article published by CNN, the data, which involved tests of 23 people, have not yet been peer-reviewed or published.

While Pfizer/BioNtech describes these preliminary data as “very encouraging as Delta continues to spread”, CNN has noted that it remains unclear if boosted antibody levels actually correlate to better protection, or if that extra protection is even needed.

It further indicated that the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says the current vaccines protect people well against all the common variants.

Back in the BVI, Health Minister Carvin Malone indicated that local officials are currently finalising protocols for how the BVI will facilitate sending residents over to the USVI to take doses of the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The BVI currently only has AstraZeneca vaccines available locally.

No COVID variants of concern found in BVI — Chief Medical Officer



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  1. Lodger says:

    So people with have go to USVI three times? If a lot want to go that will mean many ferry trips for govt to organise.

    • Really says:

      Stay the f**k home and take the vaccine that has been made available to you worthless people. Be happy you are offered any vaccine. Ask your bretheren in Africa what vaccine they are getting. Drink your bush tea and soak…then die. What an ungrateful, nasty, wicked lot you all are.

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      • Feo Gomez says:

        Your fathers are genocidal rapist and you calling people nasty wicked lot of you? I’m so so glad the Earth has become hotter.

        • Just a minute... says:

          How can you possibly know anything about the poster’s
          Parent? That has to be the weirdest response I’ve ever seen!
          Also, the earth is the same temperature it has been for millions of years. It’s the atmosphere that’s warming. Again.

      • USVI vaccines says:

        The Pfizer and J&J is being offered first to children under 18, because AZ is not considered to be safe for them. Only adults who can’t take AZ will be offered a place to go to St John at this time.
        Personally I think it is wrong to vaccinate healthy children. Only those with co-morbitities should be vaccinated. Doctors are sworn to do no harm and should not be jabbing those that don’t need it until there has been more testing on side effects.

  2. 007 says:

    Pfizer makes a huge profit on every vaccine it sells. So they would want you to take more.

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    • but says:

      But Astra Zeneca provide their vaccine to the UK with no profit because the UK Government put money into the research. Smart government!
      I will take the AZ second dose tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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  3. Richgdgy says:

    Don’t rely on any reports from cnn!

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  4. LogicReason says:

    Heart inflammation in Pfizer so called very rare side effects. I mean why risk a child for something so experimental. I recommends parents wait a bit more, the rate of Covid in children is also rare. I’m pleading with parents hold off a bit. Let your child practice all the safety protocols when around other people. Washing of hands, wearing of mask when needed etc. Do some research, check with your local doctor. Make sure you give children a nutritional diet and let them take their vitamins. When you read the cdc, WHO, news all contradicts each other. Since there is so much confusion around the safety and no long term data this should be enough indicators to pause.

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