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Phone records indicate Frett may be part of a recurrent smuggling operation, court hears

The cellphone records of 37-year-old Little Dix Hill resident, Tambu Frett has reportedly indicated that he may be part of a recurrent smuggling operation between the BVI and the neighbouring US Virgin Islands, the Magistrate’s Court has been told.

Acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit said this was according to a police probe that commenced after Frett was apprehended for breaking the curfew and smuggling a man into the BVI earlier this month

She said: “The phone [data] shows that, before the incident, Mr Frett has been in the habit of transporting persons between the BVI and the USVI without the proper protocols of Immigration and Customs.”

The acting DPP shared these latest allegations with the court on Thursday while Frett awaited sentencing for the April 3 offences of Illegal Entry, Breach of Curfew and being Engaged in Smuggling.

New information undermines mitigation

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards said this new information — which was revealed in a 26-page document — now undermines the mitigation arguments that was submitted to the court by Bolan’s attorney, Leroy Jones.

The court had been told in those arguments that Frett was only ‘helping out a friend of a friend’ and did not receive any compensation for the deed.

“The Crown is now alleging that Mr Frett not only did it for pay, but he has a smuggling operation. I have to know specifically what is Mr Frett’s position on what the Crown is now saying,” the senior magistrate stated.

She also said she read enough to understand that the reported phone data is suggesting “prior bad acts by Mr Frett”.

Third party involved in alleged smuggling operation

In response, defence attorney Jones said: “In terms of what transpired, before, I cannot fight or dispute that because I am [only] now aware of that and we are dealing with what transpired on the day [of April 3]”.

Jones then requested time to speak to his client and the owner of the dinghy on the matter.

Notably, the acting DPP said the phone data indicates that there was no direct communication between Frett and Bryan Bolan — the man he smuggled into the territory on April 3.

“The conversation was with an unknown party with a local number, not a USVI number,” Scatliffe-Esprit told the court.

And because of the information gleaned from Frett’s phone records, Scatliffe-Esprit said the Crown now wants his vessel forfeited to the state.

Frett’s matter was subsequently adjourned till April 30.

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  1. My take says:

    If he was part of the smuggling operation VIA US waters, then they need to hand him over to the FEDS.

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    • I agree says:

      If the Feds have intel on his phone records, his A** is grassed.

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      • Problem in BVI says:

        We need to get somebody competent on the job at the DOP’s office in the BVI. The acting DPP is fine prosecuting unrepresented defendants but has her limitations when there is a defense lawyer.

      • Howdy says:

        Did the police have a discrete camera set up at rite way today taking photos of people shopping so they can compare to the list of essential workers when they have a bit more time?

    • Sorry but yep says:

      I agree, if the Feds have any type of phone record on dude, his goose is fried.

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  2. Not just him says:

    The owner of dinghy is a big time … too… Survey the baughers bay dock through st.john.

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  3. Devon says:

    And we wonder how all these guns get on Island !!

  4. Not true ! says:

    We all travel around in a go fast inflatable with a couple duffel bags full of cash. (We drug runners)

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  5. See says:

    Give him to the US . They will take care of this POS

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  6. hmm says:

    He’s in hot water now. They need to catch the third party while we are on curfew. Expose the whole opperation

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  7. We are the BVI says:

    Folks, please get over it. This guy is going to walk. Please pay $2,000 … No consequences for belongers. ‘Natures Little Secrets’ That is what what it means…

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    • So Stupid says:

      You sound so stupid. People like you who can’t see change need to not post. You are not progressive. Stop posting

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  8. At hmm says:

    DON’T Say that ! It will give the government an excuse to keep us on house arrest… longer !

    • hmm says:

      phssh they cant find a phone number in 2 days? You give a name to the phone company at sign up. Unless this one smart.


      • @hmm says:

        Not if the phone is a burner phone.

        • JJ says:

          Doesnt make much sense its either you buy one from someone else and the police end up questioning that person. Or use a fake name when signing up the number probably years ago. Most people dont think so far ahead.

  9. And says:

    can’t they not use the same technology to track, investigate and analyze in and out going calls of the unsolved murder victims?

    Would want to belive with due indepth diligence, some information could be gathered for further investigative processes.

    • @And says:

      Maybe they are working on that as we type. Forensics don’t happen overnight. those unsolved is going to get solved. The little girl that got hit down West case will be solved soon.

      • @@And says:

        Preciate the optimism. Many entire family circles, of all the victims, but especially of the beautiful princess taken away unnecessarily need closure, period.

        Do, if all can refrain from accusing the typist of interjecting RACE into the discourse, but instead, look at historical present day precedent across the globe, which will definitely suggest that if all those victims were of european descent, the whole territory would be infested with every crime solving agency from the UK, US and other, seeking to resolve those cases and bring the culprits to justice with great urgency..

        Only he/she who does not discern how some instances are prioritized based on racial categories will detest the above statements.

        If the above statements are true of today’s accurate realities, then expect a hundred thumbs down to this blog.

        Meanwhile, hope your sense of justice is not hinged on a “maybe” but that real work is being done to bring those cases to closure.

        Historically true, they found some of the most notorious murderers of the Nazis era hiding all across the globe, all of whom had ridiculuos wealth to buy and cover their tracks.

        But they unearthed them and brought them to justice due to share will, racial conviction, determination, sophisticated intelligence and money.

        What europen entity is going to spend those kinds of resources on in a dependent colony on Black on Black crime?

        On the other reality, let a white english man die under exact circumstances on these shores and see how quickly they appear on these shores.

        Indeed, the royal marines, secret service, special task forces, scotland resources and all other intelligence resources will come out of their molds right here, and from overseas to apply their resources to solving the case.

        This is the world we live in today. Truth is truth, like it or leave it be.

        Hundred thumbs down for facts and honesty.

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  10. .... says:

    Them ain’t going a where with that Hopkins boi

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