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Phase 1 of Nat’l Addressing System to roll out this month, online mapping portal created

Phase One of the National Addressing System (NAS) Pilot Programme is being rolled out this month.

NAS is a framework designed to establish a reliable and consistent method of assigning a geographic and numeric address to all buildings and persons within an area.

The launch of Phase One, which focuses on the Road Town area, is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 17 and an online mapping portal has been created to ahead of the rollout.

Persons are able to use the portal — which is a virtual representation of all NAS zones in the territory — and locate their house, business, and their full address.

“So far, all addresses for the Road Town Registration Section have been mapped into the Geographic Information System (GIS), which means that once an address is entered into the system, responders will have the ability to see the route and navigate directly to the address,” the Town & Country Planning Department has said in an introductory brochure of NAS.

Once completed, the addressing system will show the unique building number, street name, island, and postal code of each building and property along all roads in the wider territory.

In the case of home addresses, NAS will also have a record of their name.

What a resident’s physical address will look like

In addition to benefitting emergency responders, this system is expected to benefit other government agencies, various businesses including mailing couriers, families, and communities.

NAS was first introduced in 1995 and was resurrected last year under the National Democratic Party government.

At the time, former Premier D Orlando Smith said NAS will improve local tourism and financial services because the system will allow residents and visitors to locate businesses around the territory with greater ease.

Click here for the NAS online mapping portal

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  1. RT says:

    When is the government going to begin burying electric lines? This would be very helpful in storm restoration.

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  2. Progress says:

    Sounds good. This was much needed

  3. Relative to Storm Issues: says:

    It is and would be a difficult challenge to execute relative to land ownership especially.

    But, islands such as Anegada and Abaco, which are below sea level, should be relegated unsafe for human habitation, and should be therefore rendered unsafe to live, or at your own risk, and at no government responsibility, given the obvious dramatic recent change in weather parameters.

    Government officials should be heading towards making such forward thinking decisions, or at least making mandatory early evacuation to reduce the inevitable loss of life.

    Countless lives will be lost. It is just a matter when, not maybe, if the status qou remains as is.

    Relocate the local people, delegate the land to wild life, and apply legislation to ensure no foriefn land grabber can come in and claim it. Of course that is all wishful thinking.

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    • Gandalf says:

      Ummm – the slight issue I see in your plan is that almost the entirety of every flat area containing dwellings or commerce in the Caribbean is at the same footage above sea level. Much the same as Bermuda, Cayman, the TCI’s, and yes, even Road Town … etc., etc! Look what Ivan did to Cayman.

      We all looked for higher ground in Irma and look what happened – one could argue that in a CAT 5 the tornadoes that formed because of it decimated otherwise solid houses high in the hills.

      I am not certain of a solution for either scenario but it’s a mess either way in a major storm.

      In reference to Abaco they had almost 36 hours of CAT 5 winds. BVI had maybe 6 hours in Irma. I am sorry but no place high or low would be safe or survive that many hours in that type of storm.

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    • hit the nail on the head says:

      @ Relative to Storm Issues

      It does not matter whether you like in low lying areas or in the hills, the storm that sat for 3 days over Abaco and Grand Bahamas was geo-engineered to do so. It is the new way of warfare and first developed in the 1940s and improved to what it is today.

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      • Jokes says:

        I think you have been hit on the head….

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        • @ Jokes says:

          If you are of African descent, which you are probably not, your open ignorance and or denial is lacking edification.

          If you are of African descent, be not surprised if and when one sits over the BVI for 48 hours, or all of our babies begin to die of mysterious illnesses from deadly bogus vaccines.

          New vaccine offices were just set up in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. And frankly, what has been revealed medically and scientifically in India and Africa recently, they are suspect.

          One can only hope thatt those governments are doing their due dillifence in esuring that those vaccines are ligitimate and that they are not conduits to the UK’s, EU, US and CIA scheme of world Black de-population?

          Back to home, or, our young women of child bearing age mysteriously become barren, or our young men become impetent and of low sperm.

          Or, our birth rate suddenly begins to mysterious drop, or our cancer rates begin to increase exponentially, which they already have over the last two decades in both male and female.

          And, our obesity, kidney and heart diseases have sky rockets exponentially within two decades also.

          Yes, the pundits will say life style and diet. Well, they will be correct, but only to a degree. They all have one common denominator, the evil intervention of the evil human mind.

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          • InfiniteJokes says:

            @ @jokes

            … Or some people’s brains become so infected will small, selective particles of knowledge that they start to believe that skin colour is a key determinant of everything that happens;
            Or that some Caribbean people become so empowered on the small amount of history that they have learnt about their ancestors that they start to believe they know all the important stuff and interpret everything as if their small knowledge base is a Complete Picture, unaware that there’s a whole world of history for us to learn that spans all of human existence and geography and involves differently skin-coloured people sometimes working together, sometimes, fighting, sometimes loving each other.
            Or being unaware that if people have the same melanin content in their epidermis it doesn’t mean their brains are synchronised. eg Not all black peepo and – get this – not even all white people think the same thing. Most often they disagree, just like humans with other skin, hair or fingernail colours. In fact, it turns out that sharing skin colour is absolutely no indication that agreement is likely. None at all. But some people sooo don’t want this to be the case, that they ignore it and continue to see the world like it’s an old TV set. Black. Or white.
            Or that some people want so bad for this to be like an old slavery era or an apartheid era when they can legitimately talk about “The Blacks” and “The Whites” because it makes everything so much easier for them, yet, they become unable to face the reality, which is that the world is under the oppressive yolk of a globalised neo-liberal economic philosophy that abandons humanity in favour of selfishness, which is ruthless and merciless to humans across nations, ages, skin colours, and class, unless you are in the 1% for whom this unsustainable resource grab is everything.
            Or that the CIA put out many deliberate conspiracies to muddy the waters and make sure that even the true ones sound too stupid to be true. So you can choose which ones you like, with a small chance they are at least partly true, and then – !!NEW!! – add your own custom colour interpretation!! Just like this guy did. Not only are the storms caused by nasty white people, they are designed to deliberately wipe out black people, in particular the very threatening small islanders of the Caribbean. Wow. You nailed it. Thank you. We are grateful for your ill-informed certainty.
            Or, that simple bull**** is all you need to rev populations up into a frenzy enough that good humans will slaughter other good humans because they believe that the other groups are evil. That’s the oldest trick in the history playbook – you’ll see that if you read some history about other eras, peoples and regions of the world.
            And, above all, be careful. Hate replaces love too easily and while you might conclude that ‘those’ people all hate you, check first to make sure your facts are straight. If they’re not, be big enough to spread love instead.

    • true says:

      your statement would require all human habitation to be well above se level you idiot.

      Netherlands would also have to be vacated…….you’re an idiot how did you manage to turn on your computer?

  4. Windy says:

    “numeric address to all buildings and persons within an area” PERSONS ?????? Boy I hope this is a mistake

    • Windy says:

      Persons ? Maybe private residences ?

    • hit nail on the head says:

      NAS – National Addressing System.

      Very helpful system for police and emergency personnel, however, it is only conveniently being updated when the TPTB wants to know where everyone is at all times:

      your physical address online
      RFID chip in your credit and debit cards
      RFID chip in your drivers license
      GPS in your phone
      Syncing your email to your phone WhatsApp
      RFID chips in your smart tv
      RFID in your household appliances
      GPS in your car (remember onstar anyone?)

      RFID in your LED household bulbs

      IP addresses for every electronic equipment – computer, printer.

      Eye and thumb recognition software on your phone and computer

      Ability to turn on your camera and speaker on your computer unknown to you

      No where to hide, it seems.

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  5. politicians says:

    we can finally see how much land they acquired over the years…start the investigations!

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  6. OZYMANDIAS says:

    NAS is a framework???? No NAS is an artist from QUEENSBRIDGE who nearly killed Jay Z with ETHER. Only NAS we recognize.

  7. BuzzBvi says:

    Keep money for people use what 3 words

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  8. Retired says:

    The current no address system seems to work just fine. Most buildings already have a block and parcel number at the Land Registry. Cell numbers and email addresses are more important these days.

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  9. Um says:

    So we are paying someone to reinvent the wheel? Pretty certain you can use the block / parcel system and google maps to get most of this.

  10. Waaay wrong says:

    Just had a look and the info in the system for where I live is A) out of date by about 8 years and b) only has info for three houses where there is 14. The amount of cross checking for this is going to be huge and the errors huge! With the alternatives out on the market they might want to try something else. Also you guys do know that google maps actually have much more high res pics of the island?

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  11. mapping in 2019 says:

    Let’s face it almost everyone uses Would it make sense to intergrate this now….?

  12. BS! says:

    This is a dated system and a complete waste of tax-payers money. Look at new technology like and you will see the future of geo-mapping. Such a shame that we are rolling out some inefficient system, decades too late. I’d like to know who is profiting from this, certainly not the people of the BVI.

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