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Phillips ‘entitled to do whatever she pleases’ — Hamm on former Miss BVI vying for USVI crown

Miss BVI 2018 A’yana Keshelle Phillips captured during the 2019 staging of the Miss BVI Pageant .

Chairperson of Miss British Virgin Islands Pageant Alicia Hamm appears to be unbothered that former Miss BVI A’yana Keshelle Phillips is now contending for the Miss World US Virgin Islands crown.

When BVI News sought her feedback on Thursday, Hamm said: “That has nothing to do with me. Miss Phillips is entitled to do whatever it is she chooses to. If she has multiple nationalities, that’s on her.”

I’m not into the nitty-gritty

In the meantime, Chair of the Virgin Islands Festival & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne who was also invited to comment, said he was not involved in the fine details of pageantry.

He said: “I’ll be honest with you, this is how it works: Festival & Fairs Committee puts on the Miss BVI Show every year. Once that queen is crowned, it is kind of out of our hands. I don’t get involved in the nitty-gritty as to what is going on with the queens after they are crowned.”

“I’m just happy that Miss BVI 2019 is out of the way. We gave them their prizes, and I am just trying to get ready for 2020,” Clyne further said.

He said the committee is already seeking young ladies to contend for the next show.

But while commenting in Phillip’s specific circumstances, Clyne said: “What I think happened in her case — just like the cases of many other BV Islanders and in my case as well — she was maybe born in St Thomas [in the USV] but grew up in Tortola. But, my whole thing is you should be from here if you are going to compete in the Miss BVI pageant. I am pretty sure they submit passports, birth paper with the application.”

Phillips will be one of two contestants contending for the Crown in St Croix’s Island Center on Sunday, October 6. Her vying in that pageant comes just one year after serving as Miss BVI 2018.

If successful in her campaign to become Miss USVI, Phillips will go up against Rikkiya Brathwaite in the international Miss World competition later this year.

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  1. *rolls eyes* says:

    This should not even be a topic of discussion. Quite unnecessary as her reign is long over. She is from here whether she wasn’t born but grew up or has family ties (belonger status), what’s the difference. Let the girl compete as she sees fit. We don’t own her

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  2. SMFH says:

    Only small minded idiots make such a big deal about a queen show. She is born in USVI and is a BVI Belonger meaning she can contest the shows in USVI or BVI unless they change their rules to say otherwise.

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  3. smh says:

    what nonsensical responses by the Chair of the Virgin Islands Festival & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne. The question to him should have been how was he placed in that position…. He behaves just a full grown A@%!

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    • Ausar says:

      Let the pageantry continue for Ms. Philips!

      She is a Belonger and someone who grew up in the US Virgin Islands!

      And as far as I know, the greater Virgin Islands are one!

      Just about one in five persons that walk the streets on St. Thomas, are BVIslanders, Belongers, or have great, great grandparents that are BVIslanders!

      So may the best candidate win..

      This is going to be hard for me to choose since I, too, am a Belonger, and a US Virgin Islander!

  4. Hmmm says:

    This one is tricky. This minute u r representing the BVI and next minute u r competing with the BVI. Issues such as this one will always come up though once BVIlanders continue to have their children in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and the mainland. Children sometimes don’t even know where to place greater allegiance.
    I guess the rules have to be very clear when taking part in these competitions. You can’t switch between countries. It doesn’t look good.

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    • No...not tricky at all! says:

      If she has dual citizenship/nationality she is eligible to compete on behalf of both Territories. She wouldn’t be the first to do it, and I’m certainly sure she wont be the last! It is not even as if she will be competing in the same intl pageant on behalf of the two different countries and it appears that one will involve the Miss Universe franchise and the other the Miss World franchise. Two totally separate franchises. I’m just not getting what could be tricky about a young woman doing what she loves and is entitled to do!

      • Smith says:

        Well all this back and forth of who born here and who burn there ..that s**t don’t fly with feba you play ball with were you were born not were you grow up or have papers for..obe year you party next tear you cutting my neck nah that can’t be right

  5. the cuban says:

    “don’t mind them”

  6. But why???? says:

    Why is this even news???

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  7. Strupes says:

    Why is this news?

  8. Hmmm says:

    She will not win, so it doesn’t matter

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  9. Stupes says:

    Nothing to see here, NEXT! My goodness some people really have too much idle time. What else could account for people complaining over total NON-ISSUES? Best wishes to her this weekend. She served the BVI well during her reign, may she also serve the USVI well, if successful.

  10. Rolling my eyes says:

    Nothing in pageantry, as far as I’m aware, calls for sole allegiance to either one Territory or the next! Geez you would think we are talking about switching between top military positions in non-allied countries!!! *rolling my eyes*

  11. Anonymous says:

    They are worried about an islander running for a crown on another island after her reign but not so concerned about the disrespect of last years entries in to the USVI pageant..??sad..grew up being told the contestants had to be born there(islands) and still residents?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Come on..

  13. The Reaper. says:

    My Two cent. Jason Edwin born In US. And is belonger but could not play for BVI. He had too represent where he From He is a very good basketball player and give bvi a cut ass …..where does he live BVI Ruled and regulation……She should not represent BVI. She born In the U.S same thing like Jason Edwin. Jus Saying.

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